Makeup Monster Learns About New Year’s Eve | CBC Kids
Makeup Monster Learns About New Year’s Eve | CBC Kids

Hey, hey, everybody.
Makeup Monster here with my new
best friend, Tempe. Say hi, Tempe. Hi. Hey! Hi-five.
Well, actually, hi-three. Hi-three. Right here. Do you know what
New Year’s is Resell? So, on the new year… Yeah. gather together
with your friends and family. OK. And you have a party! A party? Margot, wait, wait, wait. Christmas is done,
you’re playing with your toys and then it’s New Year’s? No, you got
to wait ’till January. ’till January. I know we say happy new year,
we have so much food that, that’s just delicious. All kinds of food,
a big feast! I like this new year’s. It’s where you stay up really
late until, like, midnight. When it’s midnight
you shout, [yells]
Happy new year! [exclaims] Oh! I told you,
I don’t like getting scared. [laughs] And there’s
a big countdown when, and then when it gets
to the seconds, you say– Both:
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… Happy new year! [shouts]
Happy new year! [exclaims]
Oh! [laughs] Happy today! Then you go to sleep. [laughs]
No! No! Oh no? [shouts]
You celebrate! [sings] Good times.
Celebrate new year’s! Yeah! I’m not feeling it.
You? That’s because
it’s in January. Yeah, that’s probably it.

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