Makeup Tutorial Bridal
Makeup Tutorial Bridal

hi this video is about and Bridal eye
makeup tutorial and if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel please
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my name is Melissa Van Dijk so let’s get right into it step 1
decide on the look you want for your wedding day you will need to feel
comfortable and you need to organize everything so if you have a beautiful
dress and your hairstyle is really nice and you feel comfortable with these two
things and you don’t want to spend so much money on your makeup then you can
get this easily done by yourself you just need to know how and I’m going to
show you step by step how you can get a really beautiful Bridal makeup and it’s
so easy to do step 2 moisturize and prime your face for your big day you will
need to have a really nice skin so if it’s your makeup or if it’s the
preparation before you’re applying the makeup so at first I’m going to
moisturize my face because it’s really important so don’t skip it because
during the day your skin needs hydration and this is so important especially if
you have a really hot day so at first moisturize your skin and then prime your
skin when you´ve applied the moisturizer just let
it dry down completely and then the next step will be prime your face and then
wait until the primer just soaks into your skin and then you can apply your
foundation this step is optional so it depends on your skin if you have any
blemishes or if you have any dark circles under your eyes then you can use
at first the color corrector concealer and apply it on the area where you need
it so for example I’m going to use the orangey shade which is this one right
here under my eye area and then the greenish shade in the middle I’m going to use
for my pimples because this just covers up the redness and then you can go over
with your foundation when you apply the color correcting
concealer then just make sure that you dust some translucent powder over this
areas because then when you apply the foundation it won´t move so that
everything stays in place step 3 apply your foundation now you can
apply your foundation just make sure that you feel comfortable with the
foundation and that you know that it’s long wearing because you’re going to
wear it throughout today and you can apply it with whatever you like to
because I’m going to use the brush you can also use a Beauty Blender or a damp
Beauty Blender depends on the coverage you want to get so I’m going to apply it
with the brush and then we will move on to the concealer now you can move on to the concealer so
I applied this one under your eyes and over your notes if you like to and I’m
going to apply it we’re still can’t see my pimples through now you can blend it out with the beauty
blender now you can set everything with some
translucent powder step number four add some bronzer and
some blush if you’re applying some bronzer then just make sure that you’re not
going to use it as an contour powder because this isn´t a contour powder a
bronzer is just to make sure that you have a really nice healthy glow and that
you’re just slightly sun kissed and it’s so beautiful when you have a wedding and
you have some bronzer over your face it can look so natural and so glowy so if
you are going to choose a bronzer just make sure that it matches with your
skin tone now you can add some blush and if you
like 2 you can also use a shimmery blush because this just catches the sunlight
and even just the light which looks beautiful and glowy if you like to just
make sure that the blush is kind of mixed into the bronzer so that there’s
no line where you can see the difference step 5 fill in your brows if you are
going to fill in your brows and you like to get a really natural finish then just
use an angled brush and go with the hairline because then you can fill the
gaps in and then it gives you a really nice and even finish step number six apply some eye primer if
you have applied the eye primer just let it dry down completely and then you can
move on to the next step step number seven at a nude shade to the eye if you
are choosing a nude shade just make sure that it matches your skin tone so I’m
going with this one right here and I’m going to use a flat eyeshadow brush next
you can add a bronzy shimmery shade if you like to and I’m going to mix this
one and this one right here so that is more like a lighter bronzy shade and
just apply it over your mobile lid now I’m going to use a fluffy brush and
I’m going to blend the edges so if you like to get a really nice and soft
finish don’t forget to blend your edges step number 8 highlight your brow if
you’re going to highlight your brow and the inner corner of your eye you can
choose between a matte highlighter and a shimmery highlighter so it’s totally up
to you and if it’s too much or you just like to keep it soft I’m going to use
this highlighter right here it’s more like a shimmering highlighter and I’m
going to place it under the brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye step number 9 line your eyes if you
like to add more drama to your own makeup and to your lashes then you just
need an angled brush and some black shadow and follow it really closely to
your lash line this will add more drama and you’re going to use an eye shadow at
first and then your eye liner which will makes it easier that you can follow the
line now you can go over with your favorite
eyeliner step number 10 at some Mascara if you like to and if you prefer you can
also add some false lashes and finally you can apply some lipstick so I just showed you how you can do an
Bridal makeup and it step-by-step and really is simple to do you just need a
little bit of practice and a little bit of patience that you can reach it I would
rather spend my money on my hairstyle or my dress then on my Makeup because you
don’t actually need a makeup artist because you can also do it for yourself
just make sure that you know that the products are long wearing and that they
are good for you so that you feel comfortable and really glamorous with
everything for your big day so this was the video about the bridal eye makeup
tutorial and if you like to see another eye makeup tutorial this is right here and
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much for supporting me and I will see you soon bye

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