Maquillaje para una primera cita | First date Makeup tutorial
Maquillaje para una primera cita | First date Makeup tutorial

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. In this video I demonstrate how I recommend you do your makeup for a first date with a provider. Or if you’re going out on your own to capture the attention of a provider. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can watch my last video once you finish this one. But anyway, if you want to know how I got this makeup look, continue watching. I just got out of the shower like 30 minutes ago, that’s why my hair is still a bit damp. So I don’t have anything on my face other than this moisturizing oil. It’s from the company Elemis And my eyelashes are extensions, meaning I woke up like this The first thing I’m going to apply is a primer and the one I use a lot is from Laura Mercier I always prefer hydrating primers because I don’t like when my skin looks too dry and Laura mercier sends me a lot of their products which I love so that’s why I always use this one Now I’m gonna do my eyebrows. I’ve been using the ABH dipbrow pomade for years now, in the color ebony. The eyebrows are very important for your face. Try to make them look natural and fit your face well. They should also be similar to your hair color. Now I’m gonna apply my foundation from Tarte, it’s called Foundcealer. As you can see there’s basically none left, we’ll see if anything comes out And i’m gonna apply it with this beauty sponge. I’ve been using this foundation for months now and I like it a lot because it looks super natural almost like your natural skin It’s a medium coverage but you can add more to the places that need more coverage. It’s really important that you blend the foundation down to your neck The color I use is 35H medium golden. The next step is to contour the nose. For many years now I’ve been using this one from Anastasia Beverly Hills. And I had actually bought Kim Kardashian’s contour stick from kkw makeup but I lost it, I can’t find it now, I don’t know what happened to it, It disappeared. I think there’s a whole in my house where things disappear and we never see them again. I like to use this brush from Morphe and this contour stick is in the color Fawn. Make sure to blend the lines on your nose very well because it looks super bad when there’s two obvious lines right there. Now I’m gonna apply the concealer, it’s from Too faced and it’s called the Born this way Multi-use concealer in the color Almond And to set the concealer I’m gonna use this Luxe Pro powder in the color Banana I’m going to bake a bit but I’m not gonna leave it on for too long. Maybe for about 15 seconds and that’s it. and I’m using this brush from Laura Mercier called Glow powder Now I’m going to apply my bronzer and as you guys saw, I didn’t contour the rest of my face I only contour my face if I’m going out at night for a party or after the second date For the first date or when I’m just going out to eat during the day or running errands I don’t like too contour too much or make my eyeshadow too dark I like to look a bit more natural, but if you think that contouring your whole face on the first date or everyday makes you look/feel better, do it. I also do it to not waste too much time but it’s more important that you feel good and that you look as good as you possibly can. My sister Kimberly brought me a coffee I always ask for the same thing. Soy caramel latte tall with 2 caramel pumps. I’ve been using this palette from Laura Mercier every single time I do my makeup for some months now but I love it because here I have the bronzer I use, the blush, and highlighter. and a lot of times I do my makeup in the car or at my boyfriends house or at a friends house And I try to bring the least amount of products as I can so I love bringing this with me. For bronzer I always use this brush from Laura Mercier It seems like this video is sponsored by Laura Mercier but it’s not. But Laura Mercier, if you’re watching this, sponsor me please. For blush I use this brush from Laura Mercier and sometimes I like to use both of them but if not then just this one, but for the video i’ma use both. I like to add a little blush to my nose because it makes you look a bit younger. and for highlight, I use this one and this one. Now for eyes, like I said, I don’t like to add too much eyeshadow and make it too dark But in order to make your eyes look bigger, some brown eyeshadows always help. and for that I’m going to use this ABH palette called soft glam The first shade I’m going to use is Rustic. I’m going to apply it with my favorite morphe brush m506 Basically I apply it all over my eye to give it more color Also, as you can see, it makes your eyes look bigger. Now I’m gonna use the shade Tempera in the center of my eyelid and I’m gonna return with this Morphe m506 to blend out the brown color. Now I’m going to make my eyes look longer with the Fenty beauty Flyliner in the color Cause I’m Black I’m only going to apply it in my inner eye corner and just a little bit in the outer part One reason I do it like this is because I don’t want to ruin my lash extensions by adding eyeliner I also don’t think I really need it because the eyelashes already make it seem as if I have eyeliner So if you don’t have eyelash extensions I recommend you fully do your eyeliner but don’t make it too thick or exaggerated and your eyelashes shouldn’t be too exaggerated either. Glamorous but not to much. Some good examples are these ones from the company Valentina Lash and they’re called Valentina Or these called Soulmate Now for lips I’m gonna use this lipliner from nars, which as you can see, I use a lot and honestly I can’t even tell you the name because I can’t see it but if I find the name, I’ma leave it in the description box For gloss I’ma use this one from Becca. It’s called Glow Gloss in the color champaign cream. I love glosses with shimmer because they make your lips look bigger. And lastly, setting spray so that your makeup doesn’t look powdery and it lasts longer That was it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this video Let me know in the comment section, and leave a like if you want me to do more makeup videos or fashion ones. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.

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