Hello, Polynesians!
Well how much you know today is my birthday although maybe many of you,
You are watching it a few days later. I asked Rafa that I would like him to do
his cake so he felt, good so that will devote a little bit to what we do
in Musas why it says “oh no” is super easy make a cake and I said “oh yes? make your own
cake that you will eat “and I will record as he does, although I will be telling him to
but we need to see how he does it. The truth, I have no idea how it is done. Lesslie
What do I have to do? We have these ingredients and with this Rafa has to make his cake, first you have to … in this bow put the butter that melts at temperature
environment and what are you going to beat with your hands? No, right now I bring a labatidora.
You have to put sugar and milk. All? Yes, how much is sugar?
This sugar I do not know I have everything ready, nor I do not even have to throw it out and it will come out
my cake because I never had to measure anything I do not know what it is, 1/4, this is a cup
of sugar and this is condensed milk everything? We see how Rafa, prepare his cake!
I think it will come out because I already have everything here done, I just have to put it together to mix it
and put it in the oven. He thinks it’s done in 2 minutes and the cake is already there he thinks. Well at the time I’m going to liquefy … no, beat! Blend, pour everything into the blender.
That Lesslie has added more butter and he did not even tell me, he just threw it out
and that’s it. I have a suspicion that we will end up buying
the cake, like a little girl, huh. I trust Rafa a little. Like the blender comes out Oh my God! As you can see, this child has never fought in his life. Hey, do not you carry an egg?
Let’s take a short break because Rafa is He agreed that he has an egg, so I put him
These 4 eggs, you have to separate them, the yolk has to be made in another bowl,
we will make a small pause for Rafa to break these eggs and the egg yolk and the clear
Separate it, let’s see how it fits. No what are you doing? this does not have until the flour, to see there. Not here? Yes. Oh Lord!
You already spoiled everything, child! Is seriously?
Now, the yemita is here. Not here? AHA.
There it is now. 4? 4
Chin and this? We clean it right now. There I go. Are you going there? It makes me break you one. What is that?
What do you do? Has a shell this will we use this
or not anymore? What? This is what is it called? bud? clear. if we have
to use the egg whites, so do not mess it up Oh, do not pass!
Do not! What did you do? it broke? No, it’s just that he’s very small this one to see you wait! Do not break it. What do not I break? No, you spoil
the egg white. Because you have to inflate.
There it goes. We almost died.
There is! Ok, now what? Keep moving. I beat him
plus? Yes. Now you will throw out that flour that you have there.
This? Yes. All, no? How much is it?
3 cups? No, it’s a normal cup of flour and half a cup of rice flour, is that everything
I did it in half so we do not spend whether it spoils it. You do not trust that it will come out, I do believe that it will turn out well. Not really, no. They are staying balls. No, it is being done. Well I finished making this dough and now … a
see how your little one was. If it is good, It’s passable, and then what’s next? You have to
inflate these clear. But first remove the garbage that he has there. But I’m short on these
Are they removed with a button? Yes, this is the big one. Oh I’m pulling it. Well, I’ll remove it
the garbage, the egg shell that had fallen and I have to inflate now right? Yes. How much time is more or less? Let’s see how it is for Rafa. It’s decent
your nougat point. It does not fall. No no because yes it falls. Ok, that part is good, yes.
Now that it was inflating, I remembered I needed yeast, Royal. It is for
inflate, oh it’s nice, so I think yes I think I’m a good teacher doing
this. Well, Polynesians while I do this I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you
to all those who congratulated me on my FB and Twitter, I could not answer the comments
but I will sit on the weekend or in the week, but thanks to everyone for having me
congratulated Ah, but first I want to teach you what we have in the kitchen, is this salt
that the other day we found and I wanted to buy it, It’s very rare, it’s Hawaiian salt, it’s a
Black salt and it’s fine father. Yes, it is super father!
Your 5 mins in putting the blades. all together do not?
Yes everything together now! What do you feel about making your own cake? Well, I hope it works out for me, if it works out
I’ll feel good about making my own cake, If not, I still buy one because
I did not know that I would do it, and if I did not So, we have one reservation, then
If it does not come out, I will not feel bad about not There is cake because there will be cake.
Little bit? No, what are you doing? Hey, wait!
Do you know what just happened to me? We can put coloring, right? Yes
I will put coloring, but I do not know yet what color.
Green, green team, I mean … Green team. From team Rafa. I just had another
idea and I’ll mix it and then when it’s here I will put more color. Hey there you can not
make the mixture. How? When you put it here, you can not
move the dough Oh no? do not. Well now we see. That will not paint anything, Rafael, it’s a drop.
What is that? It just occurred to me is that, look
what I will do. Let’s see his follies. 5,6 … are 6 green and I’m going to put it yellow
also, about 6. You want to make it that green … 8!
Well, let’s see if this works, I want to mix this area to see. Assume to see if
It works, there it is. Oh no.
There is. Okay.
And now I will move you here. I will invent a new kind of cake.
Until you believe, ok. Wait, I can not do it in all colors.
I do not know how to mix. Are you crazy or what’s wrong with you? Let’s see
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 … Red. There it is and now I will do this. If what
you see? Yes, there it is.
There are his 4 colors, it seems baker this child. I’m Peetah the baker.
Let’s see if it does not fit like his Peetah loaves that are always burned.
if you will not have the nickname of Peter the baker. Your loaves burned. I do not know how to serve this
so that the colors do not mix, an idea has just happened Oh, everything comes to mind
to this child. With this thing I think I will serve you. For example here goes the blue and I put it in
the blue zone. I do not know, I hope they do not mix, there it is, blue.
Blue with a little yellow, and a little red but I’m trying to save the colors so that the essence of my rainbow intention remains. Oh, you want to make a rainbow?
Well, it’s supposed to be my rainbow cake but I do not know if it will come out.
They did not all mix! But I’m just if another idea occurs. Oh no your ideas, now!
I just came up with another idea so that revive the colors, to see, you can not move it,
Hey! No, I will not move him, why can not I?
Do not do that! Do not!
Fundamental rule, you never have to make it this to the mold and you never have to move it
when the mixture is already inside because it will come out bad the cake. If it goes well I will be a Peetah
expert baker. Peetah expert not, if not, you will only be Peetah the baker.
The inexperienced burnt breads. Polynesians write us down here if when are your birthdays
they like to be given cakes or prefer go on a trip or prefer to go out, a meal
with friends. Going out of the cave, anything, write us down here in the comments
to know to you what they like do on his birthday. And we will apply the
technique that occurred to me right now, let’s go to reinforce the colors, then here is
the red zone. Let’s see … yes I feel that yes it will work, green, yellow and blue.
Look, I just had another idea with this technique will be good father, is a
super technique so that your cakes remain rainbow father.
They do it with a fork. I just know it’s shaped, I thought it had been a
good teacher. Ok, I’ll just be a good teacher if the pancake is good because in the decoration,
no no, I think it’s the worst person We were able to meet this child.
It will look good, I know it will be fine, there’s the clean thing so they do not mix
the other colors, we will sting one eye. This technique is good because the fork pulls
the colors and it does not mix like that, and it looks father because they look like lines. What are you doing?
There is. I am having fun with … oh, what is that?
It was good father! What good father? I will not be able to make fun of this
ridiculez of Rafa, ridiculous, Polynesian, Oh, I do not know.
I’m dying. Now I’m about to put this thing,
Baked? What is that thing you have there? now he continues to light the oven, which is one of
the most difficult things for me because I It’s very scary to always turn things on
kitchen. Let’s see how I always turn on the oven I get a piece of paper, and I put it in here,
I believe. It has to be at 150 ° Do not catch, Lesslie!
It did not turn on! Again. There it goes.
No, no, I made a roll. No, not what horror! Stop! After 5 attempts, we see
Rafa again. Let’s see if this will work. Smells like burnt!
Paper burned your roll, is that I did not have roll the other, that’s why it does not work. There
is and I am prendo. Already!
How many degrees? At 200 ° What if we put it at 250 ° for less time?
No, you will roast it! Let’s roast the turkey. Yes, because if it will not burn out and what
in will be raw. Do not upload it! It’s 200 there. Right now we will be back in 40 mins. to see if my cake was left, It’s been 40 mins. and we’ll see if the cake or the rare creation of Rafa was left. Let’s hope it works.
Let’s see. Oh no!
No what? Why did it turn brown?
I told you … No, what happened? It’s super weird! It’s cool. I’ll take it out Oh no, why was not the
color? Why not… ? or nothing else is seen, have you seen?
Well yes it was going to see. Why? If I painted it, I thought it would look
all of colors. There is.
Yes it was? Let’s see, take it apart, let’s see.
Oh no, I wanted to see colors! There it goes There it is and my cake was left. Yes, my cake was left!
Yes, I did! Yes, it’s inflated, right?
There I told you it was easy to make cakes, I can already make videos in Musas. Oh, you believe!
If you had not had my support, I think that This cake would have been a disaster.
I’ll break it from here, where did I give birth? From there. AHA. There is!
Like I’m so bloated, Lesslie! I really do not know.
How inflated? How much air is that good? Yes it was, look!
Yes it was! Let’s see … oh no, it’s not true, it’s beautiful.
Look, it’s father! Have you seen?
And Aria is here as a gossip girl with her little granny sweater. To make it a good cake, it has to go through my approval so let’s try it. Is it good? Yes!
I wanted you to have no cake the day of your birthday. Well, but anyway this will not be
because … we cut it. We already cut it and my Dad will bring another one but it was a good one … This
We can leave it for dessert, we can leave it, that is, it is the dessert of the cake.
The dessert of the dessert, good. Well, Polynesians up to here the vlog of
today, we hope you liked it, I made my cake, you can also make
yours, you already saw that the recipe is fine easy, they put coloring like me and
they create their rainbow cake. Yes, little brother, but hey it’s his birthday so I have
to put up with their ridiculous actions, I mean no, but it did look good, I liked it
As I knew, I would like to be liked because Rafael was his 1st recipe. Like for
the 1st recipe and because it is rainbow well mixed father. And see you in the next video. Goodbye, Polynesians!


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