Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant: VICE INTL (Greece)
Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant: VICE INTL (Greece)

100 thoughts on “Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant: VICE INTL (Greece)”

  1. Adonis Zerbot says:

    4:41 get the fuck out. This girl was a street hooker in Athens. Greece will always be greece. This will never change.

  2. MadMan says:

    What if all africans get rid of africa who would live in africa? Europeans ? What a shame. Multiculturalism is a melting pot. Shame on greece.

  3. MadMan says:

    Blacks are lazy and stupid. They have never done a single thing to this world instead of begging for food from another races. Imagine a world with blacks only what would it look like? Africa's mud kingdom without civilization.

  4. Jherlyn Brady says:

    This is trash and shows is filled with misogynoir

  5. pano0177 says:

    Vice news please get rid of this reporter he is such a asshole and doesn't respect other people's culture

  6. pano0177 says:

    The more racist a parent is the more their children Mary another race seen it happen to many times and I absolutely love to see it happen

  7. DoomTrain says:

    Vice didn't cover what I wanted them to cover in ONE story. waaaaaaaaah. lol

  8. Advent Solace says:

    The correspondent is such a tool.

  9. Caterina Anast says:

    why vice chosen him to do reportage? he is absolutely the wrong man!!!!!!!

  10. christina anastasia skroutz says:

    we all face racism no need to cry about it

  11. skylan Freire says:

    what a ignorant reporter

  12. AM Nel says:

    The correspondent for this story  is a disrespectful creep. NEXT.

  13. konstantine alexiou says:

    Vice was famous for political , interesting and substantive programing. this and other articles are not worthy of the type of news VICE was famous for in past years. Not that it isn't interesting that there is an African beauty pageant but the deeper issues like racism and bureaucracy were barely tackled. As uncomfortable as these topics must be to the Greeks they must be tackled in order to expose these embarrassing and controversial topics and move towards change. Isnt that the whole aim of true journalism? Or has vice received enough revenue from outside interests that now its journalistic integrity will be reduced to a hipster version of Vogue Magazine?

  14. Cicero says:

    I don't get why there is a miss Africa in fucking Greece lol. Why do europeans have such a fetish for anything that isn't their own?

  15. Skrooge Lantay says:

    Fuck this prick

  16. MrSuperStarGr says:

    he is one asshole (but we are not all like him)

  17. Maria Dv says:

    eleos ntropi. vice, your correspondents need training in cultural sensitivity.

  18. Orthodox 1 1 says:

    Get out of GREECE !!!!

  19. Nick Y says:

    Vice you have sent a man into a woman's beauty pageant CHANGEROOM only to describe what he sees in such a derogatory way….? 'alien makeup' and claws…? if I were one of these models I would feel offended watching this let alone having a man as disrespectful as that being in the confines of what should be a private and respected space. Would hardly say this celebrates African women living in Athens when you start the video with a montage of women grinding around on stage.

  20. Nick Y says:

    "the money had been raised for the event but not for heating. now the coldness in the hall has reached my private parts" who the fuck is this guy

  21. jetsetgeorgia says:

    This had the potential to be a great documentary but fell short due to the arrogant "reporter". I was expecting better quality from VICE. How did such a condescending journalist make it through your editing???

  22. Roberta Graham says:

    He was not professional at all

  23. Carlos CB says:

    This guy is an idiot. Regardless how he felt about whatever, his purpose was to report about this subject in an objective manner. Please don't ever have him do a report again. He is a shame.

  24. alezia Rapti says:

    0.21….what is this song???

  25. xarmasolutions says:

    at the first look VICE seems ok but if you watch closer you can see  propaganda and mass control

  26. Cat Shanu says:

    I had high hopes for this piece from Vice, I usually cannot take my eyes off the screen with how the reporters experience the different cultures and events and always admire their respect. But, I was left sadly disappointed with this one.

    The reporter said the candidates in the dressing room, had outfits that could have been sewed on by 'someone with no hands', described their hair extensions as 'nylon',their nails as 'claws' and makeup as 'clown[ish]". I literally had to rewind back, and re-watch that part because I didn't believe such a thing could be said.

    Honestly disappointed with this one VICE!

  27. LeaLaurine says:

    I would love to attend an event like this the next time I'm in Greece.

  28. full savage says:

    2 mins in and I already dislike the reporter.

  29. Malcolm X says:

    Human rights groups report that the number of racially motivated attacks have increased in Greece, as did the severity of the violence involved. Kostis Papaioannou, head of the National Commission for Human Rights, says the 2012 figures “shows some very interesting and very worrying tendencies regarding racist violence in Greece. We have both an increase in the numbers of attacks but also – which is really worrying too – we have an escalation of the tension of this violence.” The incidents have spiraled as Greece’s economy has worsened over the past few years.
    The vast majority of attacks occurred in Athens, mainly in inner-city neighborhoods. Immigrants are often set upon by groups of men wielding metal bars, chains, brass knuckles, broken bottles, knives and wooden clubs. The victims suffer from broken bones, damage to sight and hearing and extensive bruising, reports the Racist Violence Recording Network, composed of 30 aid and human rights groups.
    Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Greece has warned Americans traveling to Greece to be wary of “a rise in unprovoked harassment and violent attacks against persons who, because of their complexion, are perceived as foreign migrants.”
    “U.S. citizens most at risk are those of African, Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent in Athens and other major cities,” cautions the embassy in a statement first posted on its website last November.

  30. NikephorosPhokas says:

    Looks like VICE choose a sheltered, spoiled "frontistirio kid" to screw this up by pretending to be a reporter. It was probably one of the kids first jobs as Greek youth on the university track tend to never work until very late in life. The insulting whining about foreign food that is not hamburgers and pizza and ignorant comments are typical of this sheltered milieu.

  31. Vas Alexander says:

    κακής ποιότητας Βίντεο!!!!
    άντε συνέλθετε

  32. Georgius_MD says:

    The correspondent could have done better.

    I am very impressed by how good their Greek is. Fantastic Athenian black beauties.

    I lived in Athens for six months back in 2004. There was a black hairstylist from Sierra Leone around the corner. The shop was always full of local African women, She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a haircut, and said "no".

    Once I told her that I was Canadian, she softened up. 🙂

  33. Strange Person says:

    Guy: "I am always armed because people try to beat me up."

    Reporter:"Ohh I'm scared now."

    BITCH please!…. If everything scares you so easily then go hide behind a fucking aspis! .'

  34. s????? indra says:

    am greek.material have no principial trouth.we are persons.dont misidentiveicate thay self with the body.thow i flush you thru the toilet.mest up a kid again.it is so.black people eat white bread afraid to bite in their fingers.and reverce.africans have a great history bytheway.we love memnon a hero to us and a frend of greece

  35. Stavros Alithinos says:

    too whiny guy.

  36. christina anastasia skroutz says:

    another thing the reporter is not necessarily racist this is typical in greece
    reports ESPECIALLY the ones that cover beauty pageants are often if not always sarcastic
    if this was not an african pageant and it was another typical greek pageant the commentary and sarcasm would be the same if not even worse
    they commonly report on such and other matters in a very satirical way
    criticism is often made in a very satirical way here
    as we also have many satirical tv shows and they are the most successful
    and thats a fact
    ive seen a lot of reports on greek beauty pageant with much more "offensive" commentary
    and noone was insulted or thought it racist for it was greek reporters reporting on a greek pageant
    but here everyone is butthurt because its africans lol
    its not racism
    its the way its done here in greece
    why do you expect special treatment just because you are not greek?
    sorry but that's how equality works
    you should not expect only the good but the bad also

  37. SavageSlayer666 says:

    Guys, soon I want to travel out of the U.S to see wonderful places and I was searching if Greece is safe for foreigners.
    I'm a AA and Female. Is Greece a safe place? Some articles say that it's too dangerous in recent years (especially in Athens) and that's a shame bc I really want to visit there

  38. GaL os says:

    Let me drink u like chocolate 😉

  39. Mkana Munyole says:

    Cheers to the ladies' effort. However, I could have done without Aris Alexandris' racist, insensitive, churlish "reporting".
    To insult the food that has been graciously offered (diarrhea), insult women about their hair and grooming, to play into racist "fears" because young men who have been assaulted by police are ready to take flight at the first sign of trouble is assanine!

  40. Jordan Washington says:

    these aren't African Greeks these are indigenous Greeks look it up if don't believe me that's y there racist towards them just like they do to “african Americans"

  41. Jordan Washington says:

    they are just like us indigenous

  42. Jordan Washington says:

    they are just like us indigenous

  43. AllieShine1 says:

    yes, the journalist was very racist in the way he did commentary. Vice, you all have better journalist on staff…

  44. Alexander Supertramp says:

    was that actually us dollar bills they were throwing on stage.

  45. samantha simon says:


  46. Antdoe says:

    this man is a total asshole

  47. neon arroyo says:

    The guy who narrated this was a jerk  They might as well have sent a KKK member over to do the documentary.  I'm exaggerating, but not that much!!!

  48. xxx xxx says:

    If these Greeks are so racist, why do you stay.I,d move with my feet to someplace they didn't hate me.

  49. The Rosa says:

    most disrespectful child ever

  50. HungrieHipp0 says:

    That prejudice little shit…

  51. Sophia M. says:


  52. Mina P. says:

    This guy is clearly an idiot and his questions and statements are equally idiotic and unnecessary but not racist. Pointing out the tackiness of the pageant has nothing to do with race, if I were to comment on something a woman of the same nationality as me wore no one would bat an eye but if I were to do that to someone of another race I would be seen as racist even if race has absolutely nothing to do with it and all that while PoC are allowed to comment on anyone's appearance without any repercussions. Again I'm not saying that the way the guy acted was in any way acceptable. And while everyone in the comments is complaining about how this guy acted they also simultaneously act like him or maybe even worse by calling greek people names or saying awful stuff about Greece and greeks as a whole only because of this guy. You also seem to ignore the fact that most people in that pageant weren't even born in Greece or lived there that long for that matter. The documentary was about racism that greek africans ,africans born in Greece have to deal with and there were only 4 people he was able to find and ask about that , 2 of them didn't even speak greek and the rest could barely speak greek which is an indication that they probably were not in fact born in Greece. As for racism in Greece you have to understand that Greece isn't a country built on migration ,it's not a country like America or Australia or Canada in which the natives are a minority and people from all over live in, it's not a diverse country at all yet when it comes to racism Greece is no more racist than a lot of others way more progressive countries. And if you dont believe that then you should check out stories of greek families taking refugees (people not only of a different race but religion too) into their own homes and letting them stay for however long they needed and were even nominated for a nobel peace prize (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/24/greek-islanders-to-be-nominated-nobel-peace-prize) , what other "progressive" country did that? So please if you're are going to criticize at least get your facts straight because when you don't you end up sounding like the people whose actions and statements you condemn.

  53. Monaedeezy says:

    Wow never that knew peter pan could be such an evil little shit.

  54. NikissiSerumaga says:

    Please never send this man to any community that isn't his own again. Uneducated so he makes up for it with disrespect – how can you send someone to an African event for them to see njera for the first time? FOR SHAME!!!

  55. Fred Lawrence says:

    athens is a shithole nowadays anyway

  56. Amy says:

    Why would you publish this??.. He is AWFUL and such a worm… HORRIBLE PERSPECTIVE

  57. Panos A says:

    FYI most of these ladies have Greek boyfriends. Greeks find black women exotic. Black women date Greek men not just for the money but also for Greeks being one of the few European men who are genuinely attractive in the eyes of African women, beyond finance issues.

  58. bloo jkl45 says:

    Yes, the host's comments about their oufits and hair were uncalled for. But people, you have to understand that the rest of his attitude is not racist, it's humor. This is how Greek people talk in a light sarcastic way, this is how they talk to greeks themselves, it's our way of communicating. You'd have to be Greek to understand but this is how we talk to eachother, it's not a race thing. And I sincerly hope foreigners who watch this video know that not all Greeks are like the host. There's bad and good in every country.

  59. Bruno Qirim says:

    Dude is this video real or is this a joke ?

  60. Andreas Balaskas says:

    Hi, by an accident I watched this video, seems the man who interviewed the girls – women and some of the viewers. Was by far off age of limit (he was…how old, 27 – 30?) to be attend in this entertainment event, not very well prepared of what follows, not very good prepared what to say. The average age on video is 30 – 35 – 40 + + , probably the only reason, he enjoyed by far to be with Greeks – African who born in Greece at the end of 20th century.
    For the history only, racism – nationalism didn't woke suddenly in Greece (through financial crisis in 2009 +) the whole European continent face ancient relics by alone. Is not only the African community in Greece who face nasty problems – challenges, is many communities from Asia & Middle East.
    So far, I haven't heard anyone from my generation (today 40's) to ask an official apology from those Greek African, Asian citizens who live legal across Greece. Greece, could be the "gate to west civilization" however is the gate to enter in stone age! Ignoring with a polite way, the generation of my parents (who murder with their knowledge) my generation…I have to ignore the fact my grant parents generation…"I have no idea how many of those still live today, should be above 90 + years!!"
    They totally fuck up my generation, I come to conclusion….how many of the hard corn traditional Greeks approves – accepts Africans – Asian as legal – equal Greek citizens across Greece with same rights…as Greeks of my generation.
    1st fact) If the "legal" immigrants who came in Greece through 70's, they did their families in Greece, today they are above 50 – 55 + (the first generation of immigrants in Greece) their kids is the 2nd generation in Greece and speak the Greek language better than "Greeks by alone". This means, what really makes, the today traditional hard corn Greeks across Greece who bring with them "a Greek name + surname" to be Greeks?
    My generation should thanks God only, for the name we / you have in every local Greek society, no the society by alone. 2nd fact) None society is better than Greek society with nasty problems in own DNA since the era of Ottoman Occupy (400 years slaves!!) Is pretty ugly for you …Greeks to ignore historical facts that shows we are not Greeks as we believe!! etc

  61. Ghislaine Mbolo says:

    very rude journalist

  62. Rob Kidd says:

    I had to watch this video 3 times to clearly understand it. The first time i felt like it was harsh and negative but a bit confused because it seemed very rushed for a video intended to represent multiple ethnithisities, culterals and languages. The second time i felt less like the intent was negative and more like my confusion had more to do with editing. And the last time i felt like the video matched the description of the the pageant and that maybe both were under funded and therefore after crappy editing, made it feel cold and minimalistic and not at all concerned with anything else, just reporting the basic facts.

  63. mackjeez says:

    The dudes at 2:48 were not born in Greece, they both speak English in a manner spoken in country that speaks good English , my guess is they were deported back to Africa from another country and came to Greece on a boat with the refugees in hopes they can get papers to go somewhere else. Many people from Africa claim they were born in Greece but were never given their papers, this is very true for a lot of cases like Giannis Antetohumpo but if a African person was born in Greece he/she would speak perfect Greek, these men can't even say a Greek word.

    As someone who lived in Athens for several years there is very little racism in Greece, my neighbors Bobby and Stella with their 3 kids are African (Nigerian) and we celebrated all the holidays together, did BBQ's, go to café's together and the funny part is they were Greek nationalists, love that man. In truth Greek people just don't care about skin color or nationality as long as you don't step on their toes, do what you got to do but don't impose. Don't break the law, don't try and change shit, don't complain about religion and/or politics and you're good. If you're stating you want something extra from a Greek they will tell you to go fuck yourself.

  64. Dr Akinlabi says:

    Terrible correspondent who lacks skills and professionalism. I think it helps your insecurity and low self esteem to put others down. #shame

  65. Georg The Greek says:

    I saw the video. I could only say the reporter must use a better vocabulary.Furthermore , we Greeks are open and kind people. But it is true , we as a society we have to make a progress in a lot of fields. But I really liked that most of them speak Greek on the video above. And not only English.

  66. spicyboyclique says:

    Reporter acted like a fool.

  67. Melissa B says:

    Who is this moron so called "journalist". I don't know if it is the translations but it seems he was extremely condescending. He is such a little s**t!

  68. Nate Williams says:

    I can't stand this fucking reporter. The fact that he thinks he's being nice is what's making me even angrier. He's oblivious to how he's structuring the whole narrative of this event.

  69. Jade Marie says:

    I hate the reporter.

  70. Vizviros says:

    Λοιπόν, το VICE έχει γυρίσει μερικά "καλά" mini documentaries, αλλά από κεί και πέρα είναι φούλ στην νέα αριστερή αντίληψη, περι ρατσισμού, σεξισμού, ισλαμοφοβίας, κλπ….Ο τυπάς που το "έπαιξε" ο δημοσιογράφος του VICE, ήταν σχεδόν ολοκληρωτικά απαράδεκτος….από τους σχολιασμούς για τον χώρο, τα ρούχα, τα μακιγιάζ, το φαγητό, κλπ μέχρι το πόσο άβολα ένιωθέ, με αποτέλεσμα οι ερωτήσεις του να δημιουργουν αμηχανία…εύστοχο θα πω ότι ήταν το σχόλιο περι αφρικανικής διοργάνωσης ελληνικού στυλ…οι κοπέλες μπορώ να πω χαλαρά οι περισσότερες ήταν πανέμορφες γαζέλες(κουκλάρες με λίγα λόγια)! Ο παρουσιαστής της βραδιάς που μίλησε περι χοντρού προβλήματος ρατσισμού στην Αθήνα αλλά δεν κουβαλάει όπλο και γεννήθικε στην Ελλάδα, τα αγγλικά του πολύ καλά ,τα ελληνικά του ανύπαρκτα…..χωρις να είμαι 100% αλλά 80% σίγουρος, το ότι προτίμησε τα αγγλικά κάτι λέει για τα ελληνικά του……είμαι της άποψης ότι εάν θες να λέγεσαι μόνιμος και νόμιμος πολίτης οποιαδήποτε χώρας του πλανήτη, οφείλεις να μάθεις τουλάχιστον την γλώσσα και την ιστορία και να σέβεσαι τους νόμους…..οι ελάχιστες ερωτήσεις(σε 2 ανθρώπους) της ατζέντας του δημοσιογράφου(του κώλου) περι ρατσισμού ήταν πολύ διαφωτιστικες, για το τι συμβαίνει πραγματικά εκεί έξω…. δεν λέω ότι δεν υπάρχουν ρατσιστές εκεί έξω, αλλά "κάποιοι" νομίζουν ότι έχει γεμίσει ο τόπος….δεν είναι και ούτε θα είναι πολλοί οι χρυσαυγήτες και κάποιοι από τους ψηφοφόρους τους πιθανόν να μην είναι καν ρατσιστές…χαζοί, μπορεί…..
    α, και εάν κάποιος βρίκε τις απόψεις μου ρατσιστικές, ZBOOTSAM

  71. Ashante S. says:

    I didnt get past the 4:20 mark. What disgusting commentary! This reporter is a shit human being. How do you mock and dehumane something that was meant to uplift women in a degrading and racist society! Low life !

  72. shortfeet says:

    For those who are just joining us, beware. Small minded reporter making subjective commentary on a beauty pageant. He doesn't cast a light on how these people are living, just complains and makes fun of the attendees at the show. Infuriating

  73. diablo son says:

    u fucks go to this country's in Europe and then clam racism stay in Africa o wait its a shit hole and has been since the beginning of time vice there is a reason the west is the best

  74. Roman Darius says:

    Vice News is an extreme far left, communist news outlet. Notice how they promote the black take over of Europe while looking the other way at the genocide of white people in South Africa? Vice News is not anti-racist, what they are is anti-white, especially anti-white Christian. May they burn in hell.

  75. Myles Porter says:

    The reporter was a fucking douche

  76. Piyaya k says:

    This guy is stupid.if he wasn't interested he shouldn't have shown up there to make everything seem disgusting what a locked up brain.

  77. Mrs. Sugaraye says:

    This guy is super offensive

  78. ゴンちゃんローラ says:

    Yoooo I was like this guy's mad condescending. Then I remembered I worked for some Greek people in high school and they would always make fun of black people and call them the Greek equivalent of the n word 🙁

  79. megami Intent says:

    I couldn't even finish the video. I got maybe four mins in before I've had enough of the blatant misogynistic and racist commentary vice allowed one of their reporters to publish. . Really vice?? Is this what you stand behind. I wish Asian boss had a European sector , they actually do objective journalism

  80. SupremeKnowledge120120120 says:

    Yo he has to be one of the worst reporter's y'all have why the fuck did you use him

  81. trulyprettylady says:


  82. Polishedbrand says:

    Wow, this narration shows the bias he is documenting.

  83. Chillin' says:

    This commentator seemed like ass.

    And the people who went on about the "irrelevance of the situation" – who cares? Journalism is not just meant to cover ground-breaking events. Do you think everything covered here is essential to life? Is learning about bare knuckle boxing in the UK essential to our, or anyone's lives? Or a random poop drink in Korea? No, not really. it's just intreresting to know what is going on around the world.

  84. Adrienne Adu says:

    The childish reporter really ruined the video for me. His ignorant comments and awkwardness really made the video cringy and unprofessional. I’m surprised Vice allowed this video to even be uploaded.

  85. gerbilgiant says:

    Wow. Disappointed in VICE after watching this video. I will say that he did a good job illustrating the racism this community faces through his own judgement and small mindedness.

  86. usagi tsukino says:

    I expected nothing better from Aris Alexandris. He's a self-proclaimed intellectual who has a massive superiority complex and he thinks he's so progressive while he's publishing articles that reek of mysogyny and white privilege.

  87. Matthew VonLuhman says:

    Greeks think they’re better than everyone else like bitch y’all ugly and annoying so gtf

  88. Matthew VonLuhman says:

    Go Africa!

  89. Wilhelm Hesse says:

    This reporter is damn racist as they come

  90. A1 Conservative says:

    Terrible journalism. Nobody wants to read all those subtitles.

  91. Amateur Overlord & Friends....😇 says:

    Vice why would you have such an ignorant A hole do journalism for you? This tells me more about Greece than the event did

  92. Q A says:

    He's no racist, just European, lol.

  93. Νινα Zυμνη says:

    I'm Greek I've never heard of miss Africa Greece
    Lol everyday you learn about something knew
    And that reporter sorry to say this but sucked….

  94. Constantinople Walls says:

    Is it me or is it that everywhere they go Africans/Blacks cry "Wacism!" "Wacism!" "I be oppressed in dis muthafucka!" Like everywhere they go.. It gets so boring and annoying. Then are they are butt hurt when you don't agree with them. Truly a traveling circus.. You don't see Europeans talking about their skin color.. Which makes Blacks the most racist people on earth, because it's all about their skin color.

  95. GG Allin says:

    Modern Greece has more problems than racism.

  96. Zanin Fazlic says:

    Great event, respect to all participants. But badly done! I cannot believe that VICE published such a doc lead by an arrogant and borderline racist little prick.

  97. John Soudas says:

    The real problem with this report is not the report and his attitude
    It’s VICE!
    Vice wanted to do a hit job on Greece and told the reporter to come and dig up some racism
    So the reporter got his marching order from an outside ngo criminal operation in the first place
    Now I can see why the reporter came with a poor attitude

    When my dad came to America, he didn’t expect America to role out the red carpet
    He adopted to the norms and he succeeded
    Some these blacks don’t want to adopt to the norms of this country as witness by the 2 that spoke English
    Then gals learned the language and seemed to adopt to the country

    What vice wanted to do is to insult Greece and call it a racist country
    If a Greek was in their african country the locals would likely treat him allot worse than the african lady’s are treated

    And if they don’t like you have a choice go back to your country of origin

  98. Κώστας Π says:

    για το πεος εντελως

  99. Dillard Dillinger says:

    What a douchebag!

  100. Simon S says:

    As a Greek man, its a shame to hear about the racism. This does not represent our values at all.
    These women are beautiful.

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