My Daughter Does My VoiceOver – Indian Party Makeup | Shruti Arjun Anand

Hi guys.. I am Anaya today i will be doing voice over to my mumma’s video so lets get started yeah I want to tell you that you subscribe her videos but forget to like the videos so do subscribe this time so first I am going to apply a primer this makes your skin smooth & nice now its turn to apply foundation this makes me beautiful now its time to apply conceler I am applying it to my under eye area don’t forget to apply compact powder after concealer now its time to make my eyebrows this eye makeup looks so good now I am applying orange eyeshadow on my crease area applying eyeshadow to the corners of my eyes now applying black eyeshadow and blend it well now apply concealer applying a shiny eyeshadow now kajal pencil apply it properly applying eyeshadow to the lower side now its turn to create a winged eyeliner I like false lashes so much apply glue on it first then fix it on your eyes like this now applying bronzer now applying powder this looks so nice I am looking beautiful applying it on my cheeks now applying pinky pink blush I like to apply blush so much now its time to apply highlighter this gives shiny appearance now fill your lips with a lip liner now its time to apply lipstick how am I looking looking beautiful if you’ve enjoyed this video then do like & share this video also do comment below also share this video with your friends also do subscribe to my Mumma’s channel bye-bye

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