My Everyday Makeup | Maddi Bragg
My Everyday Makeup | Maddi Bragg

Hola chicos, así que hoy voy a estar mostrándole mi maquillaje diario I haven’t done one of these videos in so long. I think it’s almost been a year and obviously my makeup Routine has changed Since the last video that I did. I decided to talk you guys through the process and just like explain myself I guess I don’t know but yeah, I’m going to quit rambling and let’s get into the video Oh alright, so if you get started. I’m just going to put my hair back I I already moisturized my skin and now I’m going to put on a little bit of lip balm I’m using the glossier “” I just shot the lid off. After that we’re going to prime our face I’m using the benefit porefessional lately. It’s really great the only thing I really struggle with other than the occasional breakout which I’m dealing with right now because I slept with my makeup on the other day Never do that Um, the only thing I really struggle with is like a little bit of pores. After that I’m gonna like kind of I don’t know set my primer, but also like prime it even more. I’m using the Smashbox primer water I’m just gonna spray that on my face and just make it even more primed and Perfect for our foundation. I’m going to be using the Jouer matte Moisture tint. I have been obsessed with this stuff It works so well, I don’t like a ton of coverage unless I’m like going out or filming or something like that But for every day, I usually use this so I’m just going to dot it on my face I’m gonna need a little more. I’m also using the Viewfinder as my mirror And I probably shouldn’t be doing that and i know people get really mad at me for not looking in the lense, I’m sorry, okay instead of using a beauty blender like I always used to have been using this real techniques brush the expert face brush and It works really well so usually Blend it in with this brush, and then I go in with my beauty blender just to get any like streaks or anything like that This provides nice coverage without looking cakey and it also You know has Spf which is really nice for every day if it gets streaky or anything But I’m still going to go in with my beauty blender and just kind of blend in any excess product if it’s left there I’m using the YSL Touche Éclat’ can you guys read that? I don’t even think you can read that. Anyway, this is a brightening concealer for under your eyes. I mean you can obviously Highlight with it other pieces, but I just mainly use it under my eyes I don’t go too extreme with my everyday makeup Like, I don’t use cream highlight or cream contour or anything like that, [then] I’m going to blend it in with my beauty blender I just like to keep my makeup really simple and natural and easy for an everyday basis I’m now going in with the Anastasia Beverly hills Concealer to conceal any blemishes I have. Luckily they’re not too bad. I’m just doing a light concealer I’m just setting my face with the Laura Mercier Translucent powder So once I set with powder. I spray a layer of my urban decay all nighter spray just to lock that in and let that kind of sit and soak into my skin and While I do that, I am going to fill in my eyebrows, so let me zoom even a bit more So I’ve been working on growing out my brows Cuz I’ve been into the whole like a natural boy brow type of look I do still like to fill them in and give them a little more shape and for that I use the Anastasia brow wiz in blonde. I just like to add a bit more Shape and definition to them For me the key is like filling them in and brushing them and filling them in and brushing them and filling them in and brushing them You know what i mean? so you get a good shape They still look natural and Pretty I also like to brush my eyebrows up a lot it’s creates a more natural look. okay see? now that eyebrow is done. It literally takes me two seconds to do my eyebrows now it used to take me So long, but now that they have grown out a lot and I have a better natural shape When I do the brow gel I just brush them up to get this shape I Love it. Eyebrow one compared to eyebrow two. it’s like still natural, but it’s definitely more defined gorgeous yessss Now that we did the brows oh my God So now we’re going to go in and contour and blush and highlight and all that good stuff so lately I’ve been obsessed with the Hula light from benefit this stuff is so good if you are paler like I am I’m not like crazy pale but I’m also not very tan either, and I just like this because it doesn’t look muddy and It’s just amazing so basically what I do is I will go in and I will kind of like pull my face up right there and just find where my Cheek bones would be if it was like super carved out. you know what im sayin Then I’m going in with this tarte double ended brush This thing is so good. I don’t think they have it at sephora anymore but they sell it at ulta maybe now on the other side the same thing Yes Give me fake cheekbones Queen. Put some bronzer on the forehead make it look a bit smaller. You know what I’m saying All my big forehead ladies out there. I’ve been using this too faced Papa Don’t peach blush This is so cute the color is so pretty and it smells like peaches Usually switch my highlight like almost every day like I will go from using Jeffree star to using one from Ofra sometimes I use this ultimate glow kit from Anastasia Which is what I’m going to do today. I’m just going to be using white sand. Which is this middle color right here It’s a really pretty light gold shade oh my God, yes literally ah Are you dead because I’m dead. some at the tip of the nose Thats pretty much it for the face sometimes I will just stop here and go like this sometimes I’ll add a little bit of eye shadow Usually I do nothing on my eyes, or I just add a little bit of bronzer Which is what I’m going to do today I’m going to brush out my eyelashes So yeah, just brush the eyelash extensions if you guys didn’t know I have eyelash extensions So I don’t wear Mascara or anything like that. I also don’t wear Mascara on my bottom lashes Just because I don’t really care to do that Now I’m going to set my face again I’m going to go in with my new favorite lip product I love this because it’s not like a super matte lip, but it’s not super glossy It’s called the art stick Liquid lip from Bobbi Brown and this is in the shade honey bear That is the finished makeup look for every day Then I take down my hair and touch it a million times until it looks alright Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I really hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe down below if you haven’t already, also turn on my notifications by clicking the little bell icon down below so that you get notified every time I upload a new video which is every week. I love you all very, very much. I hope you’re having an amazing Friday, and I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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