Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Heart Nail Designs By Seventeen | COVERGIRL
Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Heart Nail Designs By Seventeen | COVERGIRL

Hey there, everyone. It’s Ashely, also known as
MakeupbyAmarie on YouTube. And today, I want to share with you
guys a very fun nail tutorial. It’s inspired by Valentine’s Day. So it’s these heart nails right here. And they are so cute. So I have a heart on each
one of my nails. And these can be worn whether you’re
going out on a date or you’re going out with your girlfriends. It’s so cute. And you get tons of compliments on these
nails, just because it looks like you spent a lot of time on
it, but you really didn’t. So if you guys are interested to see
how I got these nailed and all the steps involved, then just stayed
tuned and keep on watching. OK, so the first thing I’m doing is
I’m starting off with very clean, moisturized hands. And then I’m going in with CoverGirl’s
Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in the color 185. And the thing I like most about this
nail polish is that you don’t even need to add two coats, just because it’s
very opaque and pigmented, which is something I like. Also, this nail polish line has
so many different colors. Like if you weren’t planning on doing
a Valentine’s Day nail tutorial, you can totally purchase other
colors from the line. And I’m applying one coat, one
even coat, all over my hands. And then I’m going to let that dry. OK, so the next step. I’m taking masking tape. And I’m actually ripping
it in three strips. Because you never know if you’re going
to mess up on any hole punches, and you don’t want to go through the trouble
of trying to rip more off and messing up your nails. So I’m ripping off three. And then, this is the hard part. I’m taking my hole punch, and I’m
hole punching a hole inside of the masking tape. Then I’m taking regular scissors, and
I’m putting it to the shape of my nail, just because it is important
that we get the heart directly in the center. And then I’m taking my cut-out heart
stencil that I made with the masking tape and I’m positioning it on my
nails so that is in the center. And you want to make sure you hole punch
ten of these, just because we’re going to be putting them on each nail. And after that, I’m going in with
CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in the color 150, which
is like a mauve-y pink. And I’m taking this and simply applying
one coat, just one coat, to my nail where I placed the stencil. And the trick is that you do not want
the nail polish to completely dry. So just be sure that you apply one coat,
and then you quickly remove the tape stencil. And this will give you a very beautiful,
pink heart, just like this. And what we’re going to do is we’re
going to keep repeating these steps. This nail polish by CoverGirl has a
built-in in high gloss color that lasts up to about a week. So you’re not going to need
to apply a top coat. Which is awesome, because it actually
lessens the amount of steps that you have to do, which lessens the time
of you doing your nails. If you guys decide on doing
this tutorial, do two. Play with the colors. They have 45 colors. Go ahead and play it up. You don’t have to use two colors. You can use three colors. You can use whatever you want, guys. Use your imagination. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this cute,
fun, festive nail tutorial. And it was very simple. I’m pretty sure you’re going
to wow all your friends. So yeah, I’ll definitely
see you guys next time. Bye.

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