New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial | Smokey Eyes | MeeraMemeP
New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial | Smokey Eyes | MeeraMemeP

Hi Guys and welcome back to my channel I hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrated and if you didn’t I hope you had an amazing time off with friends and family I ate so much this Christmas i’m still super stuffed now that Christmas is out of the way I thought you might want to see a New Year’s Eve inspired makeup look so I’ve created this smokey eye makeup and paired it with a nude lip because I feel like smokey eyes and a nude lip goes with absolutely everything you definitely can’t go wrong with a smokey eye and a nude lip so if you want to see how I created this look then please keep on watching I’m going to start of by priming my face using
his Nivea men’s shaving balm And if you want to see an in depth review
on this product then check out the link in the description box. Next I’m taking these LA girl pro concealers
in orange and and green and I’m correcting any blemishes so in applying the green corrector
in any of he areas I want to reduce any of the redness so I tend to get a bit of redness
on my cheeks and nose and now I’m using the orange corrector to counteract any pigmentation
so I tend to have darker skin around my mouth, under my eyes and s little on my forehead.
These correct it’s will basically balance the skin tone out when I apply foundation. And I’m just blending that in using a tapping
motion with my ring finger. For my foundation I’m using my MUFE HD foundation
in the shade Y405 and I’m also taking my Body shop darkening drops and mixing it into my
foundation as its slightly lighter than my skin tone and 1 drop is defiantly enough because
it’s soo pigmented. This thing is such a genius idea I don’t know why it wasn’t created earlier
it saves buying different shades of foundations especially in summer. Body shop also for a
lightening version too. But Anyways I’m just bouncing the product
into my face using my Beauty Blender Pro which is absolutely amazing For concealer I’m using my Rimmle wake me
up concealer in the shade soft beige. And I’m just applying that on my under eyes to
brighten them up and also the high points of my face to bring them forward like my forehead,
tip of my nose, chin and Cupid’s bow. Next I’m going in with my Christan Dior Skin Flash
Radiance booster in the shade rose glow and I’m applying that on top of my concealer just
to give my under eyes a little more brightness. And now in blending that all out using my
beauty blender mirco mini this beauty blender is so cute and look how nicely it blends all
the concealer in. I absolutely love the beauty blenders they really make the skin look super
flawless. Next to set my undereyes I’m taking this soap
and glory kick ass pressed powder and You want to press rather than swipe if you’re
using a brush like this because otherwise you’ll end up moving the concealer around
and we don’t want that I’ve already done my eyebrows off camera I
have an in depth tutorial I’ll link below so check that out. So next moving on to the eye I’m using my
Nars Eyeshadow Primer I can’t tell you how amazing this product is for oily eyelids. Once the primer is slightly tacky you’re good
to move on to the next step. I’m using MACs black track gel liner as my base and applying
it all over my eyelids and this doesn’t have to be neat or anything because we are going
to be blending it all out but this will help make the black eyeshadow more intense. Next
using Blackout from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette I’m patting on the eyeshadow on top
of the gel liner and look how dark this. Next I’m applying Anaheim to my crease and
this will act as the transition shade this is where you can blend out any harshness so
you really want to blend blend blend until any unwanted lines disappear this is so important
specially when doing a smokey eye because you can easily end up looking live you’ve
got panda eyes if it’s not blended in properly. During the blending process I lost some of
the intensity of the black so I’m just going back over top and adding some more blackout
again. Next for brow bone highlight I’m going in
with Skimp and just applying that to my browbones to make them pop it also helps the eyebrows
appears more lifted. And here I’m going in with a fluffy brush just to make sure everything
is nice and defused and once I’m happy with that I’m moving on to my eyeliner so I’m lining
my waterline with this Inglot AMC gel liner in the shade 77 and I’m bringing the liner
down slightly on to my lash line and here I’m using a smaller detailed brush and applying
blackout to my lower lash line and smoking it out slightly. This is a great trick if
you have watery eyes. Applying an eyeshadow on top will help the eyeliner last longer
and it won’t smudge either. Next I’m just tight lining my eyes using my
urban decay liner in the shade zero
and for lashes I’m using Samantha by Huda Beaty which I applied off camera because you’ve
seen me do this many times. For mascara on my bottom lashes im using my latest love which
is this Loreal miss Manga Punky Mascara. I then decided to go in with this shade called
Bathwater from the same palette and I applied that to my tearducts just to brighten my eyes
up slightly. For contour I’m using my sleek contour and
highlight palette and I’m taking the contouring shade and applying that to the hollows of
my cheeks and my temples and I’m also slightly contouring my nose as well. Next I’m taking the bronzer and warming up
my skin by applying it just above the contour. For highlight in using my Becca Cosmetics
and Jaclyn Hill champagne pop and applying that to my cheekbones, the top of my nose
my forehead and Cupid’s bow. For blush I’m using this Milani Rose Powder
Blush in the shade Coral Cove and just applying that to the apples of my cheeks. Lastly for lips I’m using my Revlon Colour
Stay Lipliner in the shade Nude and I’m paring that with my Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick
in the shade birthday suit and that’s pretty much it. So this guys is the completed look I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did then please don’t forget to give this tutorial a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and if you have any comments or suggestions of any tutorials you’d like to see then leave your comments in the comments section down below and i’ll definitely try and film those for you also if you’d like to see a tutorial on this easy updo then please let me know and i’ll film that for you as well But for now if you’re going out this New Year’s Eve then have so much fun and be safe and I wish you all A Happy New Year’s in advance Bye

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