Oil Pastel and Acrylic Scratching/Engraving
Oil Pastel and Acrylic Scratching/Engraving

Hey guys, hows it going- I know I haven’t
uploaded in a few months but thats because I finally started making actual art work again
after more than a year of not producing anything. The pigment videos are still coming through,
I won’t stop making those or anything. Also, the channel just hit 1000 subscribers
this week which is pretty neat so I thought id do a little piece about that. Lets just get straight into how it came to
be. I want to use the oil pastel and acrylic scratching
method because its just so fun and I’m pretty familiar with it since ive made used it a
couple of times. The idea is to make an oil pastel layer then
cover it with an acrylic paint and dish soap layer. If you scratch the top it reveals whats under. It has to be done on a rigid support which
is why I chose a wooden canvas which I prime with matte acrylic house paint base . I then
wanted to create a border within the wood so I measured it then it put it though a golden
ratio calculator to get the perfect border width. So since I’m still easing into making work
again I wanted to do something that involves intuition, feel and repetition .
Although literal, 1000 lines for a thousand subs felt like a really good idea in the moment. My plan is to just place lines wherever feels
right till it looks really good. I mask off the border from the area I will
be working in just to make my life a little easier and chose oil pastels in the color
palette I like. I wanted something that was related to water
or malachite so I went for a variation of greenish blues and cyans. I then cover the entire inner area with the
pastels which was pretty punishing on my hands since I really had to work it in there. Now its done its time to mix up some regular
acrylic paint, I’m using white house paint in this case, and I’m adding quite a decent
amount of dish soap. Mix this like you would fold whipped cream
or egg whites since it can become extremely lathery f you mix it too aggressively. I tried to experiment with a roller but quickly
decided against it and instead used a brush to paint it on super thick since white doesn’t
have great coverage and its super important that the oil pastel layer
doesn’t show through. If you’re using black a thin layer is all
thats needed. When its dry im ready to start carving the
acrylic layer up! Since I had to apply it so thickly needle
tools are out of tee question since they’ll create rough edges so I basically have to
carve each line out with an exacto knife and then peel it off like a sticker. Its a bit tedious but it’s super satisfying
when it all comes out in one piece. Again I’m not going into this with any idea
of the finished result, I’m just going with the flow. At some point the lines started taking on
a mountain or hill shape so I kinda just let it roll in that direction. Im marking down how many lines ive done and
im starting to face the reality that 1000 lines may not even fit on this thing or look
that good. I decided to just make the decision to stop
when it looks right and just leave it to be what I wants to be which ended up being around
250 green lines and double that if you include the white lines too . To finish up I masked off the inside and went
over the border with a roller and white paint since I wasn’t happy with how it looked. Taking off the masking tape was kind of a
pain but do really like the matte paper look of the border when its next to the glossier
textured inside part. I also went in with a tiny brush to fix up
mistakes and clean up rough areas. Not sure what else to do to it so I’m just
going to let it be. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, thanks
for subscribing and always leaving me great feedback and comments, if you have any questions
about the oil pastel acrylic method just drop em below and as always thanks for watching!

6 thoughts on “Oil Pastel and Acrylic Scratching/Engraving”

  1. agent pink says:

    This was hella satisfying. and really pretty too!

  2. SkinnyThicc Legend says:


  3. Dave, Granite Valley Projects says:

    Very cool! Congrats on 1k subs! Such a great achievement 🙂 I really like your artwork!

  4. twycross3 says:

    Cool picture! The soap and paint mixture was a totally new concept to me! It turned out great!

  5. twycross3 says:

    Remember your DIY gesso video? If you added black latex paint to it instead of white you could make black gesso! When you apply it to sections that have a lot of shadow, let it dry, then add a bright transparent color on top of it, the effects are AWESOME!!!

  6. Saraz Khatib says:

    Bravo nadouna. Maroc

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