OMG! Unicorns πŸ¦„  Are pastel now!?!
OMG! Unicorns πŸ¦„ Are pastel now!?!

Hi i’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails In this video, i’m going to show you how to do a really easy unicorn horn using pastel Gel Polish yes, you heard me right just with gel polish and a little bit of gorgeous soft chrome keep watching Upbeat music My base colour is going to be the pink because i just absolutely love the pink i’m going to do one coat one coat will be fine You can do two if you were doing this on a natural nail you would need to put a base coat on We’re gonna get a pallet and put the colours on same as we did before So we have these pastel colours oh my god they are gorgeous they are the lavender one is this one and then we got this pale blue this is like a mint green and then a lemon and i’m going to pop the colours onto the sculpting form this is my little pallet it’s a lot easier to control them if they are on a a pallet of some sort rather than some people would just like get the brush and have it like this and either use it from here or use it from here this can start to set if there is any kind of UV light coming in from a window or anything like that and I wouldn’t want that to happen so i prefer to put them on the pallet so were not wasting anything and we’re not ruining the brush or anything like that I’m going to start with the lavender colour towards the tip first and i’m going to do a second wave here what these will do is make it raised make it like embossed so it will be 3D but it will be just with Gel Polish and i’m going to cure those first two i’m only going to flash cure them and i’m going to clean my brush in between i’ve got a little dappen dish here and we’re going to put the Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution put that in the little dappen dish use a lint free pad to clean off between each colour You want to do the waves Pretty much the same thickness as each other I’m going to flash cure those two clean my brush inbetween and we can use the mint because on a previous video we used the holographic powder and on this video we are using the pastel colours and we are using the chrome powders that appear white but they actually change colour when they are on a nail you will actually be able to see these pretty colours shine through the chrome and were going to do these last ones with the lemon We’re going to give that a full cure and what i’m going to do after that is give them a second coat so we’re going to do the same colours over the top just to make them even more embossed now i’m going use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat and you apply that on and we will need to drag through afterwards i’m making sure the edges are capped and, then, i’m going to drag through the waves to make sure that there is no excess sitting in there because if there is, it’ll take away the effect and I won’t be very happy about that this is like so easy to do What i’m going to do now is use the Blue Topaz Chrome Powder dust that on rub it in you can see instantly it’s adding a opalescent finish to the horn makes it even more unicorn I’m just going to rub over lightly with a Lint Free Pad to take off any excess and then we’re going to Top Coat So I am making sure with the Top Coat I am wiping through between those little waves that we put on just to make sure that they are still sticking out and are embossed we NEED them to be embossed i’m going I give it a full cure now So you can see that it has a opalescent finish to it now but you can still see the colours shining through which makes it really pretty lets take it off I can have two horns on my head (Adam: you don’t need two horns) what would the devil and unicorn be? what would that be called? devilicorn devilicorn i’m trying to make up words again i’m no good at this (Adam: no don’t make up words) i’m no good at it its not good there you are beautiful, pretty Gel Polish yes, it’s Gel Polish i love it there you are guys, I hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram all the products used today are in the description box below have a go at this, honest to God, I am not joking, this is so easy to do I wanna see your results see you on the next video Bye Bye We came up with this word unifacation (Adam: what?!) unifacation (Adam: you came up with that word?) apparently, yeah we were pis– we were drunk (Adam: it’s a real word) it’s not a real word! (Adam: unification is a real word) what for? (Adam: its a real word for when things become unified) isn’t that unified? (Adam: noo) laughing We made up loads of words we were very drunk and then we did unicornication (Adam: unicornacation? I think that could be a word) Is that a proper word as well? (Adam: I think you can get away with it)

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    Hope you get to answer this question because i've been wondering about that for a really long time now…

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