Our Shining Days
Our Shining Days

100 thoughts on “Our Shining Days”

  1. Imari Yu says:

    Xiaomai (the one who looks like Ciel Phantomhive) is the girl of my dreams💕

  2. Bendict Villanueva says:

    Why they don't have part 2 huhuhu

  3. nendi chen says:

    I love it at the end where the boy kissed the stage manager and the stage manager had that face LOL XD

  4. Keefe Sencen says:

    Am I the only one who came her after watching the Prince Of Tennis?

  5. Sheena Angelie Teñoso says:

    1:13:13 the lead actress looked like Twice Momo. That happy expression. 😍 Just saying

    Our shining days is a great movie, giving importance to traditional music, friendship and passion for everything that you do. Inspiring!

  6. Dylan Slater says:

    1:20:41 XD

  7. Dylan Slater says:

    I don't understand the end who stepped out of the car?

  8. Radical Fan says:

    Peng Yuchang is so hot oh my gosh

  9. Mantul Bro says:

    Asli bagus flim ya

  10. fahrul lampu says:

    story IG. 😅😅😅

  11. 눈온다! says:


  12. Alex Mak says:

    It’s pretty messed up they tryin to force some dude to like a chick he doesn’t like. If that was a dude and he did all that, he would b a super creep

  13. Kidsjaman old says:


  14. TAEmyBAE 14 says:

    when she confesses her love all i can do is laugh to ease off the second hand embarrassment

  15. TAEmyBAE 14 says:

    i loved this so much

  16. Nurin Nadzifah says:

    Kereeeen banget, siapa nih orang Indonesia yang nonton uwuwuwu

  17. amandha Kyky says:

    GILA !! Keren abis . Antara alat musik tradisional dan alat musik modern 👏

  18. solidus4prez says:

    This was unexpectedly charming and funny. Glad Twoset led me here

  19. xxyummyx xcremexx says:

    Brooo when the protagonist (forgot her name) touched the bow hair it made me cringe sooo bad cuz I'm in orchestra lol

  20. Vikturi Nightcore says:

    1:12:38 does anyone else find him attractive

  21. Weird but I don’t care blackpink fan boy83 says:

    What was the anime the girl cosplayed playing the guzheng?

  22. Ingothered says:

    Although not understanding Chinese but I like this movie. Traditional Chinese instruments are great!

  23. Charrise San Diego says:

    Who's here because of Lu Xia? Hahahaha Love you Peng Yuchang.. The prince of tennis season 2 pls

  24. Zahara Khanan'al says:

    Chinese instruments are an aspect of Chinese culture, how could a Chinese person playing instruments from their own culture be pretentious?

  25. Wherearethebreads says:

    i’ve spotted someone cosplay Harry Potter

  26. I need Food says:

    From a percussionist to a tennis player

  27. Suave says:

    Good movie. Recommend to watch. Trust me.

  28. apang apang says:

    That hot girl was just too powerful to lose

  29. Kamiru Lee says:

    I watched this because of PengPeng ❤️ but omg i fell in love with the movie. Kudos to all the musicians out there 😀

  30. Darko An Otaku says:

    Are there any other movies like this??

    That include music, school of some sort and they’re Asian?

  31. Андрей Терлецкий says:

    Классики против народников

  32. Grace Limbo says:

    peng yuchang 💕✊

  33. Dan Paulo Errazo says:

    40:04 song title and artist please.

  34. Mercy Sakaria says:

    Love the music. Don't judge a book by its cover…

  35. Chubby Puggo says:

    1:05:07 That was a total F you moment.

  36. Gamer M.D. says:

    title of the song on 1:18:05 please help me search ?

  37. cheska exoL says:

    I came here after I watched Peng Yuchang"Lu xia" in Prince of tennis he's very cute

  38. Tika Wp says:

    Komennya pada b.inggris semua😂😂 Tapi kayaknya bagus ni film. Mw dicobak nonton dulu😁😁

  39. SITARA MC says:

    Why does she look like yoon bomi from apink?

  40. Человек Из Мира Поехавшей Крыши says:

    Мы остро нуждаемся в русских субтитрах🙋

  41. Kissie Lorzano says:

    Can anyone please tell me if what's the title of the music being played (49:53) using the violin? I was searching it for a long time but I still can't find it because I don't know the title of it. Can someone comment it down please. Thank you.

  42. Fort Dela Cruz says:

    I've been looking for the movie title for 6 months till I found it here!!! Worth it!!❤❤❤

    PS. Its because of the music battle I watched on facebook😅

    PPS. I wanna learn the drums!!!❤❤❤

  43. kembar Adelia says:

    Bagus filmnya, byk belajar dr film ini

  44. Black Rose says:

    how many people here actually understand chinese? And can read the chinese captions?

  45. R'ni kirana says:

    I like

  46. Gon Xhunter says:

    Pigtails twin 😍

  47. ruby ann andes says:

    Fantastic😍beautiful movie…i really loved chinese drama/movie/series😍

  48. ruby ann andes says:

    Fantastic😍beautiful movie…i really loved chinese drama/movie/series😍

  49. lesekatze20 says:

    …….wow, this is so CHEESY

  50. Papudo Andre says:

    Keren habis

  51. Chan Yeol says:

    I really like the film is very inspiring 🥰saya tertarik dengan alat musik tradisional China 😍😍😍

  52. Aleysia Nero says:

    Please help me, tell me what song is this 1:36:53

  53. Arjun Ghimire says:

    Actress name plz

  54. Lorenzo Kyle Cainglet says:

    When you are the only boy in the squad hahaha

  55. Lorenzo Kyle Cainglet says:

    This movie needs a part 2

  56. jhope~uwu~ says:

    the 2nd nicest mom on earth i swear

  57. Kawaii Red Dog says:

    That Cello guy was the best

  58. _hentaihaven says:


  59. Kalaivani Mudaliar says:

    Nice movie…

  60. 세븐틴Anymae says:

    What's the title of the song at the end???

  61. Aris wijAyA says:

    Bagus banget

  62. Jayanreya Dangculos says:


  63. peach amv says:

    Can we actually talk about how this person didn't put any adds in the movie?!?

  64. Na Miko says:

    Hebat ✨

  65. Rosy Dusk says:

    Just remembered the drama series "heartstrings". Its like this movie, a fusion of traditional korean music and modern band ensemble :))👏👏👏

  66. omg zara says:

    The braces and glasses makes it 10x better…
    Just saying…

  67. Nox x says:


  68. Sabrina Guo says:

    What song did the girl play during the battle on the guzheng before the harp cam? Anyone, please answer!!

  69. Jc joelchauh Gonmei says:

    2020 click 👍🏼

  70. Jon Rejī says:

    I was just watching the Yiruma Compilations when I saw a music battle just below the suggestions and then looked for the Movie Title and Pooff!!! I am here…

  71. banana chips says:

    1:09:03 is the best part by far

  72. vivek lucifer says:


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  74. Anna Lee Fernandez says:

    Does anyone here know the title of the song sang by the S.I.N.G girls on ACG part?

  75. Triz Skywalker says:

    omg this movie iw AWESOME

  76. JaiMai JaM says:

    It feels good revisiting
    Nostalgia 😊😊😊

  77. Chx says:

    1:08:15 the real battle starts

  78. Balqis Mridhwan says:

    This movie make me realise that maturity is not about age. The blue hair girl is a freshman while the main lead is sophomore but the blue hair girl understands the world more than the latter

  79. cheska exoL says:

    Good movie plus very good characters plus Pengpeng is so thin here and cute woth braces hehe

  80. ninoy again says:

    TwoSetViolin bring me here to wacth this movie

  81. Kayang Taloh says:

    Before watching I was not sure but after reading some comments I saw .n OMG so wonderful the battle in school it gave me goosebumps. N the final performance was like double OMG 😄😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ m so happy young generation r still interested in ancient music n even made movie on it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. Robert Kresanek says:

    Not only is this movie an absolute cringe-fest, and embarrassment to watch. It is completely self-defeating. The entire point is that Chinese instruments can match up to Western instruments, yet the soundtrack is entirely western, not a second of this movie's soundtrack features a traditional Chinese instrument. Even the montage of the Chinese traditional instrument students practicing…. has a rock song back-tracking it lmao.

    Worse yet, at the end, 1:26:11, the final showdown of the traditional side, has their singer be shamelessly backed by a bass string section of a European classical orchestra….Why? Is this some-kind of a sick joke? Oh never-mind they decide to completely murder their entire point and actually bring in electric guitars and playing some dumb fuck shit-tier soundtrack music. This movie hurts ears equally as much as it does the eyes.

    This might be the worst movie I have ever forced myself to watch, and you truly have to force yourself, if the sheer weeb awkwardness doesn't stop you, the disrespect that it shows to the instruments will.

  83. min yelda army says:

    alllarmys the blue nlack hair girls name is tata bt21 xD

  84. Jana Almushafri says:

    وين ممكن القاه مترجم

  85. Canni Does Too says:

    Am i the only one who've watched this movie more than 10 time cause it's literally amazing?

  86. Mavis Pomaa says:

    Worth watching,I loved every bit of it although I'm an African(Ghanaian🇬🇭).💓💃🏻

  87. Drama Lover says:

    Because peng yuchang I watch it 🤩

  88. Alya Nabila Ahmad Zuriat says:


  89. Peireuhu peireuhu says:

    Dis movie is especially for de music lovers
    I didn't really lyk it as I am not use to music but it was worth watching

  90. Latifa fikri says:

    Love this music chinese people should be proud of their culture

  91. Etri Wahyuni says:

    Berasa nonton anime jepang versi live actionnya. Lucu sih 😂

  92. Aini Mell says:

    Orang Indonesia like dong

  93. The Ghost says:


  94. chubby bunny says:

    The quiet girl that wears the hoodie every time she plays the erhu is a chinese instrument and a long time ago some people play erhu er means 2 hu is i dont know

  95. Kerby Alarva says:

    Her face is just like jungkook

  96. Em chantress says:

    This movie is one of the BEST movies I've watched! ugh! I LOVE THIS MOVIE. MY HAPPINESS IS OVERFLOWING! 😭❤💕

  97. Hoodie Min says:

    these students are in the same school yet are both wearing two different types of uniforms, is it to differentiate which student is in which music department, cause in reality, that wouldn't be neccessary at school

  98. Dragongirl65 OvO says:

    Does anyone know the name of the ACG convention song?

  99. Y O N A 95 says:

    balik kesini lagi.. gara gara pengen liat mingjie 😁😂

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