Pastel De Galletas Sin Horno | Receta de Pastel Frio De Galletas Sin Horno
Pastel De Galletas Sin Horno | Receta de Pastel Frio De Galletas Sin Horno

Today in “Katastrofa La Cocina”… “Cold Cake with Cookies”. We will prepare a Cold Cake Cookies
with Chocolate. Is very simple and with ingredients that
are very easy to get. This time I am using Mexican Chocolate.
The one I am using is from Oaxaca. But you can find it in any part of the
country. This one or another brand. When I was kid,
it was easy to find in markets. Of course you can use Semi Sweet Chocolate,
the one is used for desserts. I am Rosy. Let’s see the recipe. Stay with me. Let’s start by mixing… 8 gr of Coffee with 120 ml of Warm Milk. I am using Instant Espresso Coffee. You can also use Warm water with coffee.
It will also give a good flavor to cookies. Put aside. Mix 60 ml of Water with
7 gr of Unflavored Gelatine. Let to rest about 5 minutes. You can also find the ingredients in the
Description box. When is hydrated, take to microwave oven
some seconds or dilute at bain marie. Now in stove at low temperature… Put to heat 200 ml of Whipping Cream. With 4 Tablespoon of Butter (About 50 gr). Mix until butter melt. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder. You can also use a Cinnamon Sprig.
The one I had was in pieces, so, I didn’t use. It will be hard for me to
remove all pieces. When cream start to boil,
remove from stove. Add immediately 110 gr of Mexican Chocolate
(About 1 Bar and half) in pieces. Mix well. Here you can add 2 Tablespoon of
Espresso powder (Optional). And something that I forgot, but
can not miss in a dessert, a pinch of salt. Mix well. Let to cool down. Mix 300 ml of Cold Whipping cream. I am making by hand, but if you have
electric mixer, will be faster. When start to thick, add
4 Tablespoon of Icing sugar. You can add bit more or less.Just remember
this chocolate already have sugar. You can also add here 1 teaspoon of
Vanilla essence. Mix bit more. Just until soft peaks form,
no more. I mix bit more that I should, but anyway the
dessert will be delicious. Mix the melted unflavored gelatine
with the chocolate. These ingredients should be at room
temperature. Add slowly and gently fold
to combine. To give more flavor, you can add 1 Cup of
Roasted Walnuts or Hazelnuts. These ones I Finely Chopped. Is time to assemble the cake. I am using here a Loaf Tray of 23X13 Cm. I put baking paper to unmold easily
the cake. Put a Layer of Cream. Dip the cookies in the Milk-Coffee mixture. Let them inside the mixture some moment
to get wet. Just be careful to not broke them. I am using Square Cookies because of the
kind of tray. If you are using a Springform tray, then
use Circular Cookies. And, if you find cinnamon cookies, for sure
your cake will be also delicious. Add a layer of cream… Layer of cookies and, so on, until
finish the cream. We will turn the baking tray
so let’s put a cookies base. Cover and take to refrigerator
for at least 4 hours. But much better if you remove from
refrigerator until next day. I recommend you to remove from
refrigerator some minutes before unmold. If not, it will happen as me, you will
have problems to remove from tray. You can decorate, only with walnuts, cocoa
powder or Chocolate syrup. But I prefer to use Melted Chocolate. And a bit of Roasted and chopped walnuts. Enjoy of your delicious Cold Cookie Cake. A cold dessert, very easy and delicious. Thank you very much for watch the video
and for Subscribe. I hope you like how I prepare this Cold
Cake with cookies. Do not forget you can leave me a comment.
I love to read it. See you in the next video. See you.

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    Mmm yummy

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