Pastel de Reno (Reindeer  Cake) | Lizzy Frizzy Repostería
Pastel de Reno (Reindeer Cake) | Lizzy Frizzy Repostería

Welcome to my 2nd video Today we’re making a beautiful reindeer cake a perfect option to bring to your family reunions What we’re going to need is a 6 inch diameter cake for 10 people and dark brown and light brown buttercream Red, brown, yellow and black colored fondant Fondant hardener(CMC) Cardboard base with the color of your preference Some of helping tools we’re going to need are: Buttercream smoother, Spatula for covering A fondant roller for stretching and one x-acto knife First thing we’re gonna do is making all the small details for the reindeer Starting with the antlers I decided to use yellow for them We’ll need a template to cut them in shape One that looks like this I’ll leave a link below so you can get them We’re going to knead the fondant until there is no visible cracks Once it’s completely kneaded, we have to start stretching it Add a little corn stash so it doesn’t stick to the surface and with the help of your fondant roller, start stretching it Once you’ve fully stretched it, it’ll look like this Remember to use the fondant hardener So it doesn’t get any more cracks To cut the antlers, im going to put a little bit of shortening to stick together the fondant with the template This will help to keep the template from moving when we’re cutting it and with the x-acto start cutting Now that you’ve cut it, it’ll look like this you have to cut 2 of them and do the same process with the other antler so you can stick one onto another the bamboo stick will go in between them Once its completely dry , this stick will help to place it on our cake It has to look exactly like this For painting the antlers, i used gold edible paint and a few drops of lemon extract This will give a metallic color Now , we’re going to shape the nose of the reindeer for that , were going to need a small red fondant ball a volumetric spoon and a bit more of shortening Im going to take my spoon and cover it with a bit of shortening So the ball doesn’t stick to it We take the ball that was previously kneaded And we place it into the spoon so it can get its form And leave it rest for a few minutes so it can keep its shape When its dry , give a few bumps to the spoon so it can pop out And our nose is gonna look like this Optional, you can add edible red glitter so it gets more shiny Next, to make our eyes, ill leave another link down below for you to download the template It looks like this Its going to be the same previous procedure we take our x-acto and start cutting, and this is the result For the ears, we’ll have to use light brown fondant With our hands , start shaping its form and make two triangles to make a better form , im going to cut around it at the end, cut it from the bottom with our edible glue im going to stick the corners together making it look like this and im going to insert the stick into the ear, so i can put it on the cake so it can be easier to place once you’ve formed your 2 ears this is Optional I painted the inside of my ear with gold so it can match with our antlers now , with the yellow fondant i made 4 balls so it can look like jingles This is an extra, but i love all the beautiful small details , so i made them with the x-acto im going to cut make a the cross forma that they have underneath and now im going to paint them with gold edible paint And the result will be this After you have baked and leveled the cake Its moment to cover it up in dark brown buttercream First i covered it up in a thin layer of buttercream until there was no crumbs on the outside Then i refrigerated it for a few hours Until buttercream is not sticky anymore and another layer to remove any imperfection What we are going to need is a spatula to cover it with buttercream A smoother spatula, a pastry bag and a flat tip im going to fill my pastry bag with buttercream and start covering it spinning the cake we’re going squeeze the pastry bag perfectly covering any imperfection with the smoother spatula im going to start smoothing it around Removing the excess do it a few times so it gets smoother and this should be the result refrigerate approximately 1 hour so it doesn’t stay sticky if its not smooth after refrigerating it you can use a kitchen napkin and a fondant smoother This will help to prevent any imperfections in our cake To make our reindeer collar we’re going to need green colored fondant I used 2 rulers to get the exact measuring We’re going to use a pizza cutter to cut it and keep it exact and now my favorite part, decorating we’re going to start with our jingles next, the eyes then we’re going to stick the nose.. i added another stick to it to make it easier to stick right in the center then the ears. with a darker brown color ill make hair for the deer im going to use a pastry bag and with the tip (1M) That we often use to decorate cupcakes we’re going to make spirals first i’ll start with one on the forehead and then on top for our next step i decided to add a small amount of sprinkles to its hair for colorness this step is completely optional if you want it without it, its okay and this is the result of our beautiful reindeer if you liked this video , give it a thumbs up and subscribe dont forget to follow us on our different social media any questions, you can leave them below in the comment section behalf Lizzy Frizzy, a big hug and Merry Christmas Until next time!

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