Pastel Hair, new Pravana Pastels + Wella Color Charm Toner t18!!! (Español/English)
Pastel Hair, new Pravana Pastels + Wella Color Charm Toner t18!!! (Español/English)

Well today i am gonna talk to you, well i am gonna do a test with the pravana, i am gonna use the pastel it’s called Blissful blue but first, to put the pastel, you have to do it white, like this and well to do it white, the first time i did it, like this and and so it was like that, for that to be white, i bleached 5 times for 45 minutes each and for each bleach i washed my hair with the blue shampoo of wella that it’s for gray hair haha and then well i used several colors and i had to get rid of it, the last color i used was pink i got rid of it and it turned like this and i also used the blue shampoo that it helped a lot and yesterday i bleached my roots for the root, i bleached 2 times for 45 minutes each with this one, of igora and the wella of 30 volumes and it turned like this so now… i am gonna try the toner of wella, to see if my head doesnt fall off haha that it’s gonna turn like gray, i hope so it becomes very white, and it matches and then i can put the pastel so now let’s try the toner of wella, this is number T18, that it’s like a platinum blonde, i think and i am gonna mix it with the color activator of igora and you mix, one part of the toner for two parts of the color activator and also you have to wet your hair first to put it and towel dry it so here it’s the toner half of this and then…. a whole cap of this this is of 20 volumes so now let’s mix it doesnt smell that bad i think i am gonna have to mix more and now let’s apply and so now I wash it and this is how it turned with the toner it really removed the yellow parts it turned like platinum yes, I removed it with shampoo, because it’s better and now let’s go to the color and here it’s wiiiii it really looks like turquoise or like a blue, a bit like the one i used to have but that’s better that it looks a bit dark because it last more because normally, if the pastel turns very pastel it will fade fast okay so, i told you that i used a toner to platinum my hair and so it looked better but it’s not necessary that you use the toner, i used it to make a test to see how it looked if you want, you can bleach a lot, to level 10 and before you put the dye,like weeks before, use this shampoo it’s the wella blue shampoo, for black hair it says that it makes ur hair platinum, it removes the yellow so if you use it on a regular basis it will be platinum, like i used to have it before i used the toner, that’s how it looks with the shampoo so with that, you can put the pastel but you can’t put it on if you have yellow because, the yellow will stay or look on ur color because it’s not a very pigmented pastel so it will look yellow but yes, this is how it looks indoors and let’s see how it looks outside and this is how it looks in the liiiiight and well my hair grew because i am wearing extensios haha my extensiones i dyed then before with another color, thankfully they turned the same but okay, i was going to tell you that, for my natural hair, i used 1 bottle and half to dyed it but it’s because i have a lot of hair, so u can get an idea but yes, it looks so bright the good thing is that this dye makes ur hair soft, so it doesnt damaged also i was going to tell you that, people have asked me if bleaching your hair white damages ur hair and obviously it does, it’s gonna get damaged a bit because you are taking it to the maximum level but here’s you have it that was it, so just let me know what you think and subscribe to my channel, hereeee and i am gonna put the links of my pages and other things so you can check and i see you next time, bye bye and thanks for watching 🙂 and so to do it, you have to wet your hair

7 thoughts on “Pastel Hair, new Pravana Pastels + Wella Color Charm Toner t18!!! (Español/English)”

  1. Debora Todd says:

    Wow naty donde conseguiste el toner? He visto muy buenas reseñas de el pero no lo he visto aca D:

  2. Desiree Herrera says:

    uffff <3 Hermosisimo naty!!!

  3. Krys Garcia says:

    Hola! tengo una consulta, que tanto sentis que se te ha dañado el pelo despues de tantas decoloradas, como te lo cuidas? y otra cosa! Donde conseguiste el tonner de Wella??? yo he preguntado en varios SS y me han dicho que solo tienen shampoos morados -__- y en cuanto te salio? Graciaaaaaaas!!!

  4. Krys Garcia says:

    Y el activador de color tambien donde lo conseguiste? o es peroxido normal? escuche que dijiste que era de 20 volumenes, gracias gracias!

  5. Sergio Manson Moreno says:

    que hermosa vooozz :3 <3 Te Amooo n.n

  6. Sergio Manson Moreno says:

    eres muy linda n.n

  7. YJ S says:

    Wow… totally white..

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