Pastel Painting Lessons : Framing a Pastel Still Life
Pastel Painting Lessons : Framing a Pastel Still Life

Ok. Now as I look at this you’ll notice that
in our still life over here that there’s a poster up there. And, the way that I have
the still life framed all we would see of that poster is the very bottom of it. Which,
wouldn’t provide very much information. If we just saw the bottom of that, it would be
confusing. We’re creating a piece of art. We’re not recreating reality. That poster
as nice as it is isn’t going to be, there’s not going to be enough of it in the painting
frame that I established for the primary items of interest to be worth dealing with. So,
I’m just going to eliminate it. It doesn’t exist in our painting. I’m just going to forget
about it and do our background using again that same yellow to create the area behind
where the flowers will go to help establish. And I’m going right where that poster would
be as if it didn’t exist. Because in our painting it won’t exist. It’s not important.

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