Pastel Painting Lessons : How to Use Color in Pastel Paintings
Pastel Painting Lessons : How to Use Color in Pastel Paintings

So, when we’re doing painting, what we’re
really doing is we’re creating these perceptual contrasts. Use of red, use of green, is, creates
brightness, that we wouldn’t ordinarily be aware of. By using green, selectively, around
these red objects, even though it may not be exactly the pattern that’s on there, although
that was the intent when the designer of that piece of fabric was doing it. They were using
the same technique of off-setting the reds with the greens, in order to make them, each
of those colors, more brilliant. So, we have the ability as the artist to control what
the brain sees. And so, I use those awarenesses that color does that, and the way that complimentary
colors set each other off and make them more brilliant. Purposefully, to make the paintings
much more interesting. Again, I’m going to continue to refer to my original source material,
and take liberties, wherever I want to. What this ends of looking like, ultimately, is
a combination of what we see, and what I develop as I’m working, using these devices of complimentary
colors, in order to make it more interesting and to give it more dynamic range, and visual
interest and texture.

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  1. prg415 says:

    i don't know about you guys but that painting looks shitty

  2. Marisol Catts says:

    So wierd….

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