Pastel Painting: Shadows & Highlights : Pastel Painting: Refining Shapes
Pastel Painting: Shadows & Highlights : Pastel Painting: Refining Shapes

Seeing a shadow that’s being cast by this
upper lip. Let’s add that shadow in here, and the bottom edge of this needs refining,
and then this middle area is mostly grays, so we’ll fill this in with our middle gray.
Notice the texture on that is wonderful, the texture on our original source material is
just beautiful. Choose our indigo to establish that pyramid shape, and I’m noticing that it’s dark on this side,
and it gets light as it moves across to the other side. But the very edge of it has a short shadow
that we’ll refine and define with an edge, and the darkness right in here establishes
the bottom of that. And let’s add our lighter gray in here to help establish the roundness,
and you can see…And let’s find our triangle. We have a bright area, and similarly some
shadows, darker towns inside that triangle, and that triangle has a bright highlight along
this edge, and some interesting light tones along this edge, and you can see how that’s
beginning to start to really pop out and have some fine definition.

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