Pink Vibes Makeup | Haley Kim
Pink Vibes Makeup | Haley Kim

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  1. Bothai Hassan says:

    Your sooo beautiful love u sooo much ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Nadeem sabri dish info says:

    Wow beautiful nicely

  3. Bang Si-hyuk Hitman Bang says:

    your english really has improved compared to your first video omg😍😍😭

  4. shyna shyra says:


  5. Fio Wang says:

    Quite early hehe

  6. L_ Mongzar says:

    You're so beautiful. I love all types of looks you do❤️

  7. Htet Htet Lin Kyaw says:


  8. 정은 says:


  9. nagustine says:

    i never been early before

  10. lili swift says:

    Hiiii agaiin❤❤

  11. Amari Tyresia says:

    I haven't even started the video and I already love it! This is totally my vibe lmao. I love your vids Haley!!!

  12. Trap Drip says:

    I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  13. DimplyBean says:

    Omg wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! 🌸✨💗 You're so pretty!! x

  14. Saebom says:

    다 다른 핑크인데 조화롭고 예뻐요 ㅠㅠ 봄 느낌 물씬이네요 💖💖 날씨도 풀리고 코로나도 없어지면 놀러나갈 때 해보고 싶어요 😄

  15. Wasabi Kim says:

    혹시 em코스메틱 세럼 블러셔랑 비슷한 국내 제품 소개 영상 만들어주실 수 있나요?
    직구하려면 100달러 이상+배송비따로 라서 선뜻 구매하기가 쉽지 않네요 ㅠㅠ

  16. Sadikshya M says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why are you soooooo Beautiful???? 👀🥺💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😊😊😊😊💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  17. sazuke say says:


  18. sazuke say says:


  19. 진수Treasure su says:

    Spring is coming! 🌸🏹

  20. chanbaek railway says:

    soooo beautiful

  21. theyoond says:

    진짜 예뽀요 다가오는 봄에 꼭 해볼게요 💕💕

  22. Veeni M says:

    You're soooo damn pretty 😍😍 and your skin is amazing ❤️

  23. Ceim chapaillini says:

    Canmake color mixing concealer or nars soft matte might be a good replacement!

  24. CHO TING says:

    support as always!

  25. leera nam says:

    꺄~올라왔다!!😆이번 봄에는 핑크블러셔를 써봐야겠어요ㅎㅎ너무 이쁘당ㅋㅋ컨실러로 메이크업 해보고싶은데 모공이랑 잡티가 너무 많아서 아직 엄두도 안나네요ㅜ

  26. ade baeni says:

    Hey haley love

  27. myeuphxriia says:

    You're so beautiful!!

  28. JASMINE says:

    Nars soft matte is a great concealer! X

  29. Jen says:

    부드러운 핑크가 진짜 잘어울려요!!

  30. 미미 says:

    저런 자연스러운 똥머리 묶는 방법 넘 궁금해요ㅠㅜ

  31. 쭈야JJOOYA's MAKEUP says:

    I love pink makeup💗💗

  32. Beverly Cabanting says:

    That lipstick! 😍

  33. peach go says:

    Im about to cry everytime i see your beautiful face. Omg gorgeous💞💞💞💞

  34. Tú Trang says:

    Hi bae ~ Love this makeup look, so fresh and simple. ❤

  35. Ledeb says:

    This look is amazing and I’m gonna look for a dupe of that lipstick 😂 thank you for sharing! I loved your take on this look 💖
    Edit: Ok I dont own much lipsticks tbh so I didn't know exactly where to look for a dupe but I know I had something, SO:
    1: one of the lipsticks I found very similar in color is Clio Mad Matte Lips in Naughty Rose (I know it's matte but I have it in another color and I swear it's not matte AT ALL if you put lipbalm underneath or a gloss on top);
    2: other option is WakeMake Rouge Gun Zero Lipsticks and the exact shade I think could be a mix between 11 and 12 ( put your rose up and rose bang) but if I had to pick one I would choose 12 Rose bang and maybe mix or tap some cool-toned red lipstick I already own on top.
    3: Lilybyred Mood Liar Velvet tint (not velvet at all), the closest shades are 04 Mellow Persimmon and 06 Fatal Pomegranete
    For now, there are the options I found with brands I was most familiar with and budget-friendly! You can shop all of hem on either jolse or yesstyle for better prices. I know these are NOT perfect matches so PLEASE if you can find more let me know, I'm still on a hunt for something affordable 😭I know there has to be a perfect dupe but I have yet to find it :<

  36. deyy 001 says:

    So flawless :") ✨✨✨
    Can i get some likes for this comment :') ?

  37. Orawan Panbualuang says:

    so​ pretty you​ are…..

  38. Haley Kim says:

    Here is the look you guys requested! I hope you like it xx
    한국어 자막은 cc/subtitle 을 클릭해주세요! 요즘 한국의 코로나에 관한 뉴스를 보면서 정말 마음이 아프고 복잡한 심정이네요. 한국에 계신 분들 모두 건강 유의하시길바래요.

  39. Yassy Girl says:

    Everytime you posted a new video of your tutorial I automatically download it😭❤️ I'm your huge fan 💞💖💋

  40. 마풍강 says:

    진짜 너무 예쁘다

  41. 프사 고양이 says:

    헤일리님 요즘 왜이렇게 열일하세요..? 정말 설레게..💘

  42. Minsoo says:

    ㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜 최고다 최고 제일 이뻐 ❤️❤️ 피부는 어디서 사나요

  43. Challen-jin챌린진 says:

    와 진짜 미모 무슨일… 넋 놓고 보게되네요…! 브이로그 같은 것도 찍어주세요 ㅜㅜ

  44. Raden Anita Virginia says:


  45. iSam says:

    I think you'll really like Kevin Aucoin's skin enhancer.

  46. 김낙타 says:

    자연스러우면서도 동시에 봄 같은 메이크업 너무 이뻐요~다음에 머리 어떻게 올리는지도 알려주실 수 있나요~?!

  47. Sahar Achouri says:

    Is it weird that I'm in love with the shape of her lips? It suits her face so well 😍 This is what I call natural beauty ❤️

  48. Pauline Ezra Lachica says:

    Hi Haley! I really love your vids, so I'm wondering if you could do a natural/everyday makeup look for girls with glasses? I wear thin rose gold-framed glasses at the moment and I'm wondering how I should go about my makeup for an everyday look, what area should I focus on, etc. I have oily combo skin and complexion is just a little bit lighter than yours I think. Thank you so much and keep it up! <3

  49. mkbits says:

    Did the look today for work. Thank you!! I had the same palette and similar makeup. I love the fresh look!!!!!

  50. Ri Chichi says:

    너무 짱이에용 사랑해요

  51. Sumanti fanna says:

    Omg i want your skin😣😍✨

  52. Citra Mahayuni says:

    Hi Haley. Love ur makeup video💙
    Next video plz make ur currently skincare routine💙💙

  53. Menakshi Wankhede says:

    Pls share night time & day time routine 😘😘😘

  54. tracey’s hell says:

    love this !!!!

  55. G Teix says:

    Looks gorgeous! This definitely puts me in the mood for spring

  56. Lily Eichelis says:

    Can you make a hair care video?

  57. dorapoch says:

    Does that mascara smudge proof? I tend to often get 🐼 eyes

  58. Cecilia Tanaka says:

    I wanna try getting bangs like urss

  59. not a daydreamer says:

    why are u so pretty? :((

  60. kuni xn says:

    love this look so much🤍

  61. piyada sudathip says:

    Is it necessary or not to leave colour corrector to dry before applying concealer?

  62. Justine Nunez says:

    Hope you could make a tutorial for those who aren't blessed with clear skin haha want to see u doing a full coverage makeup 💗 I use l'oreal infallible concealer for my undereye, I don't need to use a color corrector when I use it since it's so full coverage.

  63. Ananya Puri says:

    umm.. hi i cant buy that glossier serium as it cant be deliverd in my country so plz tell another serum which gives same look …

  64. Wonderful world says:

    Omg always looks stunning 🙁 😳

  65. Amy Mensah says:

    Lord this girl is beautiful 😩😍😍

  66. gaochi lor says:

    Everything about you is perfect ☹️❤️

  67. Cady says:

    Obsessed with your accent – Where are you from?! <3

  68. hanan says:

    try becca under eye brightening corrector medium to deep
    or pixi peach corrector

  69. RiceHippo says:

    Natural beauty 🙆🏻‍♀️💓✨

  70. Debbie Marga Racelis says:

    So addicted to you ❤️

  71. Thuy Chi says:

    most beautifull korean girl i've ever seen

  72. Shasiqah Azhari says:

    if i looked like you i wouldnt know how to act ma'am

  73. Nabae12 says:

    I like for all u make up, so beautiful and natural look 💞

  74. Sunny Maharjan says:

    Been late but I really like your makeup videos.
    Always inspire me for new looks and makeup.♥️

  75. 인직이만 바라보는감순이 says:

    언니 메이크업 너무 조아효..희희
    자연스러운메이크업이 너무 좋아서 매번 언니 영상 찾아보면서 화장하고있어요❤❤

  76. 라랄라 says:

    So beautiful💕💕

  77. 엉우 says:


  78. 아구아구몬 says:

    으헝 세젤예…ㅠ 세상 너무 예쁘자나여~ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  79. Khatelyn Lim Gonzales says:

    So humbleee omjiii

  80. Nitchanan S says:


  81. Shannah Tabud says:

    Hi! Can you also include the brushes you use? thanks xx

  82. meilani putri says:

    Love it!❤

  83. Giang Hương says:

    Honestly I think all your pink makeup tutorials are the same :)))))))

  84. niroxii says:

    Is the vdl blush kinda looks like Apieu juicy pang blusher shade vl03? Or maybe glossier puff?

  85. uté bea says:

    언니 글로시에 영상 처럼 자연스러운 메이크업 보고 싶어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 느므 예쁘십니다🙄💓

  86. winterkke says:

    at this point i'm just watching all her videos just to admire her beauty ;;n;; she's so pretty~~

  87. Rebecca Dewan says:

    Can you do a hairstyle tutorial especially the type of hairstyle you've done in this video.

  88. Andie Atacska says:

    Love your videos Haley!💙 Could you do a makeup and skincare collection/storage ideas video? It would be great!😊

  89. 윤지수 says:

    아니 핑크립 너무 어울리는데요.? 자주 써주세요..♥

  90. Nopasorn Boonprapakorn says:

    You’re so beautiful❤️

  91. kimkimi says:

    Have you tried Pixi Corrector? I like that corrector, the skinfood is too emolient for my liking~

  92. Susan LT says:

    For the under eye concealer – strongly recommend the Laura mercier under eye secret concealer! They are also salmon pink kind of color corrector and super moisturizing so won’t crease at all. I just opened my third jar and believe you would love it too! (If you want something new other than the skinfood concealer :))

  93. 陳姲錂 says:

    I have dry skin, laura mercier under eye concealer is my go-to!!!!!

  94. maii says:

    AAAA 😍 I'd love to see you do your take on a spring inspired makeup. Perhaps a more colourful look that's still natural and wearable? x

  95. Diksha Dudani says:

    Do you shave your face ?

  96. JDR says:

    That’s my favorite corrector tbh. It’s very hydrating

  97. ekaceseehc05 says:

    Have you tried the brands Nudestix or Kosas? They seem like the kinda brands that you will like. Minimal, effortless kinda makeup with less focus on foundation.

  98. Dida Putra says:

    Cantiiiiikkkkk giilllaaakkkk 😍😍😍

  99. 이채현 says:

    제목을 이쁘게 잘 지으신거 같아요🥰💕💕

  100. baymax is bae says:

    I dont mind hearing the same products over and over. It means you truly love them and its more sustainable for the environment!! Love you Haley<333 u are so gorg wow

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