hey guys welcome back if you new here my name is Smitha welcome to my channel today’s video is literally the easiest
eye makeup that I’ve ever done it literally takes three minutes something
that I do every morning it’s the kind of eye makeup that makes your eye look more alert much bigger and brighter and it doesn’t even need much effort because
we’re not even using eye shadows this is the pencil method and so apt for
everyday to work to school to college what have you so without further ado
let’s begin I’m going to be using three pencils this one is for the brows this
is precisely my brows from benefit in the shade 4.5 this is my favorite
eyebrow pencil it’s so precise and gets done so quick and then I’m going to be
using a highlighter pencil this is highbrow again from benefit you can use
any light color or nude color eye pencil there’s so many options even in the
drugstore my favorite is scandaleyes nude eye
pencil from Rimmel and then I’m going to be using this brown eye pencil by Milani
you can also use black if you prefer but for everyday I prefer Brown because it’s
a little bit more subtle not as harsh as black and what I like about this is one
it’s retractable so I don’t need a sharpener every time I use it I just want it to
be really quick in the morning and I don’t need an extra brush because it has
a smudging sponge right in the back I’m starting with my brows using the
precisely my brows from benefit just filling in the sparse areas I’m just
going to pull out hair like strokes so it looks as natural as possible and then I’m going to use the high brow
pencil in three areas I’m going to use it to highlight the inner corners and
brow bones and I’m also going to use it in the outer half of my lower waterline
I won’t even be using a brush I’m just using my finger to quickly smudge and
blend this out using a light color eye pencil in the outer part of your lower
waterline makes your eye look bigger and brighter because it almost seems like
the white part of your eyeball has all of a sudden grown so the white in your
waterline feels like it’s a part of the eyeballs so that’s why it looks bigger
and then I’m going to be using the brown eye pencil first in the outer part of my
crease and I’m going to smudge it and kind of soften it using the sponge in
the back and I’m also going to be using it in the outer corner of my eyes both
in the top and lower lash line and again I’m going to use the sponge to smudge
this out using a darker shade in the outer corner and smudging it outwards
makes your eye look bigger because it gives that elongated eye look and then I’m going to finish up with
some mascara I’m using the bad girl Bang again from benefit and here’s the finished look so apt so
perfect for everyday gets done so quick here’s the comparison of before and
after I hope it’ll help you too I hope you enjoyed this video and if you want
to watch more videos like these let me know in the comment section below and
please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe if you’re new here I post new
videos every Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays for your convenience I’m listing
all the products that I used in the description box right below this video
and you’ll also find my socials there so if you want to chat with me a little bit
more if you want more giveaways make sure you’re following me on Instagram
and Facebook I love you guys so much and I will see you soon with a brand new one
bye guys


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