Rose – pastel board
Rose – pastel board

welcome back to CandysArtWorld I’m
Candy and today I’m going to be trying something new
I got a pastel board and I’ve never used a pastel board before I’ve used pastel
paper but this is like a rigid it’s hard like a like a board but it’s got sand on
the top and I’m doing a rose and a vase I use a white pastel pencil to draw out
the rose and the vase and all that I also try I’m also trying out something
else that’s new it’s silicone brushes that I use to help blend and it does
really well on this pastel board in case it’s it’s pretty rough to the sand on
it’s really rough I taped off the edges so that way I can turn the piece to work
on it and not smudge it all over and then when it’s done you’ll have a spot
to be able to move the art until you get it into a frame or whatever without
smudging the art I decided to go with pinks and and white and light yellow to
try to make them like a soft color Rose peachy pink color um I thought I’d be a
good contrast with the grays and I do end up putting pastel over the whole
board and I do I found one of my pastels was almost exactly the same color
as the pastel board so the whole board is covered in pastel well not yet but it
will be I worked on the the shading and stuff before I did the whole background
but I thought it was probably important to go ahead and have pastel over the
whole mat so that would that way it would be like a level surface and once
you put the pastel ones once you put up enough of the pastel it feels more like
a smooth surface than than a sand paper anymore it was really really fun to work on the
board is kind of expensive though it’s $10 for the one board if anybody knows
where to find these for cheaper or let me know in the comments below because I
would love to do more of these and this one is 11 by 14 well that’s
what I ordered 11 by 14 it’s really like 11 by 13 and 3/4 something like that I really enjoyed working on the highlights
on the glass 2 on the glass face it was it was really fun if you work with
pastels I suggest trying out one of these boards it holds on to the pastel so much better than the paper does am i used a piece of tracing paper under
my arm just to keep from smudging I really didn’t have a whole lot of
problems with any anything smudging I really just just didn’t want to have
pastel on my arm the pastel dust so help keep me a little cleaner and I worked petal by petal on the rose
that way each petal got its own attention so instead of tackling the
whole rose it was just one petal that’s less intimidating doing it that way at
least for me sometimes it’s hard to remember which
way the the pedals supposed to curve and whatnot so if you work on it petal by
petal you can kind of see a little bit better which way
pedals going and the good thing about pastels as you
can go light over dark um it’s not it probably won’t be back to white white
well it never was white to begin with with this because it’s on a gray pastel
matte our board but if you want a spot to be bright white you got to start with
white but if you’re blending colors and whatever you can you can go dark first
and then light or light in the dark and for the stem and went in with the
dark and the light first and then went over it with the color that way it had
some dimension to the to the stem that’s a good way to be able to make
more colors out of the colors you have if you only have a limited set you can
put down the light and you know like a white and a black or a dark grey and
then kind of glaze over the top with a color and it will give you multi values
of the color and Here I am just going back in and
blending a little a bit more with the silicone brushes and then adding in a
little bit of extra highlights to the edges of the petals and I used my finger to help press in
the pigment into the pastel board this was really fun to make I hope you
enjoyed watching please like subscribe and leave a comment have a Great Day 🌹

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  1. 1234uz says:

    Another Wonderful work of Art Candy

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