Sam Quek Reveals Team GB Hockey’s Beauty Secrets | Fashion Behind The Games
Sam Quek Reveals Team GB Hockey’s Beauty Secrets | Fashion Behind The Games

(STYLE GAME) Meet Sam Quek. She is a hockey player
for Team GB and Gold Medal winner from
the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A rebel, on and off the field. And, yes, she is a super fan
of the Liverpool Football Club. We are at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United
Football Club. I’m going to go on the channel
called Man United TV. We join her
just before an interview to know all the beauty secrets
of Team GB. How’s the stadium? You know what? It’s smaller
than it looks on TV. Nicola is a midfielder
in my GB team. So she was one of the 16
who got a Gold Medal. Yeah, normally before a game,
when we go out to play, we like to do our hair
and make-up, don’t we, Nic? I take care of my appearance, but once I cross over the line
and I’m playing then I don’t care
what I look like, I just want to win.
So whether my face is red or I’m sweating,
that doesn’t matter as long as I win –
that’s all that matters. Nicola often has her hair
like this, actually. – Yeah.
– Since she has, like, some plaits or braids
sometimes. I go for just
a normal ponytail and I don’t like any hair
in my face. And I also like to wear
a headband. Headband, it’s a fashion! – Yes.
– Headbands! And then we like to wear
mascara, eyeliner, like Nic’s getting done now. We obviously wouldn’t wear
this much make-up if we were playing a game. No, as in,
this would not happen. All the girls in the team
agree that the kit has to look good
and fit comfortably so you can perform
to the best of your ability. Girls, quick question – who would you say is
the most fashionable team in Olympic Hockey? Oh, erm… I quite like the Argies. Yeah, Argentina girls. They seem good fun and… When you see them,
they’re wearing cool stuff. And what about Team GB? – We’ve got a fashionable team.
– Yeah. – So we’re number one.
– Yeah!

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  3. Molly Honeywell !!!! says:

    I’m 14 and the captain of my school hockey team but I play for under 16s and I’m there captain even though I’m the youngest on the team ! Do u think this is right ? xx

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    She is GORGEOUS

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    great to see her hosting hockey world cup programme/show on star sports and it is nice to hear that she is a also a liverpool fc supporter. YNWA!

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    I dnt like commenting on women looks in case anyone gets offended but I have to say Sam is 1 one ov the most pretty girls iv ever seen she’s smoking hot 🥵 😂

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    Whoa! Nice! YNWA

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