Scientist Reacts to Bad Beauty Hacks: 5 Minute Magic | Lab Muffin Beauty Science
Scientist Reacts to Bad Beauty Hacks: 5 Minute Magic | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

it’s michelle from lab muffin beauty
science chemistry PhD and cosmetic science nerd the other day I came across
this video from five minute magic called 25 things about cosmetics you never know
never knew it talks about things you’d never know about cosmetics and when I
was watching it the explanations were kind of off so I thought I’d give an
explanation based on actual science of why these things are happening if
you like nerding out about beauty make sure you click the like subscribe to my
channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos ok so let’s
get started alright so first of all fruit is not human skin they do a lot of
stuff on fruit and while it looks cool it just isn’t really the same so firstly the stuff you’re cleaning out
of pores with pore strips is not dirt it is mostly dead skin cells and oil
which has slowly started oxidizing which is why it starts looking dark sometimes
these are called sebaceous filaments but they don’t really have a proper
technical name these can turn into black heads if they solidify and clog up your
pores but using pore cleansing strips isn’t a very effective way of getting
rid of them because they’ll just fill up again really quickly pore strips
probably aren’t as bad as a lot of people make them out to be but they’re
not a very effective way of dealing with these it’s much more effective to use a
leave on product to keep your pores clear rather than going in and evicting
them forcibly after they’re there some good ingredients for this are salicylic
acid and benzoyl peroxide I want to know what makeup remover oil
they’re using because that is awful I have never had a makeup remover oil
not at least smudge my makeup there’s a lot of variation in what’s in a makeup
remover oil but in general oils dissolve oils because they’re both non-polar so
I’m actually quite surprised that this happened
so either the makeup remover oil is absolutely terrible which I think is
probably the case or it’s simply the fact that fruit is not human skin I’m
not really sure what they’re trying to show here foundations are emulsions and
the outer phase is often called the base so if you have something watery on the
outside then it’s going to dissolve well in water because water mixes with water
with the oil-based one it’s going to repel the water and so it doesn’t mix as
well so that’s what we’re seeing here okay I have no idea how that is the
logical conclusion of that experiment I’m not sure how that shows that it’s
clogging pores so things that are oily aren’t always comedogenic so for example
mineral oil and petrolatum they are not very comedogenic and I feel like I
probably don’t need to tell you if you’ve been watching my channel but skin
doesn’t need to breathe and makeup doesn’t stop skin from breathing I
actually spent a good six months practicing how to split apples so I can
tell that that was faked and I’m sort of disappointed all right so the dermis is actually the
lower layer of the skin on my skin model it is this section it doesn’t lose its
moisture very easily it is part of your flesh it is about 70 percent water the
bit that does lose moisture is usually the stratum corneum which is the top
layers of the epidermis which is all the way up the top up here when an apple
goes brown it is not losing its moisture what’s happening is that it’s a reaction
between enzymes and the fruit and oxygen in the air I think that they’re using a
really thickest layer of Vaseline here it is much thicker than you would ever
apply to your skin they are correct in saying that Vaseline is good at sealing
in moisture it is the best occlusive amongst all our common skin care
ingredients what what what okay so vitamins A D E and
K they are good for your skin they are oil soluble vitamins vitamin A
especially is where we get our retinoids from but vitamins have nothing to
do with cleansing your skin and it has nothing to do with why these apricots
are plumping up out of the different oils olive oil is somewhat polar which
means it prefers water compared to baby oil which I think is why it’s going into
the water based apricot a lot of the time when you’re seeing these rehydration
demonstrations what’s happening is water is going back into the fruit and so I
think that’s why the olive oil is doing this after four hours but not the other
oils I have no idea what the cosmetic oil is I assume it’s going to be
something that’s quite non-polar possibly mineral oil which is what baby
oil is I guarantee you if you mix a tiny amount of these four vitamins into the
baby oil it will not plump up your apricot I don’t know why you’re trying
to plump up apricots in the first place but if you do I will eat a plumped up
apricot if that happens all right so shampoos contains
surfactants which help dirt dissolve unfortunately they can also help dye
dissolve which is why in both of the versions with shampoo there is some dye
coming out eggs do contain a tiny amount of surfactant but compared to the
shampoo it is not cleaning dirt off so really what this is showing is that eggs
are not good shampoo this is just a collection of demonstrations with
statements after them that has nothing to do with the demonstration so hair
products don’t all just work by absorbing oil dry shampoo absorbs oil
and I think that’s about it conditioners coat your hair hair spray solidifies on
your hair so that it stays in place and I think that’s what this is showing the
scissors are scraping off some accumulated product on the hair probably
also snapping off a whole bunch of cuticle which is not great fun fact your
cuticle is actually transparent so if you scrape off cuticle it’s going to
look transparent like it does there it won’t be the color of your hair just
don’t scrape your hair like that that’s not good for your hair they need better waterproof eyeliner
I’ve sweated through some of my waterproof eyeliners I have done intense
exercise for hours and it has not budged so makeup fixing sprays do work by
putting on a waterproof film over your face that holds your makeup in place
which is similar to what the hairspray is doing here the difference between a
hairspray and a makeup fixing spray is that usually makeup fixing sprays are
designed to be a bit more flexible so that it’s less uncomfortable it doesn’t
feel like you have a film on your face that is a pretty unrealistic amount of
spray maybe you’d use this if you’re going under some hot lights if you’re
doing some theater performances but I think for everyday life it’s probably
not going to be that nice if you want to learn more about how makeup setting
sprays work I have a video on this I’ll link it in the description this is actually a really nice
demonstration the brown paper test is a legitimate test for lipids which
includes oils there is a lot of variation in different foundation
formulas but in general for dry skin they do tend to put more oil in to
replace the oil that’s missing from your skin okay this is not a great idea
pigments that are safe for your eyes are not the same pigments that are safe for
your lips and the reason is we do tend to eat some of the pigments that we
place on our lips your eyes are not good at absorbing products that you put on
them most of the time things are flowing out of your eyes rather than into your
eyes but your mouth is made for eating things so there are some pigments that
are okay for your eyes that are banned for products on your lips an interesting
fact is that the Egyptians used to use lots of heavy metal pigments on their
eyes and that wasn’t actually why they got heavy metal poisoning from eye
makeup it was actually because they would lick the brush that they used and
then apply the pigment to their eyes so any remaining pigment on the brush would
end up eaten so this is sort of a legitimate DIY
version of what’s actually in your eye makeup products carbon black is a
pigment that you find a lot when you have a black product and you can make it
from burning organic matter like the tip of a banana I don’t know why they picked
a banana they could have burnt anything carbon black can be an inhalation risk
though but I think in terms of safety this is probably not as significant a
risk as things that you would encounter in everyday life anyway like being
around a campfire or burning your food or burning a candle I do think it is a
bit of a pain though it does seem a lot easier to just buy a two dollar
eyeliner oh no oh no don’t do it okay that’s not as bad as I
expected I have seen recommendations for the worst things to put into mascaras
spit do not put spit in contact lens solution don’t put it in a lot of people
assume that because contact lens solution has a preservative then it’s
fine to add it to something like mascara the problem is when you’re mixing stuff
into it it changes what your system is and so your preservative might not stand
up to that anymore probably doesn’t stand up to that anymore
contact lens solution is designed to be dropped out of the container it’s not
designed to have a dirty brush go in and out covered in mascara and so the
preservatives might not work as well probably won’t work as well water also
not that great it doesn’t have preservatives oil would probably be a
much better choice than any of those other ones still pretty risky though I
wouldn’t recommend this maybe if you used it and then immediately use the
mascara and then chucked the mascara out it might be reasonably safe I wouldn’t
keep it there one of the scariest things about eye makeup is that if it’s not
preserved properly you can get these really really awful infections which
were quite common before preservatives were a big thing and makeup if you have
a strong stomach you can look up pseudomonas corneal ulcers they are
gross that was an experience I feel like they
have to know how awful their videos are it’s impossible to make the sort of
video all day and not just have some sort of awareness about this I think it’s
clickbait or comment bait because it’s just so obviously bad did you enjoy this
video let me know in the comments if you want me to do more videos like this if
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can also follow me on labmuffinbeautyscience on Instagram and check out my
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