Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 – (Bargain or a Scam??)
Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar 2019 – (Bargain or a Scam??)

is this for real? melting shower jelly what hi guys in
this video we are going to be unboxing the Sephora beauty advent calendar this
is by the brand of Sephora and the cost of it is 30 euros
we have 24 products and I think the price in the US is $45 it is a little
bit more expensive the theme of the box is frosted party we have the snow
mountains and these cute penguins all over the box make sure to stay until the
end we’re going to calculate the overall value of all the products to see if
it is more than 30 euros or $45 it is very lightweight and I’m not gonna lie
it smells like acetone that makes me a little bit nervous it opens like a book
and we have this beautiful design inside of it why am i holding the advent
calendar like this door number one is right up here it’s so cute
and we have something like a lipstick we have four grams of product it is made in
Italy and the shade is number three okay so we have a full-size lipstick I think
on the lipstick it says hashtag cream so this is a creamy lipstick we can see
that lets see the color that we have oh it’s very creamy hashtag creamy this one
has a satin finish and we have this very pretty light pink mauveish lip shade
the outer packaging of this lipstick is cardboard and the rest of it is plastic
also the lipstick is scentless door number two is some little stars what is
that what this is the pillow battle what Oh fizzing star okay so this is a bath bomb
I’m guessing oh it smells so nice it is very tiny we have 15 grams of fizzing
cuteness it is made in France I don’t have any more information so
let’s see door number three now hmm what is this Express eye makeup remover wipe I have
two wipes here two wipes we don’t even have a package with corn flour extract
each wipe has one point eighty seven grams of product and we have two wipes
two wipes one sealed wipe for each eye oh my god this is for one eye speechless
on door number four it says the secret gifts it’s not secret anymore oh I
thought I thought it was a box and I was hoping that it was a lipstick or
something this is a pineapple nose mask the packaging is super pretty with this
pineapple and this one is enriched in pineapple extract of natural origin
refines and evens the look of skin texture on the nose for less visible
pores and visibly smoother skin I don’t like getting sheet masks in the advent
calendars because you’re going to use them just once after that door number
five is here oops I I took it let’s have fun I know I agree what is this
melting shower jelly what body shower gel do they actually sell this like this
or do they have an actual packaging for the shower gel oh my god this advent
calendar I think this is not a lot of product to use all over my body
nine point five milliliters I don’t know no I think it’s very small six six six
where are you six let’s continue with this cute penguin here and door number
six oh oh I see something different
it smells like pencil but it has a very
intense scent and this is the lip liner to go in the shade 3 classic red
obviously this is not a full-size product it has a very strong scent
let’s see the color oh it’s very creamy and this is a brighter red lip shade this
one is going to work very nicely with the red lipstick that I got in the
Sephora favorites advent calendar it’s very creamy and also not very sticky
door number seven is very small what is that what do we have here, is this for real? this one here is a plastic
elastic hair band in this neon pink color it is very flexible you can also
use it like a bracelet if you like the color and let’s see if it works
one two oh three okay I think it’s not that bad it doesn’t
hold my hair very tightly I would prefer another color like
something transparent so it wouldn’t look
oh it’s difficult to take it off it took my hair with it
bad bad elastic I would prefer a different color or another product I’m
trying to stay positive but a lot of disappointments in this advent calendar
8 8 where are you eight where’s 8 we don’t have it I’m kidding
oh my god individual wipes again oh my god
and these are the Express eye makeup remover wipes just a sec are these the same
they are exactly the same I’m not losing my hope let’s continue and door
number 9 is somewhere here ah here it is let’s see this one is a colorful shimmer in
the shade 204 under the cover it says
colorful and this is white how do we open this I don’t want to break it it’s
not is it to open okay finally it is a single eyeshadow with this white frosty
finish okay it has a drier formula and with two three layers you can make it
more the pink method and opaque it’s not very shiny and on the lighter skin tones
you can use it as a highlighter up next door number ten a small little butt bump
again no this one smells so good this is the beach vibes fizzing star it smells
so nice it reminds me of summer and the beach it days but again I think this is
very small what do you guys think about the size of it
don’t number eleven looks like it hides a lip pencil or a pencil let’s see and
the next product is the eye pencil to go in the shade 9 intense black so this one
is not very creamy or very stiff it has a very nice black color and it is easy
to blend it but it’s not super creamy door number 12 is super tiny do we have
a sharpener and this cutie pie here is a pin okay I
was not expecting in a beauty event calendar
a pink oh my god door number 13 is here oh oh no again this time we have the
instant nail polish remover wipes they contain white peach extract and we have
two wives two wipes we have to point 63 grams of product on
needs white why we love it to remove the nail polish in one short minute I have
actually tried something similar to this product here by Evelyn it is a German
brand and they are very practical but I had a lot of wipes and we only got two
by the way they don’t smell like acetone so I don’t know what it smells here
after next don’t number 15 wound a tiny product again this is the melting shower
jelly in a pillow bottle and this is tiny as well so is this the travel
beauty advent calendar maybe this let me know in the comments
if you have tried a shower gel by Sephora door number 15 this is the Shia
lip mask it is moisturizing and smoothing a short of serious skincare
and fun we have some directions on the back of the packaging it can make your
lips repaired softer and more beautiful moving on to door number 16 something
cute and tiny again this one is the penguin nail file super cute and
adorable you can keep this in your bag and it is a two sided nail file that’s
good at least we don’t have one side for door number 17 I’m guessing that we
have a lipstick it’s not so we have here an a sticker sole stencils we have 11 of
them it is a little weird a lot of times we have more maybe we have some more of
these in the oven calendar because I think they are not a lot there number 18
is the cutest and this lips no this is a nail polish we have 5 milliliters and
the shade of 8 is rose Bukit and we have this very light pink mauve shade oh we
have 2 cups okay let’s see the color this is a very nice nail color for the
season is happy penguin here hides something exciting behind the girl 19 oh
it’s not so exciting this is the charcoal nose strip it says it works a
strip and reached with charcoal extract or skin that is smooth clearer and more
radiant yes we want that I have never tried sheet masks by Sephora let me know
if you have a favorite product by Sephora on door number 20 we have a
message this says the giant gift I don’t think so my giant gift is very small and
this is the one side mirror with a beautiful penguin design the mirror is
very clear and it looks very sturdy also it is very pretty
this is the giant gift of cuteness I get it now here we have door number 21 with
a mask again these are the grape I masks and we have one pair oh this is Anna
reached with grape extract of natural origin and smoothing ingredient diminish
the visibility of wrinkles lives and crow’s feet for skin that appears fear
and visibly smoother who doesn’t want that
let me know in the comments if you want me to try all of the face masks together
in a video I’m gonna be honest this is not looking promising I’m guessing this
is a filler product as well Oh what is this again
my players are uncertain now we have a transparent hairband as well and we’re
going to get a new makeup I don’t want to try it again but we have this elastic
hair band quips learn number 23 oh oh it looks like a lipstick the packaging of
this one is super cute we have watermelons all over it and this
is a watermelon a lip balm it is made in Italy and we have 3.5 grams of product I
think it is a full size though it smells very nice very nice one thing is for
sure they really want us to have beautiful skin beautiful lips but we
don’t have makeup products so we have door number 24 we don’t have an
eyeshadow palette blush mascara oh listen this makeup we have here the
creamy lip stain in the shade fourth tip pink tea it is made in Italy and we have
five millilitres of product but it’s in the color it has a very light sweet
chemical scent it’s not overwhelming I actually like the lip color it is a grey
Brown lip shade it is cool toned and I’m going to let it dry for a couple of
minutes about the liquid lipstick it is completely dry now it is a little bit
sticky and we can see that it has a matte finish
we got the 9 filler products 9 fillers that I couldn’t find the price of them
of course and we also got eight products that you can use just once they have a
great collection of products and I’m very surprised that they chose these for
lyrical that I would say that if you want to try
some of the Sephora products it is better to go and choose the products
that you want to try out this is one of the worst advent calendars that I have
unboxed this year and you can find here some of my unboxing videos the overall
value for this one is 61 euros if you like this video please give it a thumbs
up don’t forget to subscribe and click on the notification well and I will see
you in the next one

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    This is so ridiculous! I feel like only people who like Sephora masks would like this.

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    The WORST BOX. I am done.

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    This is an advent calendar of samples. Ridiculous Sephora ur a million dollar company!

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    What a joke!!! Sephora should be ASHAMED of themselves. Total cash grab. 😳😧😳

  12. Ann says:

    I always enjoy your videos

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    Door nr 16 and I can already see it's the most disappointing advent calendar I've ever seen! This should be offered for free at any sephora purchase cuz they are all samples!
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    Sephora shame on you…terrible advent calendar!

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    Ένα μεγάλο όχι από μένα για το καλεντάρι. Καλά Χριστούγεννα βασιλική.

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