Shadow French Smile Line Using Acrygel

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin and welcome to the Naio Nails Channel. Today, I’m gonna be showing you an Acrygel Nail with a little bit of a difference and we’re gonna be using the brand new Acrygel Urban Graffiti brush. This is the brush. It’s very nice. So, look, it says Urban Graffiti, and one end, we have a spatula with my dirty fingerprints on, and on the other end, we have the Acrygel brush. So, when you get your brush, you will notice that it was a little bit stiff. So, it has a starch residue in it. So, I’m gonna use some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution to clean that out. So, I’m just gonna press and break up that bit of starch and give it a nice clean, and there we are, we’re good to go. I’m gonna be using Easy Breezy. Bet that was named after Chris Brown. If you know who Chris Brown is and Team Breezy, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, like Adam, you’ll have no idea. I can just squeeze a little sausage out like that. So, if you have a look how much I’ve got on the brush… the brush.. sorry, the spatula, it’s just shy of halfway. Scrape that on, clean your spatula with a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off solution and a Lint-free pad, so it’s nice and clean, you can then put the lid back on. And I’m doing that because it’s a lot easier to hold and the weight is a lot better. You don’t wanna keep it like that really because the weights not quite as good, and we had a little conversation and you see the Acrygel, it’s not moved anywhere. How amazing is that? So, I want you to notice that we have some little air bubbles, so we need to press those out. So, on my brush, I’ve got a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and I’m just going to literally just give them a little bit of a prod and poke just to open up that bubble. So, I’m getting this cuticle area nice and neat, and you want this angle, so you’re kind of pushing it thin, yeah. And then when we come to do the center part here, we can be a little flatter. A little bit flatter, and when I come right to those edges, we’re gonna do a smile line. So, I’m going right to the edge, keeping that apex. So, that’s where I become a little bit flatter. If you want to do nice floaty strokes, add a little bit more of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and then you can get a more of a floating smoothing action. And now, what we’re gonna do is make our brick wall. So because we’re doing a smile line, we want a brick wall, and we’re gonna pull one side and the other. This will pull the product down and it’ll also neaten up those sides and give you the brick wall. You can see we’re starting to create a smile line shape. I’m gonna pat. I want a strong brick wall so I have something to file against. So, this is your brick wall here that you can see. See it now. Brick wall. Stood up straight, not falling over now. Now, you wanna take the brush and hold it quite straight like this. So, not like this like, like this and we’re gonna come to the sides, and this is gonna help the sides have a nice strong brick wall as well. So, rather than sort of squishing in this way because it’s thin, you’ll have a dent. We wanna be flat-flat-flat. Little strokes. So, they’re almost sort of straight and then they come through a nice curve. When you’re happy with that, I’m gonna pop that into the lamp. If you’re doing Acrygel on a real nail or natural nail, make sure that you also apply the base coat. You don’t need to if you’re doing a demonstration on a tip. So, don’t worry about that. What I’m gonna do now is, gonna wipe off this sticky layer. I’m gonna take a brand new 180-grit file. I’m not gonna take the edges off because I’m just gonna do this smile line. So, we’re gonna take the file. We want this to be super sharp, that’s why we’re gonna file around. Don’t get me wrong, it looked pretty sweet before. I want to make it super sweet. So, I mean, it’s quite easy to file, it’s softer than acrylic. So, that’s why I’ve only got a 180-grit file. Let me dust that off. Got a new dusty brush. So, you can see we have this brick wall. I don’t know if you want a zoom in. Nice brick wall all the way around. Boom! That’s what you need. So, this is what I like to call a shadow smile line. You’ll know what I mean when I do it. I’m gonna get a little bit of Serious Black. Why so serious? I’m gonna use 003, and then we’re gonna take the Serious Black and go right across the edge. Do not worry if you go slightly on top, that will be filed away. It’s better to do that than not have it right to the top. It needs to go right to the top of your brick wall. You just want a little bit around the edge. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be neat. I will do two coats of the black around the smile line. Cure that. So, I’m gonna take the sticky layer off and that’s because… can you see the residue that you get from a coloured gel polish? And I don’t want that residue to interfere with the white that I’m gonna put on. If I was to put a dark colour on, it wouldn’t really matter so much. Then we’re gonna use just white, and you’ve guessed it, it’s just white. Need quite a bit of that. That’s a nice sausage. Can we just place that like that? That’d be perfect if I could just get it there into that smile line. Right! So, I’m gonna put that on and then we’re gonna pick up the white. Adam: Looks like toothpaste.
Kirsty: It does look like toothpaste. It does. Kirsty: I wouldn’t recommend cleaning the teeth with this product though. Adam: Could make a few teeth with it.
Kirsty: Oh, definitely. That is an idea. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna work this up the sides. So, we have a length. Maybe I went a little bit crazy with the length of that. That’s fine, you can slice that off. Into the lamp we go. Gonna cure that for a minute. So, once out the lamp, we’re gonna clean up that sticky layer. I’m gonna use my electric file to now start to file over, and you’ll see what happens. You get this shadow that runs around the smile lines. So, that’s why I like to call it a Shadow French. It enhances the sharpness of the French style as well. Then with that same 180-grit file, I’m gonna smooth over. Get the side wall straight, perfect everything. I’m gonna buff this now. Oh, I do like my dusting brush. Gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution now. Look at that. So sexual. Gorgeous Shadow French. Adam: Why is it sexual?
Kirsty: Because it’s just that nice. Kirsty: It’s that nice, I can just kiss it. Let’s topcoat that. Pop it in the lamp. How beautiful that nail is now, hideous mine are? Adam: Aw, bless!
Kirsty: I’m not a good advert. Kirsty: I think I should hold it like this so you can’t see my hands. So, that’s a Shadow French. Absolutely gorgeous new style for you to try. So, there you are, guys. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and all that shebang. Everything I’ve used today will be below and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye! [Kirsty singing] So, this is what I like to call a shadow smile line, so…

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