Shining Armor & Princess Cadance Hearts & Hooves Day 2016 | My Little Pony Skit By Bin’s Toy Bin
Shining Armor & Princess Cadance Hearts & Hooves Day 2016 | My Little Pony Skit By Bin’s Toy Bin

[Romantic Music Plays] Shining Armor: Woo Hoo! Go Wonder Colts! Woo!
Woo! Woo Woo-Hoo! Yum Yum! Cadance: Shining? Shining: Woo Hoo! Yeah! I love watching the
big game! Cadance: Shining, I need you! Shining: Score that touchdown! Cadance: Hey! Shining: What? What? Cadance, the game’s
on! Cadance: Yes, but this is a very important
day! Shining: What day is that? Is it your birthday? Cadance: No. Shining: Is it Christmas? Cadance: No. It’s the day… Shining: (Gasps) Oh No! I know what day it
is! The baby’s coming! The baby’s coming! We’ve prepared for this! Let me get all
the stuff! Cadance: No. That is not what I… Shining: All right! Just like I planned! Here
is all the stuff to bring to the hospital! Here we go! Cadance: That’s not what I said. I’m not
ready. Shining: The baby’s not coming today? Cadance: No. The baby is not coming today. Shining: But I was all packed and ready to
go. That was all the stuff I was gonna bring to the hospital. Cadance: Oh boy. I don’t think you need
all that stuff, but… no, no that is not today. Um, and I don’t think you need to bring
all of this stuff to the hospital. And… Spike!? Spike, what are you doing here? Shining: He was going to come. I have had
him in the closet so he could come with us. Cadance: What!? Spike, go back to Twilight! You can’t kidnap people like that! Shining: Where are we going today? Where are
we going? Cadance: It is Hearts and Hooves Day. Shining: Uh…uh… I didn’t forget! Here’s
something for you! Cadance: Um, uh, thank you? Shining: It’s a bowling trophy. Cadance: Great. I don’t even bowl. But no, I had a plan. I thought we would go
to the mall. Shining: Oh boy! Are we going to go get ice
cream? And a smoothie? Karaoke again? Cadance: No, no, no. I thought I would plan
it this time. Shining: Where are we going? Cadance: Uh… I think it’s going to be
a surprise. But first we are definitely going to overcome your fear of Build-a-Bear. Shining: Nooo! Cadance: Get back here! Pinkie Pie: Thanks for coming in! Have a great
day! Cadance: Now you are going to get over this
fear of Build-a-Bear. Shining: No! You can’t make me go in! Cadance: You are going to go in there and see
that is not so bad. Shining: Remember that scary nightmare I had? Cadance: I know and that is why we are going
in there. Come on. It’s not that bad. You can do it. Shining: No! Pinkie: Hi, everypony! It is so nice to see
you Princess Cadance and Shining Armor! Cadance: Pinkie, do you work at every store? Pinkie: Of course I do! Every single store
in this mall is all mine! Shining: I don’t like it here. I had a bad
dream about it awhile ago. Pinkie: Oh No! That’s horrible! Shining: I dreamed people were making Build-a-Bear
versions of me! Cadance! Look! Look! It was real! It was all
real! Cadance: Well, of course it was all real! Pinkie: Yes, that is our Royal line! Shining: So I can build a little Shining Armor? Pinkie: Yes, you can! Shining: Can I call him Tiny Armor? Cadance: You can call him whatever you want.
It’s yours. Shining: You know, I want to name the kid
Tiny Armor. Cadance: No. Shining: I got it narrowed down to either
Tiny Armor or Flurry Heart. Cadance: You are not naming our child Tiny
Armor. Shining: Okay, but you are pretty cool with
Flurry Heart, huh? Cadance: Well, uh, no. Shining: We’ll see if you change your mind. Pinkie: Are you going to build a bear or a
pony or what? I have things to do, you know! Shining: Well, let me pick one out. Pinkie: Okay! Shining: Hmmm… Which one do I want? There
is a little bunny rabbit. And a little teddy bear. Hmm. Cadance: Have you made up your mind yet? Shining: Yup! Since it is Hearts and Hooves
Day, I thought I’d make you… The little Shining Armor! Cadance: Thanks. Pinkie: Those are not stools! Please do not
stand on the furniture! Bring your little Tiny Armor over here! I’m
gonna stuff him! Shining: I don’t know about this. Pinkie: Hand him over, gotta stuff him up! Shining: No! Pinkie: Gotta stuff him! We have to stuff
him! He’ll be a Flat Armor! He won’t even be a pony, he’ll just going to be a skin!
Let me stuff him! Shining: I’ll save you, Tiny Armor! Pinkie: GIVE ME THAT PONY! Thank you. I’ll go stuff him. Okay, your Shining Armor can all be dressed
now. It is all stuffed. All ready to go. Shining: I picked out some clothes for Tiny
Armor. Pinkie: I don’t know if those will fit him. Shining: Cadance, look! Isn’t he cute? Cadance: He is very cute. Shining: I put a voice chip in him so he can
sing every time you give him a hug. Cadance: Really? What does he sing? Shining: Okay, we’re going to squeeze him! Tiny Armor (Singing badly): Happy Hearts and
Hooves Day to Cadance. I love Cadance more than I do raisins. Cadance: Very nice. Tiny Armor (Singing badly): Cadance smells
like flowers. Sometimes she even showers. That’s why I love Cadance and I don’t
wear pants! [crickets] Shining: Did you like my special Hearts and
Hooves Day song? And now you can hear it every time you hug Tiny Armor! Cadance: That is wonderful. Thank you. So
much. Shining: Do you want Pinkie to squeeze it
again? Cadance: No, no, no, no! I don’t want to
take the specialty away from it. I will, uh, cherish this song forever. Shining: You said we were going to go to another
store too? Cadance: Yes, we are! Pinkie: And here is your little friend to
take home! Thank you for coming to Build-a-Bear! Have a great day! Cadance: I bet you will love where you are
going next! Shining: Oh boy! Pinkie: Thanks for shopping at Paws and Claws.
Have a great day! Shining: We’re going to the pet store?? You told me I could not have a pet! Cadance: Well, we are just looking today.
But I thought it might be… Shining: PETS!! Cadance: I thought we could look for a new
pet so that the little one could have a pet to grow up with. Shining: I want them all! Cadance: You can’t have them all. Shining: Pinkie? We just saw you at Build-a-Bear! Pinkie: Yup! I took a back tunnel over here!
Every store has a tunnel underneath. And I just walk from one to one to one to one to
one! Shining: Does anyone else work at this mall
besides you? Pinkie: Nope! Shining: Well, I’m here because Cadance said
I could have all the pets! Cadance: I did not say that! Pinkie: We have a great sale going on! We
have so many puppies and kitties and birds Shining: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Pinkie: … to a wonderful, loving home! Cadance: I said we are just looking, Shining. Shining: (Eating Noises) Cadance, Cadance
you gotta try these free samples. Pinkie, these are delicious! What are they? Pinkie: Dog treats. Shining: I really like this turtle over here. Cadance: I think that turtle belongs to someone. Shining: Who? Cadance: Rainbow Dash. Shining: What’s it doing in the Pet Store? Cadance: She probably dropped him off to have him
cleaned. They clean them here too, you know. See? Like that puppy over there! [Meowing. Barking.] Shining: Cadance, I am ready to go! Cadance: What? What? Oh! I said we are just looking today! Shining: I got three puppies and three kitties!
I am ready to go home! Cadance: We do not have enough room or enough
time for three puppies and three kitties. Shining: Yes, we do. We have a palace. Cadance: Yes, we do have a palace but we have
nobody to watch these animals or train them. Shining: I am gonna train them and watch over
them! Cadance: Along with a new little little one
that is coming? Shining: They can all play together! Cadance: One. You can get one. Shining: I can handle all of them. Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie, while Cadance isn’t
looking how much is it for the three doggies and the three kitties? Cadance: You are not getting the three dogs
and the three kitties! Shining: Here is my credit card. Cadance: No. That is my credit card. I do
not authorize it. Shining: Cadance! I can’t decide. I want all
of them. Cadance: You can only have one. I will make the decision if you can’t. Shining: Okay, guys. We are going to make
a run for it on the count of three. Ready? Go! Back to the palace, hurry! Pinkie: You have to pay for them! Shining: And I am taking more of these treats! Cadance: I will figure out how to bring them
all back, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie: I know where you live! Cadance: Excuse me? Ahem. Hello? Shining: Oh! Hi, Cadance! Me and all of my new pets
and Tiny Armor are all watching the game! Come join us! It’s Hearts and Hooves Day.
You can sit in your chair. Cadance: I don’t think I can sit in that chair. Shining: You can just ask Maggie and Woofington
to get our of your chair. Cadance: How about you ask Maggie and Woofington
to get out of my chair? Maggie: Arf! Arf! Shining: Look, Maggie likes you, Cadance! Can they stay just one night? Before you have
to make me take them all back to the pet store? Cadance: You can keep Maggie, but the rest
go back. Shining: Just one night. Just for Hearts and
Hooves Day. Maggie: (Whimpers) Cadance: Okay, just for one night. If I get
my chair. Shining: Look Cadance! They got down.
Looks a little soggy. Looks like Maggie had an accident. Cadance: Sighs. Shining: Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, Cadance!
From me and all our new pets! [Barks and Meowing] I think you gotta take them out, Cadance.
I think they need to go potty. Cadance: No, YOU are taking them out!
There. Now I am going to watch the game! Shining: Sure you don’t want any of these
treats, Cadance? They are very yummy! Cadance: I’m sure. Shining: This is the best Hearts and Hooves
Day ever!

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