Sierra Gates & Tanyka Renee Talk Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty (Ep. 3) | Black Girl Beauty
Sierra Gates & Tanyka Renee Talk Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty (Ep. 3) | Black Girl Beauty

– Hi ladies. Guys thank you so
much for coming today. You all look so beautiful. There is so much we have
to talk about today. The standards of beauty are
often not for us or by us. So now we are having
this conversation so we can define
beauty for ourselves. You all ready? All right ladies, its time
for Black Girl Beauty. (bass thumping beat) – Y’all getting
into this clavicle? (bass thumping beat) – Sierra Glam Shop or Brown Skin entrepreneur, Glam Boss. (bass thumping beat) – I’m good.
– Crank that. (laughs dramatically) (bass thumping beat) (blissful music) – Hey guys, welcome back
to Black Girl Beauty I’ve got two of the most
beautiful baddest black girls with me today. So thank you guys
for joining me. How you all feeling,
y’all look beautiful – I’m feeling amazing. So tell me about this look
you have going on today I see a lot of pink,
tell me about this. I’m in my pink, I’m doing
a whole barbie thing with my brands, so, and pink look amazing
on all of our skin tones so, I’m feeling myself
in my barbie glow up. – Yes, yes.
– I love to glitter. – Thank you.
– Yes. – I have to say the gold
hues, the curly peach. – Listen, all I know is that I mean, I needed to come
and show this melanin. – We all have our different
journeys with our bodies I think it’s such
a cool thing to see just the different types of
bodies we even have right here but in black women, we all
have our difference stories. So I want to talk
to you a little bit about you guys body image and how you guys came to
be the confident women that we see here today. Historically, we’ve
seen black women bodies be over sexualized, we’ve
seen so many different things. Tell me a little
about your journey, to kind of self love and
confident and what you feel. – I could remember
in the second grade, I wore a jacket around my
waste because I was so hippie and the other girls
would look at me and so I went to a Caucasian
school, I was in the hood first my mom took me to
like better school so it was more Caucasian people and I remember the PE teacher
would tell me to cover up, but the girl right next
to me which was Caucasian would have on the
same outfit as me. – Absolutely.
– You know what I’m saying. I didn’t let that
bother me, I just. I was always in the
mirror, I was always, playing with my eyebrow,
playing with my hair, just loving on myself. So I really didn’t have
that low confidence, in myself, I just love
me, I love who I was. You know what I’m saying, but
this is how my body is made. I wasn’t in the second
grade having sorry drill doing things to make my
body look more exotic. – An especially because I
feel like that’s a trend. Like I remember growing up too, like all the prettiest
girl were a thing and everybody wants to be skinny and there were eating
disorders even. – Yeah, I suffer from
anorexia, I remember like, I would literally do soup,
like I would do soup all day ’cause I wanted to be
skinny, I wanted to model and I end up getting a
contract, and you know they will always say you
need to lose more weight you need to be 110 pounds. 110 pounds! – And how tall are you? – I’m 5.8 – Girl! – So 110 pounds, girl! – Like, mschew. That meant I need
you to be a size zero and that’s not,
that’s not my genetic so, I had to accomplish,
in other to accomplish I had to become anorexic
and I had to starve myself and I wasn’t happy, I
was hungry all the time, I was not happy. – And what made you finally like get your health in order and make sure that
was a priority for you to get out of that space. – Well, I’m still struggling. I’m still struggling with being
comfortable with who I am, a lot of times I found
myself looking on the outside for approval and then
I have to check myself. It helps a lot, like my
friends and my family. Some days I love
myself, I love my body and other days, it’s like
I don’t know, I’m confused. – Well let me just go
ahead: I love your body sis. You are gorgeous,
both of you are, yes! And I bet you have such a
big social media following, and your own shows
like Love and Hiphop. Does it get to you, I
know there are trolls, that come on people’s
pages everyday, does it affect you in that way? – Not at all. Now I am human Some days I have
my, my turn up days. When I wanna say something but for the most parts, I’m
just like whatever, you know they really don’t
know my story for real you know what I’m saying? They don’t, they don’t
know me like that so I tried not to
bother with them. – Absolutely and then we saw, one of the big things was
that you got surgery yourself. – Yes I did. – And you had to maintain it, you really gone
through that process, so tell me a little bit about
why you decided to get surgery and what do you say to
the people who are like girl, you can’t
tell me about weight because you got surgery. – Yeah, I was a makeup
artist for 12 years, so my thing was to always
making women feel amazing and I always put that same
energy back into myself. I was in a marriage
for eight years, I had gotten really big, and when I left I wanted
to lose a lot of weight but the whole time, even
when I was heavy set, I always was slinging my hair,
looking cute, having my… I just, always was,
felt good about myself. So after I got divorced, I felt like, okay, I wanna
slim down a little bit I started doing TB
and stuff like that, so I ended up losing 60 pounds and I had like, my
breast was saggy, I had a lot of loose skin. So I went in, I
had my breast done, I had a tummy tuck, you
know what I’m saying, and like you said, people
do talk, but I’m very open. I was recording that,
recording it, let people know what I was doing, I need
people to know my journey, from where I started
and to where I’m at now. But of course people
are always gonna have something good to say
and something bad to say. – Absolutely. And I love your story because you are definitely open with
it, a lot of women are like, get on this flat tummy T, right! I wanna know so, there are so many of us who
do struggle with confidence, and maintaining it
on a day to day. So what would you
tell any young girl, any woman of any
age about developing their own self confident with
their body, with their mind, with how they look? Tell them to don’t look
at the outside world and the things
that they’re seeing and the things
that they’re doing because if I would have let
all of the outside noise get to me, I won’t
be who I am today. Like I literally had my daughter
when I was 16 years old, I literally was homeless,
like all of this stuff. I had to get food stamps right, and I went down to the office,
and I had a Caucasian woman to tell me I wasn’t
gonna be nothing, she told me that I was
gonna be another statistics and all of these things. I ignore what she said, I
always look in the mirror, and love myself, and said I’ma
show her and everybody else that I’m gonna be
completely different and that’s exactly what I did. You sure did. – You know!
– I love that. – And you said you have your
good days and your bad days. But I wanna, I wanna hear
what you say to yourself to get yourself from the
bad day to the good day. – I’m a firm believer in
reprogramming ourselves. ‘Cause like you watching
TV you see these beauty ads that makes you
analyze yourselves. So I had to reprogram
myself and I have to, I write notes around the house, like saying, I can
do whatever I want taught myself that I’m loved,
that I’m beautiful, it’s hard. Reprogramming, we really
have to reprogram ourselves. – Absolutely, and so many
people don’t realize that body love, self love
starts within your mind. Like what you tell yourself, one of the most
beautiful women out here, who is a musician
killing the game, our girl Lizzo, is
literally breaking barriers with every video, every
performance, every photo shoot. Tell me if you guys
are standing over Lizzo the same way I am. – I love Lizzo. – I am obsessed with her. I post her on my page
every other week, she’s like my WBCW and
then at the BET awards, girl, they had to
give me a sit down. – (laughing) For
her to be up there and shining in the
way that she did at the top of the
wedding cake, girl you always see the most perfect
couple like little person. And she was like know,
you won’t get this, her man great, telling
her how to be great. Like her confidence, her lyrics, they are not just for
one type of women, for every type of women
to love themselves. – I love it, like
representation matters, little girls need to see black women of all
different shapes and sizes to know that we can do it, we can be whatever we wanna be. – An another girl on TV who’s been killing it as
well as miss Tokyo, we know that’s your baby! – That’s my sister. – Yes. – Well, you even
ask me no questions, – Oh no, no, I want
you to talk freely this is our thing. – I was just about to
just start rambling. I love Tokyo, Tokyo
company is true the roof, Like that’s my friend,
that’s my sister. I just love her. – And I know she also
struggles with body weight from time to time
and body image, and so I know she
went through a time where she also wanted to
really, really lose weight. As her friend, how was
it being there for her and reminding her
of her own beauty? – My thing is as being
her friend and her support her supporter on the
sideline, I just feel like whatever you wanna do, I’m down. When it come to a point, I don’t know if you
all seen the show. When she wanted to lose weight
and I was there with her to support her because
I just felt like, I’m supporting her, you
know what I’m saying? I wasn’t on her saying “Oh my God you need to lose
weight to look like this” If you telling me sis, I wanna lose weight
to get more healthier or I just wanna lose weight
then I’m gonna be on you like my trainer was on me. – I think that is very
important to have friends around you that love you
hold you accountable, that love you for who you are, because I know in
my personal journey, when a lot of times when
I like question who I was, but I had my strong tribe
and they’re pushing me and they’re giving me
word, uplifting me, that’s when I’m winning. – And it’s also empowering to see her dating on television, because a lot of plus size women are always like the best
friend, the girl friend but you can never really
see them in relationship. – Or the funny friend. – Right! – Or the awkward friend. – And that’s so sad, I really want
society to stop that you know what I’m saying? Saying that, the
big friend gotta be, the funny girl or
the best friend or just a friend, and
it really bothers me how the world depict
her relationship. Oh my God, he don’t
really like for real, they doing this for this
reason or that reason, why can’t it just be
that he really loves her? And she really loves
him and they’re a couple because of her size or
whatever, like she’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s everything that
these other shit women are. She’s just bigger, and her
man like a bigger woman. He might look at me like,
she too dang oh small. – I feel like her
relationship on television, it’s setting the tone because
I feel like in the past, we haven’t seen it
so when you see it, this is something that,
regardless of your size regardless of your
shape, you deserve love. – Okay, then speaking
of someone who is always so open with their body
image, Serena Williams is one of the most
beautiful, most powerful, the greatest
athlete of all time, I’m just going ahead
and say it period, but she has to like
fight and tell people, that not only does
she love herself, but her body belongs, in
the court, she belongs. And what is crazy is that, she’s the greatest
athlete of all time and she still has to do that. – And she has a black
girl body, naturally. So of course what she puts on is gonna look different
from any other ladies. – An European. – So how you gonna say your body is too curvy
for a certain outfit. – And I think that
that’s the cool thing about watching Serena and
so many women like her, like continue to show up
even though there are media, media outlet that literally like try to pick her apart. – It’s so weird to me
because she’s so fine, and that’s her natural body and she got judged for
wearing her catsup. And then we have Lesley Jones
who had this big premier, and nobody wanted to dress her. – Isn’t that crazy. – So it’s like we
can’t win for losing, I don’t understand. – To me it’s like these
brands love the black dollar but you don’t love
the black body. – You right. – Wow that’s the tweet, that’s a brand, that’s hashtag. These brands love
the black dollar but don’t love the black body. – But brands, when
they reach out to me, and they want to work with me, and I don’t see women that
look like me on their page, I say, okay, we have a issue, what are you doing
about diversity? What are you doing
about inclusion? I wanna see curvy women, I wanna see black women, I
wanna see all types of women. – And I think, women
like us who have platform should push that more to
our social media following, you know what I’m saying? I feel like we should use
our voices to tell them of. How important it is
to actually support us so that we can grow
and pull each other up. – Yeah.
– You know what I’m saying? – We only we know our story. We only we know like
our body shapes, know what our parents look
like what they went through, and we only gonna love ourselves like no other race is gonna
love us like how we love us. – There are so many
young black girls, who watch this, who watch
y’all, who follow y’all who look up to y’all. What do you want them
to do to change mindset about their body image? – More like, with me,
everyday is a struggle loving myself, and learning
how to love myself. and whether it’s about
how you look or your body or just the way that you act, just learn to love yourselves and know that we
are all beautiful no matter what we look like. – That’s good, that’s good! I like that! – So (clear throat) for
sure loving yourself and know that we
are all beautiful. But I would like to
flip it a little bit, in this social media world, and I gotta keep
talking about Instagram because we are kinda living in. – That’s where everything is.
– Our Instagram world right now. I just want the, the girls before them to just
be a little bit more mindful to know that you got
little black girls that’s looking up to you. Some of this stuff that I
see going on on social media, I just think its uncalled for and I see that
little black girls is looking at that
and they thinking I need to be just like that. – And let’s remember to
take care of ourselves from the top down, in terms of mental health. Sometimes, it’s us, so
we have to like really not only get in the
mirror and fix our faces and be everything else, make sure we’re fixing how we
feel on the inside you know. And that’s the biggest thing. Therapies are great too.
– It starts there. – It starts with
everything that we believe. I believe that you guys are
gorgeous, and incredible. – Thank you.
– I’m a reflection of you. (laughing) – And I’m a reflection
of both of you. (all laughing) – We too, we too. – I’m so proud of all that
you guys continue to do, like thank you so
much for being here, for being transparent, y’all
are awesome and beautiful and y’all are just so great
examples of black girls beauty. This has been our
latest episode, thank you all so much
from coming through. – Thank you for having us. – [Woman] Yes, it was fun. Okay, wait group hug.
– Group hug. – Yeah! (laughing) I love it (thumping music) Hey guys it’s Gia Peppers
and thank you for watching VH1s Black Girl Beauty. To see more make
sure you’re subscribe to VH1 YouTube channel so you never miss
another episode.

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