Simple Makeup Tutorial | MARWA YEHIA | توتريال مكياج هادي مع مروة يحيي
Simple Makeup Tutorial | MARWA YEHIA | توتريال مكياج هادي مع مروة يحيي

hello everyone, how are you? today we’re going to do this makeup look it’s a simple kinda of makeup you can do it if you’re a bride or if you’re attending a wedding I think this kind of makeup will suit most occasions so if you want to know how to make this makeup look just keep on watching, but before that don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe to my channel and you’ll find everything that I’ve used in the description box down below from my contacts to my lipstick and for those who’re asking me
where is the description box? so, here is a picture and do see that red circle? press on that arrow and the description box will open up it’s below any video on youtube let’s start the first thing is my contacts my contacts for today is from Bella in grey caramel and I’ve done my brows off camera but if you are interested in my brows technique please press on that link above to watch the whole brow technique video with every step and product I use to achieve those brows but also I’ll tell you what I’ve used for today I’ve used Anastasia brow brush no.12 and Anastasia brow gel in medium brown and I’ve applied some concealer on my eyelid and some on my under eye from tarte in medium and some lip balm from labello and that’s all what I did off camera before I start the video starting with smash box photo finish primer water spray to hydrate my skin I’ll start with my eyes first I’ll use Huda beauty rose gold palette I’ll take this shade as my first transition color by diamond’s land brush and apply it on my crease then moving to a darker shade and a smaller blending brush and apply it on my crease as well but below the first shade not on it back to the first brush and blend everything together and now I’ll take this brown shade and a small pencil brush and apply it on the outer v area and connecting it to the crease above and back to the small blending brush and start to blend everything together when you blend the eyeshadow don’t press it into your eyelid when you want to apply a certain color on your outer v area choose a small pencil brush for that job don’t use a small or large blending brush those brushes are bigger than the outer v area so when you apply the shadow with them you won’t find the color on your outer v only you’ll find in on your crease and under your eye as well so your eye makeup will look so unprofessional and that’s not what we’re seeking for but when you use a small pencil brush to apply and blend that area your eyeshadow will be so clean and neat so with the same pencil brush I’ll take some of the black and make my outer v more darker when it comes to black eyeshadow you should be very careful and just take a little amount apply it and blend then if you want to add more black to you eye you can take another amount and apply it and blend and so on like this and to make the blending process easier for you don’t press the color into your skin just blend the colors with light hand and notice that I blend everything upwards don’t do any blending motion and after you’ve finished with the outer v area you can choose any of these shimmer colors and apply it on your eyelid and if you did so it would be fine but it won’t be neat so for that purpose I’ll use an eyeshadow base first this is from Mac in soft ochre and I’ll use it to do a cut crease and I’ll stop right here and then I’ll apply the eyeshadow so the purpose of applying the base first is to get a neat eyeshadow not to make a cut crease look start applying it on my eyelid and now I’ll take this gold shade and apply it directly on my base after I’ve applied the eyeshadow all over the base I’ll use this pencil brush and the brown shade I’ve used earlier and start to blend the edge of the gold eyeshadow to give you a smooth look until you reach something like that and now it’s time for eyeliner I’ll use that pencil eyeliner from forever52 look at it’s tip and today I’ll try to do a thin, small and short eyeliner in order for me to do an eyeliner I have to stick to the mirror and at the same time I need to show you that step and I don’t want to tell you every time (if you want to see how to do eyeliner please press on that link) so what should I do? and that small mirror won’t do good for me nop so let me do some changes over here ok is that good for you guys? oh my god ok that’s good the first thing I hold my little finger on my face like that and make sure your hand isn’t shaking and you must do it with light pressure and start to draw a little stocks so when you want to draw eyeliner on some area that has wrinkles try to raise your eyebrows do not hold your skin with your fingers so after that Do another stroke in the other direction And just start to fill it in with a liner And now I’m going to do a little strokes on my lash line OK so I’m done with the eyeliner I tried to do it short, thin and I can’t remember the third one now I’m going to do the other eye and i’ve applied Esraa Elzanaty lashes no.4 and I did some adjustment to my eyeliner I’ve made it little longer so now i’m going to do the face I’m going to use huda beauty foundation in cashew and make up forever foundation no.170 just a little amount from Huda beauty foundation because it’s a very full coverage foundation And now i’ll use huda beauty concealer in cotton candy And of course now I’m going to set everything in place with Huda beauty loose powder in the shade pound cake And here I’m going to apply even more from the powder to make the eyeliner look more clean and neat So after I’ve finished the face I’m going back to my eyes using a small pencil brush that I have used earlier and I’m going to take this reddish brown shade from Huda beauty’s palette and I’m going to apply it on the lower lash line And now I’m going to apply this beige waterproof pencil on my water line and it’s from forever 52 To make my eyes look more awaken and bigger And now I’m going to use this contour palette from forever 52 and I’m going to mix these two shades together i’m not going to contour as usual just bronze up my face alittle bit because this look is a simple look for me not as the other looks I have made on my channel these looks are heavier so I don’t want my face to be contoured so much so with a jessup brush no.077 do you see the difference ? this time my face is not a thinner as usuall but just warm up and now I’m going to use the highlighter from the same pallet and a little on my nose And now for the lips I’m going to use this matte lipstick from forever 52 no.16 and i’m going to apply this inglot blush no.125 and that’s the final look I really hope that you enjoyed it what do you think i look with simple makeup? I think this is the second or third video I have doing a simple makeup not a heavy dramatic smokey eyes so what do you think you guys which makeup suits me more simple or heavy makeup? i’ll wait for your comments down below see you next time and let’s go to see the final look byeeee

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