Smart Beauty Hacks ! 12 MakeUp Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Emma sure is taking her time. Well, no problem! Just three more minutes! Let’s double-check our look! Oof… Those lips sure ain’t poppin’… Where is that lipstick when you need it? Oh, right! We always have one in our purse! Or… not. I guess we left it next to the vanity. Oh, wait! What’s this? It’s so cool that restaurants have a place
for kids these days! Hm… And we do have this cup of hot water… Let’s color those lips! Simply hold a colored pencil in a cup of hot
water for about a minute. Then take it out
And try using it on your lips! You see? Who said you can’t use colored pencils in
place of lipstick? Makeup is art after all! These lips sure don’t lie! Now kiss those nude lips goodbye! And it only took three minutes to prepare! Sorry, Em! Oh wow! Did you do something to your lips? Oh, you know… I woke up like this! Of course you did! It looks like we are almost ready! Buttons up, hair down and… Let’s not forget a touch of lipgloss! What?! Oh, girl, I guess that winter weather’s
got your lips all chapped… No! You can’t just cover them with lipgloss! We need to solve this ASAP! Luckily, we have just the trick for that! With a bit of help from toothpaste! Yes, you heard me! Just squeeze out a little bit. And smear it all over the lips. Let it stay there for a few minutes. Now, let’s give ‘em a little shine with
a lipgloss of your choice. What a smooth beauty! Looking as flawless as ever, love! But let’s talk about that hair… No one likes it when that loose hair gets
in the way! It’s a good thing we always have a hairband
laying around. Oh, but this one seems to have seen better
days. It’s definitely not usable anymore. Wait up. This necklace gives us an idea. Yes! That should keep that messy hair in place! You wanna know how? Use pliers to open the jump ring, put a narrow
hair tie through… and close it back! Now, simply connect both sides with a hook! The hair tie makes it stretchy so it’s easy
to put it around your head! Perfect! Not a hair out of place! Just be careful when choosing the necklace
so it won’t damage your hair! It doesn’t have to be wide, you can choose
thin ones as well. Choose nude or white stones if you want your
hair accessory to be more subtle. Looking good, girl! Alas, we are home… And off into the skies they go! Uhh, now that is just perfect… At least nothing’s broken… Well, maybe just your favorite blush… Darn it! Why?! Wait just a minute. Lip balm and a blush… Yes! We got this! Take a small bowl and empty out all of the
broken blush into it. Now, add a teaspoon of lip balm. And stir it all up! Lastly, just take a small empty container
And scoop all of that newly made lipstick mass into it! Don’t forget to close the lid! Well then, let’s try it out! Just dip your lip brush inside. And apply that handmade lipstick! What a beautiful color. And about that little accident before? No worries, girl, my lips are sealed! Ah… There is nothing better than a day out with
a good friend! The kind of friend that notices little details
about you, girl. In that case… That awful manicure… At least she shows it pretty well for you
to notice it too. Oof… That is not looking good at all… Let’s just smile… Yeah… Everything is totally fine! Well, that doesn’t seem to have impressed
our friend here. Okay! Let’s begin with classic red nails! Paint a line of green triangles on the top
part with the help of a narrow nail art brush! And add a few little yellow seeds! No one’s pickin’ on these strawberries!
[chuckle] Another day, another coffee with a… Oh wow! Your nails look so amazing! Victoria seems to like your nails berry much! And who said our nail art skills are not polished enough? Whatcha doin’ there, Jackie? Oh! Someone’s going on a date! Oh, the excitement in this girl! Now, we’ll just need to decide on how we
wanna sway this hottie. Perhaps we could do something fun with our
hair?… This bobby pin is giving us an idea! First, take a small front section of your
hair. And twist it around your fingers a couple
of times. Make a small bun and secure it with a hairpin. Now, do the same with the other side. And start going around until all your hair
is rolled into tiny buns! Depending on the amount of hair, you might
need to stock up on those pins! You’ll need to keep them on for a couple
of hours! Start taking them out one by one. Don’t forget to finger comb those curls
to put them in the right place! Oh yes! Lookin’ flawless! Now let’s switcheroo that outfit and glam
up that beautiful face of ours! Of course, there is nothing more beautiful
than your smile! It’s time for a slow-motion, “look how
stunning I am” kind of moment! It seems that something else is now distracting
this fella! His mouth is filled with compliments! And Jackie seems to be really enjoying her
date! And here we are seeing two polar opposites
in their natural habitat. While Emma is reading a book, Jessica is glamming
up! But sometimes even the biggest bookworm wants
to zhuzh it up a bit! Okay, so this seems easy enough… Just a few strokes and… Girl, you are making Jess laugh! Yeah, you have a bit of it on your lid… Oh fiddlesticks! It’s not as easy as it seemed. But hold up just a minute! Let’s use this piece of paper to cover the
eyelid while applying mascara! See? Simple and perfect! Not a stain left to see! Oh wow! Yep! You wanna try? This neat hack could come in handy even to
a makeup pro such as Jess! Hey Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much
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a Comment down below! We read them all! Another day, another morning routine… but
hey, at least together is merrier! Yet goodness gracious Jacob, could it be? Clogged pores… your arch-enemy! What’s that, Emily, you think it might be
infectious? Oh no, your nose’s all dotted as well! It’s not necessarily the end of the world,
but you both wouldn’t mind getting rid of it, would you? Just… how? Wiggling, squeezing? Eyelash curler… No no no no no, give that back! Let’s see what we can use on the spot…
for one, there’s toothpaste. Grab those unused toothbrushes, would ya? We probably shouldn’t use our old ones for
this hack. Take a little toothpaste just like you would
brush your teeth – a pea sized drop is good enough –
but do it on your nose instead! Brushing will give the exact same effect you
would get from a good peeling session, in a matter of seconds. Wipe the leftover paste with a cotton pad
– give your nose a good rinse if you have to! Wouldn’t you know it, no more ugly blackheads. High five! Anna is about to take off for a girl’s night. She’s definitely feeling a curly hairstyle
for today, but it seems like her daily curling iron isn’t up for the task. Time for another old-school life hack. Grab a water bottle and empty it out. Stay hydrated people! Use scissors to remove the very top of the
bottle – just enough to drop our hair through, and cut a rectangular shape close to the bottom. I know all of this seems weird but bare with
me for a minute. Anna is about to show us how it works. Simply drop a piece of hair inside and blow
some focused hot air through the vertical hole. The pressured air will swirl your hair into
a curl inside the water bottle. “Oh wow, Anna, I can’t believe it actually
worked!” Jessica is prepping for a rock concert and
is using eyeshadow to her make her eyes pop. So far so good! She’d like to take her look up a notch by
adding some colored hairspray. Unfortunately, it looks like the can is completely
empty, leaving her as a damsel in distress. But luckily for us, Jessica might actually
be able to use the same eyeshadow powder to color her curls. Simply take a curl and glide the eyeshadow
powder along the hair, repeating the process with all the colors in your collection. The best part is is that it’s just as easy
to remove as spray! One shower and your hair will be good as new. Lastly, in order to keep the powder in place
– add some regular hairspray for shine! Those colored curls sure do make you look
like a teen rebel! Jessica it looks like you’re ready for that
punk rock concert! Hey, Gorgeous Pandas,
I hope you enjoyed these Beauty Hacks. Let us know which of them you’re gonna use
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