Special Effects Makeup: Horrible wound in arm
Special Effects Makeup: Horrible wound in arm

Welcome to the Learn Special Effects Makeup. In todays lesson, you will lean how to make
an open wound using Sculpt Gel. If you like to video, and would like more,
you can check out our webpage leanspecialeffectsmakeup.com there you can sign up for our free e-course
in SculptGel. You start out by mixing the SculptGet you
need for the wound. SculptGel is mixed by volume by part A and B. Make sure to mix them
together properly. To create skin color, you need to add some
silicone pigment. Start by adding a flesh color, and then tone your SculptGel with red,
yellow, brown or what ever color you might need to create the skin tone you need. Add
a very small amount each time, you will be amazed how little you will need. Check the
color of the SculptGel and you skin before applying it.
Use your wooden tongue to apply the SculptGel where you want your wound to be. Focus on
feathering out your edges as much as possible. Once applied, use your metal spatula dipped
in alcohol 99% to feather out you appliance further. The alcohol prevents the tools from
grapping and tearing in the silicone. To create a realistic look, the most important
thing, is to create a skin texture. Its quite easy if you know the trick. About 2-3 minutes
before the SculptGel sets (it sets within 5-8 minutes depending on room temperature)
you take a stippled sponge and dip it in alcohol and dap it all over your appliance, to smooth
it out a bit, you do the same with a soft brush, and voila you have skin texture.
Just before your SculptGel cures, you should carve in your desired wound. To make sure
your tool donÕt tare your appliance apart in a way you donÕt want it, add some 99%
alcohol to you tools. Once the SculptGel is cured, you can lift up your edges to simulate
torn skin. Adding colors in layers creates a realistic
look, and it is the best way of blending in your SculptGel if you didnÕt get it quite
perfect the first time. By using Skin Illustrator you can take a stiff brush and splatter out
your color and let the alcohol vapor, do it again with another color, until you are satisfied.
I always use different skin tones a red and a blue color, this gives me a flawless result
every time. Ad a tiny amount of black color paint to a
sponge, and smear it out gently around the wound. Also, use some olive green in the wound
and slightly around it, this helps creating the effect of a sore and tender skin around
the actual cut, when the blood is added, When you are adding your blood, it is important
to do this in stages and layers as well. Place a few drops of blood in the wound, and pour
some on the arm and let it run a bit to create color stains of blood. Once you have added
blood to your wound, take some tissue and dry it away. Complete this step until you
have your desired look. And remember, to much blood will make it look overdramatic and fake.
So practice until you find your right amount, and your own final look.
This is my final look. I hope this video helps you to find your own look, and makes the process
easier for you. If you liked the vide, don’t forget to rate,
comment or subscribe. If you have any concerns, comments or questions,
don’t hesitate to, just contact me. And once again, if you would like to know
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    Just found your channel, I love it!  Thank you for sharing!!

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    How do you get the sculpt gel off?

  6. HorrorFan040602 says:

    Are you dead or something? This video was made a year ago and it's the last video you made!

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