Spring pastel nail art tutorial
Spring pastel nail art tutorial

Hi lovelies!
This is Katrin. I am glad to show you a sweet and delicate
Spring nail design tutorial. What we will need:
1) a base coat and a top coat 2) a light blue, a yellow and a pinkish nude
nail polishes 3) a golden glitter
4) a white nail art polish with a thin brush 5) a dotting tool and a striping tape After applying a layer of base coat start
with a yellow polish for your thumb nail. Acc’entuate the Ring finger with a light blue
color. And apply a pinkish nude to the other nails.
Let them dry and start painting! Using a dotting tool and a white polish paint
a big daisy flower on the thumb. Add a blue dot in the middle. And Finish up with a golden
glitter around the flower. Now make several smaller daisies on your Pointer
and Pinkie. I like to draw half-flowers along the edges. Let the middle of them be classic
yellow. On the Middle finger we are going to make
white tongues of flame. Using a thin brush paint twisting unequal lines on the top of
the nail. Let the design dry and decorate it with golden glitter. For the Ring finger we will use a special
tape. Apply it very carefully making vertical lines and cut off the rest. If something goes
wrong it is always easy to amend. It’s important to keep the stripes straight. The design is done! Fix it with a top coat. I hope you enjoyed the video. Press like and
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