Study Pastel   iLearnPastel
Study Pastel iLearnPastel

DIY Pastel Partner Intermediate Course Pastel is the dominant accounting software
package in South Africa. Employers are looking for applicants that have the Pastel Certificate.
You can do the full Pastel Partner Intermediate Course in the comfort of your work or at home
and still receive full priority e-mail support for the duration of your training. This saves your travelling time and expenses.
The average study time to work through
the manual is about 45 hours, so a few hours every week will ensure that you complete this
course successfully. You can write the online exam from Pastel
whenever you are ready. Online registration for the exam only takes 4 minutes. Learn when it suits you and at a price that
suits you, not the training company! Please note that this is the official intermediate
level course that we are offering you.

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