good morning everybody! now, it’s still so early and I am always filming in the morning on instastory, I showed a makeup look which is peachy pink makeup look many of you ask for the tutorial, a lot through dm, vote, and so on so, I will make the look today for you without further ado, let’s get started in this video, I will start from zero, so I will go from skincare to makeup if you want to watch the makeup part, just skip and go on to the makeup part I will wash my face with Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser. this will run off soon, I love this so much this is so light, does not dry skin, imo good for all skin types I have cleaned up my face and I will apply toner lately, I always apply Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner in the morning, I really like this toner put a little amount on palm of your hand do press and pat into skin the scent of the essence toner is ginseng from the set of Pyunkang Yul skincare, I love their essence toner the most this toner absorbs into skin so it does not moist the skin but make it hydrated so, I will just apply Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum tbh, I just try this product for a week imo, this skincare does not moist my skin, so I decide not to apply this at night I just apply the skincare in the morning doing the makeup, I don’t like having heavy skincare the makeup will look oily now, I apply Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream as my moisture base, the size is big pat into skin then, apply sunscreen, don’t skip this step, I use sunscreen from Neogen my habit is to spread them on my palm and pat the skincare into skin I use this product for quite a long time and I like the product it suits sensitive skin and is not too heavy on skin but I don’t say it’s not oily bcs it feels a little bit oily after applying this, the skin will look glowy now, go to makeup and before the foundation, I will apply primer or tone-up cream and lately, I like one from Clio – Pre-Step Moist Tone Up Primer, the shade is peach it can help to brighten the skintone as you can see, it brightens my skin if you think that your skin is dull, I suggest you to apply tone-up cream before applying foundation to make the foundation more shiny, better, and healthier for foundation, I use Clio Highest Wear Foundation, it has included spf and mine is shade no.4 for Clio products, the shades are light then, I will blend with sponge from this is local brand if you look for a good quality of sponge, I super recommend this I wash this everyday but it doesn’t torn or make a hole at all this is super convenient to use, super recommended for Clio brands, I like their base makeup product, the coverage is awesome but for the shades are averagely light, if your skintone is medium, it is harder to get the right shade this no.4 shade is the second darkest or even the darkest but this fits me and my skintone is light yes, light actually, this foundation is matte but, before applying foundation, my skin has been glowy, so applying foundation will give glowy look like, glowing from within if you want to have last skin makeup, my suggestion is to prepare your skin to be glow, then do the makeup glow that comes from makeup is easy to be oily for concealer, I use The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, this is really good the price is affordable and this is full coverage I apply this on my eyebags on tip of nose and sunglasses trace Idk why there is always sunglasses trace on my nose that’s so annoying today I will use new brush, I am so excited, I got package from Zoeva and they sent me a set of brush inside is really good the brushes are like this, the color is soft pink and gold, they are so pretty I am so happy and today I will use all these brushes for powder, I use Clio Airwear Skin Smoother Pact this video is not sponsored by Clio, but I just like their products nowadays so I often use their products for daily makeup it is like this I will apply the powder in part that is often oily, such as nose, basically T-Zone tap the remaining to skin I skip the eyebrow drawing part bcs I often show you and if you want to see how I draw my eyebrows, you can click here next to eyeshadow, I will use NYX Love You So Mochi this has been broken, my child threw this, pans are off, so I try to fix this I love the coral shade, this middle color, this color will be used today I love to apply the eyeshadow using finger, it makes the color more pigmented rather than brush I love using finger basically, I use the eyeshadow for my eyelids next, I take the color beside the former one, the dark pink rose I apply the color on tip of eyes as to darken the coral shade I take the clean brush and blend the edges to make the tip less harsh in the video I showed you, I only use these two colors. Simple, isn’t it? that’s for the eyeshadow, now I will curl my lashes and use mascara and fake lashes before that, I will use eyeliner from Clio Sharp Waterproof Pencil Liner so that I can draw the wings later, I like this eyeliner so much it is so creamy I use Mascara from Loreal Lash Paradise, my favorite, the lid is pink then, the most important part is fake lashes, this is from ArtisanPro no. 1755 the result is good, dolly eyes this is the result of fake lashes, isn’t it so pretty? and I will use eyeliner from Makeover – Hyper Black Super Stay Liner, this is really good you must buy this bcs this is super black, convenient to use, and waterproof so good and always, I will make wing liner as it suits the shape of my eyes now, I will take the color from NYX palette, this color apply on lower lash line I take this color, shimmery one apply mascara on lower lashes now, I will use butter bronzer from Physicians Formula for nose, I will use product from Too Cool for School, the color is more to grey it is not too dark and I will start shading for this makeup, I emphasize pink and peach color so, for the blush, I want it to be intense, so I will first apply cream blush I use product from CANMAKE Cream Cheek, I like this as it is easy to blend I use sponge to apply the product on my cheek I will cover it with Clio Pro Multi Face Berry Delight the shade is good, I love it I will just blend them I put the product on cream blush oops, this is too intense then I dab my skin with sponge to make it more natural and now I will use highlighter from Goban Cosmetics Bronze Nebula I use this product for two weeks and I never change, this product is blinding, so don’t put too much or it could make your skin look too wet for lipstick in yesterday’s video, I use these products from Luxcrime, Dusty Pink and Rose Me Up the scent is like chocolate Ombre the lipstick with Rose Me Up to set the makeup, I use Mac Fix Plus Spray, this will make my makeup less powdery So, this is the final look, it is so easy right to make this look I hope this video is useful for you and you enjoy watching my video tutorial and for the next video, I am kinda confused for the content if you have idea or suggestion, please comment down below, I am confused right now Thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and like and don’t forget to follow my instagram @molita_lin So, see you next time! bye!


  1. T J says:

    The eyelashes and contact lens really do make a difference. I hate wearing them though, when I take them over I look too different.

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