Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m, Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, and guess what, we’re doing Christmas Nails for the whole day. Oh my God! I’m so excited. Hence, I have a red jumper on. This is about as Christmassy as my attire gets. Well, today we’re going to do… because I have a knitted jumper on, we’re going to do a knitted jumper design. And love it when it’s winter and Christmas time because we can do the knitted nails that have been going around for about what, five years? They always come back round this time. Yeah, so I do love doing them. We’re gonna do it a little bit different but it’s gonna be exciting. So, I’m gonna start…I’m gonna do it over these two nails to give you an idea of how we can sort of do this design yourself. I’m gonna pop two tips on. Where I’m popping that on, I’m popping right at the very end of that nail. [Kirsty singing] Gonna cut down the length because I know Vanessa will not be able to cope with those. You know what I mean. * do you think or * bit too long? Vanessa: *
Kirsty: Yeah. Vanessa: Yeah! That’s about as long there. Vanessa: *
Kirsty: Yeah. Vanessa: Assist her now, Adam. Adam: *
Vanessa: * nails. Adam: Alright!
Vanessa: * silicon cover * Kirsty: What did you say, it’s slippy? Vanessa: Yeah, and the clicking of the tapping *
Adam: A silicon cover. Vanessa: Yeah. * So the nails don’t slit back * Kirsty: I’m just gonna pinch that slighlty just to make it a little bit more narrow like that, so we get more of an almond… not almond, no. We get more of a ballerina shaped nail. We’re just gonna blend that in a little bit. And we’re doing the same with this one. I’m just gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to clean that up. You can wipe over with Acetone if you want to, to melt that tip a little bit but it’s fine. It looks grand. Grand it goes! Its grand! Dehydrate with the Nail Prep Dehydrator, and then I’m gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer just on that natural nail. You can see that I’ve already prepped the nail. So, I’ve removed the surface shine, I’ve done the cuticle work and all that. If you wanna know more detail about how to sort of prep a nail, we do have videos with that on. I’m gonna use Medium-speed Liquid with the Natural Beige Powder. This is a gorgeous cover powder. It is my favorite of the cover powders. And it’s me favourite because it just covers really nice and it’s really easy to work with. So, I’m just gonna keep stretching that to the end. I’m working on the length first. Next bead, we can do the cuticle area, we can build up the apex. So, I’m gonna tip the finger down now. So, notice I’ve changed the angle of my brush. I’m gonna slide the product down. You can always re-hydrate previous bead of acrylic as well with your wet brush. That just helps to slide that bead over the top and you get a great connection between each bead. Adam, have you asked Santa for anything for Christmas? Adam: Erm! Not really, no! I’ve got nothing that I’m sort of… there are certain things I’d love but I don’t think anybody can afford them. Kirsty: Yeah, I’d like a mansion as well. Adam: Yeah, mine is just more about like… Kirsty: Techie stuff.
Adam: Toys. Adam: Toys. Geeky toys. Kirsty: Geeky toys.
Adam: * very stuffy, yeah. Adam: Talking about 50 grand worth of stuff.
Kirsty: Oh well! No *. Kirsty: I’m gonna do the same on this other nail as well. So, you could do like a… when I show you the design. I think it’s a nice design to be able to just use as accent nails, so the other nails could be just quite plain and it could be all about those accent nails, and then, that helps with timing as well when you’re working in the salon. You don’t wanna do like a full set, full set of knitted nails. It may take some time and in the salon over the Christmas period, it’s a little bit crazy busy. And I can come and pinch this nail now. So, the first nail that I applied, we can pinch that one. We’ve allowed enough time for it to start to set up and we can give it little bit of a pinch. Kirsty: Does that hurt you?
Vanessa: No! Kirsty: Very good. Now, those that are pinched and set, we’re gonna file them. So, I’m gonna file side walls and then, I’m gonna angle into that cuticle area. And I can contour. Right! We’re gonna buff. I find some people skip this process, you know, buffing. I think it’s so important to get everything nice and smooth. It softens everything. Then I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. So, our background is going to be white, and this is where you know you need to kill the time really, don’t you? Sorry, Ness. Vanessa: I didn’t get what you said. Kirsty: You kill the time when * white nails.
Vanessa: Time? When you said, I was like, what? Vanessa: *
Kirsty: * Kirsty: So, I’m gonna do both nails white. Vanessa: * put my arm next to my leg, it looks they’re from two different people. Kirsty: Because your arm’s been in the sun slightly.
Vanessa: Yes! Kirsty: Pop me that in the lamp. And I’m gonna do two coats of white. What’s your favorite Christmas song? Vanessa: Sleigh ride.
Kirsty: Sleigh ride. What’s yours? Adam: *
Vanessa: I’m not… really? Kirsty: The sad one.
Vanessa: Yeah. Kirsty: Pop it in the lamp. So, I’m gonna use black, first of all, and we’re gonna do some knitting needles. Can you knit, Vanessa? Vanessa: Nope.
Kirsty: I would have thought you would have been the knitting kind. Vanessa: I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, I don’t know, that I seem like the knitting kind? Kirsty: Like…no because you’re creative, I just thought that you’d be able to knit? Vanessa: I’ve never tried. Kirsty: I used to be able to knit. My mom can knit. Vanessa: * I thought she was never gonna stop *. Kirsty: Oh my God! Her fingers started to get really sore * knitting. I mean, sorry… Vanessa: Sewing.
Kirsty: Sewing and sewing teddy bears. Kirsty: Making teddy bears out of clothes of loved ones that have passed away. Cure me them. They don’t need to be super super black. I mean, I know that Serious Black is well, seriously black. But don’t worry if it’s a little bit transparent because we’re gonna go over this with silver. The silver we’re gonna use is Tarnished Silver from the Platinum Collection. This is super pigmented. So, easy to use because of the pigment. I’m gonna go over and I just wanna leave like little bits of that kind of showing through. It’s as if it’s have a little shadow * and they look like drumsticks right now *. Pop that in. Now, for the jumper, the knitted jumper, we’re gonna use Spa Day. Gorgeous! I don’t wanna like… yes, I know it’s Christmassy, but I wanna keep it like not typical red. I want to do something a little bit different, so we’re gonna use this gorgeous colour. Pop some on some backing paper from the sculpting form, I need a little bit there. Gonna use this slanted brush and this is where you wanna start. So, we’re doing it as if it’s open a little bit because they are knitting the jumper. You can fill the rest in with the brush from the bottle. I’m *. * Adam. I only want it to sort of to make it appears as if this wool is going round the knitting needles. And we’re doing little sort of curved lines like that. Pop me that in the lamp. Then with a little bit, we’re gonna come do like a piece off the wool sort of stringing off and it’s gonna go into this nail. Do a little loop. And we’re gonna do the ball of wool. You’re best sort of like painting the outside with your brush first and then filling the rest in. Pop me that in the lamp. I’m gonna mix a little bit of top coat and a little bit of black, which will just sort of make it like a transparent kind of grey, and this is just add a little bit of a shadow where the ball of wool is. Go slightly darker when you come to the ball of wool, so you get like a * shadow. A little Shadow here. When you’re doing your shadows, make sure they all go on to that same side or else it will look a little bit weird. Won’t get a true shadow. And pop me that in the lamp. Into the lamp we go! And I’m gonna go over with matte top coat. Vanessa: I hated taking the decorations down. * taking them down. Vanessa: *
Adam: * Vanessa: Looked very bare. Adam: Well, it does leave the room very bare, you’re right.
Vanessa: Makes feel a bit depressed * Kirsty: Alright! Pop me those in the lamp because I want the knitting ones to be shiny for everything else to be matte. Vanessa: You’re obsessed with that now, aren’t you?
Kirsty: I’m a little bit obsessed with that. Adam: She hasn’t done any matte bubble yet. Kirsty: Well, there’s always time.
Vanessa: What can you say? Kirsty: And now for the exciting bit. We’re gonna use the gel polish, the same colour. We’re gonna do a little knitted pattern. First of all, we’re gonna do a line here and * here. There and there. We’ve got sort of three each side, then we’re gonna do little shapes. And I’ll do this kind of zig-zag. I also want to add a little bit on top of those little kind of loops that are over the knitting needle. This is Natural Powder not Clear. Adam: What’s the difference?
Kirsty: You can use Clear. It’s just gonna make it very slightly bright, to be honest. Adam: That sort of give it a bit of contrast.
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Where the Clear would just give texture.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: So, you wanna dust over and the gel polish will absorb the acrylic powder, and that’ll give it that textured effect. Go cure that one for me. I’m gonna do it like that. I don’t wanna do the other one and then do that one because you can guarantee I’m gonna smudge that one. That would not be good, and for the ball of wool, you’re gonna do little curved lines in different directions. So, we’ve got those there and there you’re gonna have little here and * Adam: *
Kirsty: * Adam: * no whisper or if it’s just a groat * Kirsty: Come in this way like this, not concentrating so much. Oh my God! Let’s sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle! Pop me that in the lamp. So, we’re gonna dust over now. Look at that! That looks so cool. I love it! That is so cool. Vanessa was like, “I’ll be your model if you do me sweater knitted nails.” Vanessa: And if it was Christmas.
Kirsty: And if it was Christmas, yeah. Vanessa: She was like,”Mm! I may have something fun but are we doing Christmas * Kirsty: You wanted the sweater, didn’t you? So, I’m gonna finish them with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. I’ve got the Peach Cuticle Oil. Adam: She got the Cinnamon one. Kirsty: Oh yeah! We need Christmas scented Oils. Naio Nails, they need to go and get them sorted. I think my mother would approve of those. Adam: Does your mom knit?
Kirsty: She’s very good at knitting. Kirsty: We have spoke about that. You must have been on another planet at that stage. There you are, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and I hope you’re having a great winter/Christmas because winter is just about Christmas, ain’t it really. Everything I’ve used today will listed below. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye! [Kirsty singing] Adam: We are having earplugs. [Kirsty snging] Adam: I don’t like Christmas, to start with. Vanessa: Well, you’re a Grinch.
Kirsty: * here. Adam: No, I don’t mind it now. It was when I used to work in restaurants, it was… Christmas was horrible. Kirsty: See, he’s singing it now. Kirsty: * go through you.
Adam: It’s infected… I’m not *. Adam: I do like Christmas. I do honestly but… Vanessa: Drags out when it’s like *
Adam: I love Christmas Day! Adam: I think it’s… I love Christmas Eve, I love Boxing Day.
Vanessa: I hate the fact… Adam: Those three days are amazing, everything else is annoying.


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