Syrenka Pastel Pink Indigo :: Mermaid Effect Pink Pastel :: Różowa Syrenka na paznokcie
Syrenka Pastel Pink Indigo :: Mermaid Effect Pink Pastel :: Różowa Syrenka na paznokcie

Hi I’m Kasia Kaczmarek from Poznań. I’m here today to tell you about the product that is so popular… Actually! I don’t have to present you… The Mermaid? Everybody knows this product. Everybody knows how great it is and what an amazing effect of the water surface it gives how amazingly blinks. That it was a hit. And of course you already know about our beautiful pastel colors, right? I have been dreaming that night, that to those pastel colors there could be a lovely pastel mermaid. And do you know what happened? I came to Lodz and I see the most beautiful in the world Pink Pastel Mermaid! It’s shinning in gold, pink and gives an amazing impression of a glittery surface I’m definitely taking it back home! Pink Pastel Mermaid! Girls, just check out this effect! I’m so freakin’ excited! Let’s do it! Usually, in the beginning we put white gel polish on the extended nail. We cure it under the lamp. Of course, our beautiful Pink Pastel Mermaid you can use on any of other colors. We’ll show you how lovely it looks on the white one. But on each diverse shade it will look very different! Being honest I just can’t wait! I think I’ll rub it in all colors! If you manage to put the first layer of a color very good you don’t have to actually put it second time. We can just use ‘the Mermaid’ on the first layer. We rub ‘the Mermaid’ just like always, regularly. So we put the product on the color dispersion layer. But girls please remember, if you have a color that has very weak dispersion layer I reccomend you to polish nails with a top then harden it and rub ‘the Mermaid’ into top dispersion layer. It’s shinning wonderfully! This surface looks mind-blowing! And we put the top. I’m using now our glamours product – Cleaner Super Shine to wash a dispersion layer I’m sure that all of you know that it makes shining even more other products. So if you have another shine that is not very shinny any more, you definitelly have to buy Cleaner Super Shine. It even makes cuticles very moisturized so we don’t have to use a cuticle oil no more. And with this beautiful shade Pink Pastel Mermaid I’m telling you goodbye! Thank you and see you!

4 thoughts on “Syrenka Pastel Pink Indigo :: Mermaid Effect Pink Pastel :: Różowa Syrenka na paznokcie”

  1. natsyl28 says:

    jaram sie jak na solarium hehe dobre

  2. Dominika Kupczunas says:

    Nie żebym się czepiała, bo lubię indigo i produkty i filmiki z YT, ale Kasia na zblizeniach ma rękawiczki, a oddaleniach nie, ale to szkopuł:-)

  3. Pościele Lele says:

    Jak idealnie widać na filmie, że te lakiery to porażka. Poranione skórki, a przy samej aplikacji instruktorka marki, pokazuje jak zalewa skórkę 😀 cudo <3

  4. Konka S says:

    jaki to biały? zakupiłam mr.white i nie wygląda tak ładnie 🙁

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