hey guys welcome back if you new here my name is Smitha welcome to my channel I finally got to try the Tati beauty
textured neutrals volume 1 palette, every time I tried to buy it it was sold out
and I’m so glad I was able to buy it this time and in today’s tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to create this super
glam copper glitter smokey eye and I’m just going to be using two or three
eyeshadows from the palette but still make it look really glam it’s one of
those looks where you don’t have to put too much effort but it comes out looking
like you spent hours doing this makeup look when it probably took you just 20
minutes so if you’re ready let’s get started and if you’re new here please
take a moment to subscribe I post new videos every Tuesdays Thursdays and
Sundays. now let’s look at the textured neutrals volume 1 palette it has 24
pretty large sized pans, I love the way she named the eyeshadows the row has the name of that color story and the column has the texture of the eyeshadow and
today I’m mostly going to be working with copper tones, I feel like creating a nice glam smokey copper toned glitter whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’ll
be working on this column called story and every column has four different
textures – matte, sequin, metallic, as well as glitter. I can see myself create so
many different super glam looks with this palette the colors are absolutely
stunning at the same time I can see myself use this every day because
there are pretty nice neutral matte eyeshadows as well. overall a very well
thought-through palette, congratulations Tati, having said that let’s begin. I’ve
already used a concealer on my lids as a base I used Milani, and I’m going to set it only above my crease with some loose powder, I’m using
airspun to set it just to make the blending of the eyeshadows easy. I’m also
using some sticky tape in the corners to get those dramatic straight edges. I’m
going to first dip into the matte eyeshadow with the Sigma
E40 blending brush, I’m going to use this as a transition shade to warm up my
outer corner as well as the crease there’s very little kickback with the
eye shadows, very highly pigmented so I’m taking very little and it blends like a
dream next I’m taking this matte black
eyeshadow from memory with the colourpop E20 brush I’m going to use a
sticky tape as a stencil and draw a straight line like almost I’m drawing
out a wing in the outer corner and then I’m going to start shading using the
same matte black eyeshadow by pushing some of that eyeshadow towards the
center of the lid. I like to keep the black as intense as possible so I’m
going to keep on adding more eyeshadow till I’m happy with the intensity and as
it moves towards the center of the lid I’m going to keep that edge pretty soft
so that becomes easier to blend it out with the other eyeshadows that I’ll be
using next. using the colourpop E9 brush which is a small blending brush
I’m taking a little bit more of the matte eyeshadow and I’m going to use it
between the transition and the black eyeshadow to soften the edge and then
with the colourpop E3 flat shader brush I’m taking this beautiful copper
metallic shade and I’m going to use it on my lid and I’m going to take it all
the way up to my crease With the same brush I’m taking some of
that sequence shade and I’m going to use it between the metallic and the matte
black eyeshadow in the outer corner to melt the two eyeshadows and soften it up and now is my favorite moment I’m going
to be using some of this gorgeous glitter and this is pressed glitter so
you don’t even need a base or anything sticky underneath on your lid before you
apply the glitter everything is mixed into it so you apply it directly on your lid and the best way to apply pressed glitter is
to use your finger and gently press it on your lid, and for corners and
hard-to-reach areas I’m going to use a flat shader brush. this glitter is not
chunky and you can’t even see that gel in it usually with pressed glitters I’ve
tried so many different brands as soon as I pick it up with my finger I can see
and feel the gel and it feels so uncomfortable on the lid so I usually
shy away from press letters but with this you can’t see the gel you can’t feel the gel
the glitter feels amazing, so comfortable on the lid so it’s very high quality and
it also looks so stunning. look at the glitter look at the shine
I can just go on and on but let’s proceed and move on to the next step. in
my lower lash line first I’m going to be smoking out the matte eye shadow and the brush that I’m using is a pencil brush from inno mineral cosmetics next I’m going to be using some
Maybelline gel liner, this is a smudge proof waterproof eyeliner and the brush
that I’ll be using is the Karity E21 this is an eyeliner brush so I’m going
to be using the gel liner in my waterline then I’m going to be tight
lining my lash line and then I’m going to draw out a wing and I’m also going to
line my top lash line and I’m going to extend the wing in the inner corner as
well to intensify my lower lashline I’m going
to use the matte black eyeshadow from memory I’m taking the color pop E20
brush once again and I’m going to use the eyeshadow very close to my waterline to highlight my browbones I’m taking
some of that metallic shade from soothe and the brush that I’m using is a flat
shader brush from hip dot. to finish up I’m going to curl my lashes and apply
some mascara I’m using the roller lash mascara from benefit cosmetics and for
lashes I’m going to be using tatti lashes in TL4. these are not from Tati
Beauty this is a completely different company if you want more information
you’ll find that in the description box below to pair the beautiful copper
tones I decided to go with a stunning red lip this is called big bang and this
is from the kiss the dusk set if you didn’t know colourpop recently launched
their lux liquid lipsticks and here is the completed look, a super
glam copper glitter smokey eye it almost looks like that cat eye smokey eye with
glitter and nice thing about this palette is you can create this look with
any other column so you can use any other color story and still create the
same look and if you do please don’t forget to tag name all my socials are
listed in the description box below and if you enjoyed this tutorial please
don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you’re new here please take a moment to
subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell icon because a lot of you have been
telling me that you’re not getting the notification so the bell is important
and let me know in the comment section below if you enjoyed this tutorial and
if you want more tutorials with this palette. I love you guys so much and I
will see you soon with a brand new video bye guys!


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