Tesla crashes through front doors of hair salon
Tesla crashes through front doors of hair salon

12 thoughts on “Tesla crashes through front doors of hair salon”

  1. Heather Evans says:

    Ya GOTTA know how to drive your car.. especially one with that kind of power.. LMAO

  2. johnDomain says:

    Beware! You gonna trigger Tesla's KULT members….

  3. Carl Maitland says:

    So much for the technical brain this car has, if this happens what else or who else will be next. A. I is a DEATH WEAPON

  4. Hoodoo Dino says:

    Well at least the engineers got it down to where the Tesla uses the door now… Just like potty training it's gonna take some time.

    Back in the days of black and white television there was a movie called "Killdozer". It was about a D-9 Cat that went crazy puttin' on the miles, going where it chose to go. The producers never figured out how to get it to use the door so I guess it was frustrated as it could not enter the hair salon to be pampered by the pretty stylists it knew were working within…

  5. BMAH says:

    $2 bet he was a senior

  6. Richard IJames says:

    Tesla". Im sorry but we just got notice of your accident.. we will be shutting off fast charging and you will need to pay $10k to have the car recertified as safe.. along with take one year to repair car…

  7. Roy Roots says:

    People should be required to have a driving license in order to legally operate a vehicle. If we did this there would be less accidents.

  8. yulianto rahardjo says:

    first timer tesla driver, maybe

  9. Mike Benedetto says:

    Did they handcuff the car?

  10. R D says:

    THOUSANDS of car crashes occur EACH DAY. How many THOUSANDS of car crashes have the MSM reported on today? Not one thousand, not one hundred. So its BS coverage.

  11. h.in.t says:

    Is it the Tesla Killaaaa?!?

  12. Andre Rodriguez says:

    Must have been in autopilot for this to happen! Sorry, just had to say what the media would say. This was driver error, but somehow Tesla will get blamed for this accident. Also the driver will try to sue Tesla for damages. He will swear he had his foot on the brake instead of accelerator pedal. Just like the case last year when a woman in Northern California ran her new Tesla into the garage, thinking she also had her foot on the brake pedal. Just bad drivers.

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