The $450 Contouring Facial Celebrities Swear By | Beauty Explorers
The $450 Contouring Facial Celebrities Swear By | Beauty Explorers

Caroline Aghajanian: Today,
I am going to get a facial with celebrity esthetician Biba de Sousa. She has done facials for
Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore, Emily Blunt, literally Hollywood
ladies with gorgeous skin. She has this one tool that’s supposed to de-puff my eyes and face, and it looks really cool, so I hope we use that today. Her treatments are fully
customized for your skin and cost over $300, so let’s go get the Hollywood treatment. Biba de Sousa: So, we’re
going to put this eye pads, and I’m going to take a look at your skin so that we can determine
what are we going to do. So, here’s what’s happening.
Your skin is clean. We’re going to do some little extractions on the side of the
skin. Right off the bat, you’re super dehydrated. Your barrier is stripped. So our goal today is going to be to hydrate you and restore your barrier. I can’t tell you what we’re going to do. Most of the times I just don’t know, because the next step will reveal the need for something else. I charge $300 for a one-hour treatment and then $450 for an hour and a half. So we’re going to start with cleansing, and we’re going to see how well you wash your face at night. Caroline: Oh, jeez. Biba: Is it all, like,
washed properly? So. Caroline: I am very rough on my skin. Like, I hate oil, and I,
like, scrub really hard, and I try to get everything out. I know it’s not the best thing, but. Biba: No, because
sometimes the oilier skin is not necessarily tougher. Oftentime, oilier skin is
actually more sensitive. More prone to redness, more vulnerable. You’re mistaking it with,
like, thick oily skin. You don’t have thick oily
skin; your skin is normal. We are going to do a little bit of microdermabrasion on you. Caroline: Microdermabrasion. Cool. Biba: Yeah. And this is, like,
a type of microdermabrasion that’s called orbital. Caroline: OK. Oh, my gosh,
it’s a massage for your cheeks. Biba: Yes, it vibrates and it exfoliates, but it’s not your, like, suction; its not, like, an abrasion. Caroline: Yeah. This is almost like it’s waking up my muscles. No? Biba: Mm-hmm. The benefits of microdermabrasion is just polishing off the dead skin cells. We’re going to actually do
something very beneficial for your skin, which is the
ultrasonic skin spatula. But, basically, it is this dull blade. Caroline: I have seen
that in so many videos. I’ve never tried it on my face. Biba: It’s a dull blade that oscillates on a high frequency. So it kicks off the
dead skin cells but also produces this phenomemon
that’s called cavitation, which breaks down the molecules of water into smaller particles, and then actually the skin accepts it, so it’s extremely beneficial
for the dehydrated skin because you will see how supple the skin will be after. So now that you’re exfoliated, we’re going to get into
lymphatic drainings. I know you were super interested in that. Caroline: Yes! Biba: All righty. So, this
is just a gliding cream. It’s a pomegranate massage cream that has shea butter, among other goodies. So how we move lymph is by breathing, exercising, and massaging, which is, this is a type of massage. We are going to contour the face. We’re going to reduce the
puffiness of the face, and then also we’re going to
irrigate your cells. Right. With the new tissue fluid. Caroline: I can feel it pulling my skin. Not in a bad way; it
actually feels really nice. Biba: Also this helps the skin tone because sometimes people have, like, they are either red or sallow, and it regulates that too because it brings the circulation up and then removes the
stagnant capillary blood. We’re going to go over the eyebrow area because we store lots of toxins here. Then we’re going to go inside, and this will perform an eye lift. Caroline: Do you have a favorite, like, celebrity skin you’ve worked on? Like, someone who continuously has great skin? Biba: Well, yeah, Emily Blunt. Caroline: Emily Blunt. Biba: Miley became a
master-level esthetician herself. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also, like, really invested in
herself and the knowledge, and it’s just a pleasure to work with people who just care, you know, because we can actually talk about it, so it’s so much fun. Miley at this point is
a master esthetician. You ask her, she could do a facial on you. So, I’m going to give
you a little massage, so we’re going to actually kind of, like, seal all of these goodies into your skin. Little firmer pressure, but this pressure also allows me to see where the problems are. So, note the massage is always upwards and outwards. Caroline: Oh, wow. That
feels good. [laughs] Biba: So, gua sha. Caroline: What is gua sha? Biba: Gua sha is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine. It’s done to detoxify the tissue, similar to what lymphatic drainage does, but this is a little harder. If you can feel, we’re getting into these little bumps, and those are all, like, little muscular, like, fibrotic adhesions, and we’re smoothing them, so we’re just actually
promoting the circulation. All right, so we’re going
to do some extractions. Caroline: Oh, great. I hear the gloves. That’s the sound of pimple popping coming. Biba: We are going to
use the microcurrent, so we’re just going to gently start working on your skin. Caroline: Oh, I feel it. Biba: If you feel the
current on your teeth, press your tongue against your teeth, and you’re not going to feel it. Caroline: OK, I’ll do that. Hmm. OK, that works. Biba: We’re going to
start lifting your skin because you complained about,
like, neck and the chin. So…not complained, but, you know. Well, you did complain. [laughs] And we’re going to do
another type of microcurrent for more precise contouring. Basically, when we start aging, we have that, like, fatigue on our face, so that’s what microcurrent does. It just kind of really
stimulates the muscles. The machine will tell muscles
to shorten or elongate as they need to, right. So that muscles will do
what they’re supposed to do. This is the last step in our process. That would be kind of like
your red-carpet treatment. Very light exfoliation, very much massage and
stimulation and lifting. Caroline: It’s been a little over a week since my facial with Biba, and I thought this would be a good time to give my final thoughts. Immediately after the treatment, I did feel a little bit light-headed, and I think it’s because of all the microcurrents we used on my face, so I just made sure to
drink a lot of water, which Biba told me I needed more of, and I felt fine. While all the techniques
Biba did felt great, my favorite was the facial
massage with a lot of pressure. It really felt like she
was realigning my face. It was a lot more
pressure than I’m used to, but I think my facial muscles
were so relaxed after, so that was really nice. She has all the techniques
needed for a facial that day. Whether you want to treat
acne, exfoliate the skin, hydrate the skin, which is what I needed. So it’s like a low-key customization without feeling too overwhelmed, and I think that’s why
celebrities want to go to her, because it’s not a
one-facial-fits-all experience, and also you’re going there not only to treat your skin but to kind of get away from everything and get away from that
hectic Hollywood lifestyle.

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