The Easiest Way To Cover Dark Circles & Pigmentation | Base Makeup Routine
The Easiest Way To Cover Dark Circles & Pigmentation | Base Makeup Routine

Hello guys, welcome back to the Glamrs studio In this series of videos where Ragini is our model I’m going to demonstrate to you how to do a festival skin, skin that kind of lasts for a length or a long period of time, along with that I’ll show you coverage that’s on point so that the skin can look radiant and bright and brilliant to set the stage for your festival makeup. Continuing on we’re going to do bridal makeup that we’ve been asked so much about that refers to Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma so the whole point is less is more. Really looking forward to the next videos and I hope you enjoy them too! Gonna get started So we have Ragini here who’s of a medium to fair-skinned tone But if you notice on her face you’ll see very prominent discoloration under her eyes on her eyelids and slight around her nose and mouth as well. Now I know a lot of people struggle with how to bring this back to her normal skin colour, if you see the rest of her she’s bright, golden but her under eyes can pose a problem. I’m going to start from the very scratch I have applied moisturiser Despite being here for several years I still have from audiences the same question about how do you keep your makeup on for lengthy periods of time and there’s no better answer I can give apart from the fact that you do have a regular and good skincare regime but that apart post moisturizer I would use a primer So I’m going to start with that it’s kind of a clear gel Take a pea-sized amount and that should do for the rest of the face So whether you wear a full face of makeup or wear it sparingly It’s a very good idea to start with a primer. So what I’m going to do first just take an even amount and apply it all over the face You’ll see there is a definite difference a primer makes to the skin, it’s mattified the eyelid whereas you can see the gloss from the moisturizer on this eyelid So that’s pretty much the role of a primer A great base before you start wearing your makeup So what I’m going to do is demonstrate the base on half the face so it’s very clear to you how you can tackle this problem especially and basically balance the skin between the face and the neck and bring it to the same colour.So I’m going take a concealer brush which is the easiest way to apply because rounded brushes apply the product much lighter than you would if you used your hands or a flat brush So when you’re not very comfortable, rely on soft rounded brushes to do the job for you. Alright, I’m going to show you how I mix So I’m just taking a spot of orange, don’t be afraid by the colour just yet there’s a way to cover it. You want a very very light kind of film of orange Just now you go into the yellow, yellow will brighten the orange So if you notice the yellow helps brighten the areas and bring it to the fore, but you’re not done yet. This is just the corrector that’s gone on in really thin layers now I’m going to use a concealer In the event that any of you across the spectrum of Indian coloring cannot find a concealer you would be happy if you invested in an orange corrector and yellow corrector and mix them until you find the balance for your skin. So I’m going to progress and get on with the makeup, just repeating the same thing on the other side, around the mouth a little bit and progress. So now I’m getting on with it I’m going to use a foundation that matches her skin Again tools you can use anything you want, some people prefer puffs some people prefer hands but I always rely on brushes because I find the finish to be really sheer and very efficient finish for the rest of your makeup to stay on. So the base is done and I’m just going to clear up the lines on the eyes and powder it to get started with my coloured makeup. So there you have it, it’s a very clean and bright base and you can also see that the under eyes have been really corrected and it’s all set for the rest of the makeup!

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