The Goth Who Lives With A Lolita Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
The Goth Who Lives With A Lolita Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

ROSIE HINTON: I love being with someone that aesthetically looks like satan, but also loves the things that I present myself as. People get a kick out of seeing us kind of wandering about. ROSIE HINTON: My name is Rosie and I like pastel things. My style is 80’s space baby. JUDE BISHOP: My name is Jude and I’m a goth basically, I just love all things black and white. ROSIE HINTON: My style actually originated from Japanese street fashion, bats make me happy. I often see my style as an escapism from the real world because it’s so easy to fall into a dream-like state when you’re surrounded by so many visuals, so much decoration, so much colour. JUDE BISHOP: My favourite colour is black. JUDE BISHOP: When I don’t have my makeup on, it’s off, it’s just me not ready yet. JUDE BISHOP: Lots of people assume that, that it is like a costume or a mask or something but I definitely don’t feel that way, I feel like more myself like this than I do when I wake up in the morning. ROSIE HINTON: So this is the wardrobe, we don’t have like a dining area really, JUDE BISHOP: We just eat in bed, let’s be honest here. ROSIE HINTON: We just, yeah JUDE BISHOP: We just stay in bed. We chose to completely split it down the middle because we obviously didn’t want to mix our wardrobes in together so we wanted our own separate spaces, ROSIE HINTON: I mean this is kind of a joke but we kind of also like it. JUDE BISHOP: My favourite thing about us living together is if you’ve just had like, a bad day at work or something really simple, to just be able to pop next door have someone who genuinely understands everything you say. ROSIE HINTON: And a space where we feel comfortable to like, decorate and make our own. JUDE BISHOP: If we went to a shop and we needed toothpaste and there was any like one tube, ROSIE HINTON: Like Colgate, ROSIE HINTON: Like the blue, red and white, naah, that can go away. JUDE BISHOP: We just wouldn’t have toothpaste. ROSIE HINTON: I’ve got a marshmallow flavoured toothpaste and the packet is lilac and pink and it’s got these happy little marshmallows on BOTH: And JUDE BISHOP: And mine’s whole black and white and its charcoal so the original toothpaste is black. My guitar which I also don’t play, it’s got Black Veil Brides on it so I have it. ROSIE HINTON: Have you ever played it? JUDE BISHOP: Well obviously when I got it, I had the full intention of becoming a rockstar. ROSIE HINTON: I see yeah, of course yeah. JUDE BISHOP: So yeah, I’ve played it once. *Laughter* ROSIE HINTON: We met at college and the, the reason we met is because we both looked very strange. JUDE BISHOP: We were the strangest people at college like, like obviously ROSIE HINTON: Oh yeah, easily, easily. I was just intrigued by her. JUDE BISHOP: So the curtains are always shut because they’re safety pinned and they’re blackout curtains. I don’t like the light, I also don’t like the people outside. ROSIE HINTON: I don’t think I had ever in my life seen someone dressed so intensely, she was just black everywhere like, gorgeous makeup and like, metal everywhere. I thought I was the only Lolita in the world. I felt alone a lot of the time and seeing this other kind of strange being, I was automatically drawn to her and that’s just where our friendship grew.
It’s our favourite bit, is the lamb in the hot air balloon with the two giant pieces of candy floss. I think that’s why we connected so much because we do have a core kind of style but so many inspirations drawn in from so many different things. I like to keep my collections in, so they’re kind of grouped together in the same place, so I’ve got a little, a different kind of theme in every segment of my room if you will. Oh yes, my snail. So he escaped and ate some of the wall. JUDE BISHOP: It’s only the paint. ROSIE HINTON: It’s only the paint so we can paint over it. Lets go to the kitchen and we can give him a wash. I feel like this apartment is just so like chill all the time ROSIE HINTON: He’s a bit shy today. JUDE BISHOP: I get a lot of attention in the street by a lot of people especially people ask for photos a lot, things like that. We don’t, I don’t, really like to be honest, I’d rather just walk around and people don’t notice me which I think is a common misconception with people that look alternative or extreme. They assume that you want the attention, you want to be the centre of attention all the time but a lot of us don’t. I just like looking like this. ROSIE HINTON: It’s never just attention, it’s, “Why do you look like that?”, “Who are you?”, “Why are you doing it?”. It’s always like they’re trying to find a reason for what I’m doing instead of just being ok with it. ROSIE HINTON: When I get people come up to me in the street saying, “I love the way you look like, you’re really inspirational”, that warms my heart and I’m so humbled because inspiring people is inspiring you know, for oneself When I was growing up, what I heard is, “You’re not going to get a regular job”, “You’re not going to get a job ever”, you know if you get tattoos in an obvious place, if you choose to look weird and instead of being like, “Oh no, I will take all my piercings out and I’ll look like a normal human being”. I thought, well maybe I don’t want the normal job if it’s not going to let me be who I’m. JUDE BISHOP: I definitely think that people do jump to conclusions based off of the way you look. People do assume that you’re either going to be rude and angry or you’re just like sad and depressed, it’s quite strange, but I really like to break the stereotype of that. I like to be the cheerful goth, the, the friendly one who would get off of her seat for the old lady on the tube. ROSIE HINTON: Its, it’s me, it’s completely how I feel on the inside and just trying to show that to the world, trying to display how I feel in my brain on my body. I love being with someone that aesthetically looks like satan but also loves the things that I present myself as. I think that’s why we’ve got such a strong connection. People get a kick out of seeing us kind of wandering about. “Why are you friends, if you like black and you like pink?”. You can’t like more than two colours in this world.

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