The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins’ Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure
The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins’ Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure

100 thoughts on “The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins’ Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure”

  1. Firas Farhat says:

    im on my dads thing im his daughter but when my baby sister watches wiggles she sings with them shes like wiggle wiggle wiggle shes in love with wiggles

  2. adrienne says:

    she takes care of herself so well

  3. Niamh Gabrielle says:

    "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y! – Dorothy the Dinosaur! " – always in my head 20 years later!

  4. Sarah N. says:

    This was my favorite “entire routine” so far!! So fun!

  5. Conaday Sweet says:

    Ware was the yellow man wiggle thy should have used it as that she was a sister

  6. BrawlY Moments says:

  7. Ordinaryme says:

    Maybe I’m the only one but can we get more of these please

  8. tide pod says:

    I feel like such a slug to see a woman who’s so smiley and happy and put together and then you see me :£

  9. POPCULT says:

    she’s so refreshing, like cola

  10. Just Katelyn says:

    Tbh I liked the yellow guy better but I’m kinda biased he was my childhood. But now I like her just the same

  11. srosario70 says:

    Why doesn’t she have her own hair and makeup team? I would think a show as successful as the wiggles could afford a hair and makeup team. I know she’s making good money but she has to buy her own wigs and makeup too!?!?

  12. Tam712 says:

    Emma Wiggle could be the next Disney Princess. 😁

  13. Klaudia says:

    I got 4 condom adds on this..

    I love YouTube man

  14. Sarah Duquette says:

    Love that they interviewed her in Sudbury, Ontario. Literally the most unglamourous place for Allure to go, lmaooo

  15. Mikenzee Barnes says:

    What is the wiggle

  16. Nick Matthews says:

    Why did I just watch all of this?

  17. Madalena R says:

    Urmmmm, i want the rest of the wiggles' make up routine thnx

  18. Maya Bartels says:

    I watched the wiggles when I was like not even 1 up until I was 7 and omg MEMOrIESSS

  19. Jen W says:

    She’s so lovely. I wish I could be this positive and happy

  20. CaptainKirk says:

    Okay but where was Gregs routine tho 😒

  21. Brooke says:

    She's so brilliant and sweet, I bet the children seeing the show love her, even in this video she was so captivating I was really engaged

  22. Sophia Brown says:

    why did this make me cry

  23. Kyra Brown says:

    Bruh look what she did 0:54

  24. Alyssa Marie says:

    For the wiggles do you wear a wig or is it your real hiar

  25. catbeara says:

    Woah, I hope she gets paid well.

  26. Saffron Sahota says:

    Why does she remind me of Aussie Anne Hathaway?!

  27. isabel phung says:

    i still miss the og group

  28. wildegrl86 says:

    How amazing! So much respect for her. She took the time to explain everything with such sincerity

  29. esto pesto says:

    I love her and The Wiggles. Took my 5 yr old to his second show last week and it was amazing. A whole room of people commited to seeing children happy is so nice

  30. Rose Petal says:

    Bruh where’s Greg

  31. Liesel Cybulski says:

    Wow I love these episodes please make more! I grew up watching the wiggles and I loved watching this process!

  32. Lisa Hooper says:

    She's adorable!!!

  33. aurumheaven says:

    Um excuse me, you can’t fool me, this is a straight up Disney princess. How lovely is she.

  34. Corbin Jesse says:

    She's beautiful

  35. Tiana Leyone says:

    How does she look so young on stage 😂

  36. Tayla Weatherell says:

    Gingers unite

  37. Chera Longfritz says:

    i didn't know this person existed before this video as i am a full grown adult but now i am in love with her.

  38. Dumb Ass Bitch says:


  39. Alessia Ayoub says:

    My daughter loves the wiggles so much it’s crazy 😭

  40. a n n i e v / y says:

    You know as a kid I was pretty pissed that she became the yellow one but watching this I’ve forgiven her 😂 She’s actually so kind and heartwarming 💕💕

  41. battyclout says:

    Oof I was 6 when u started

  42. Mike Hunt says:

    I hope my son never takes interest in the wiggles

  43. Bryan Vo says:

    i cannot believe you wore a wig ):

  44. zahra fatima says:

    i’ve never seen someone with such positive energy

  45. Trang Le says:

    Can you please do this for a cirque du Soleil performer pleaseeee!!!!

  46. Madison says:

    I haven't watched The Wiggles in 20 years…why am I watching this

  47. Sophie Blankensop says:

    Have I ever once in my life watched The Wiggles? No. Would I now die for this woman? Yes.

  48. Addict with a Pen says:

    She kinds reminds me of anne hathway for some reason

  49. portia violet says:

    I remember when a heap of people in aus were angry when she became a wiggle, sis we finally got a girl wiggle

  50. Sarah Shabanowitz says:

    This video was super wholesome and sweet! I love how dedicated and talented she is💕

  51. Nah says:

    Such a demanding job and she does it so well, I could never

  52. Emily Coppin says:

    I still like the original wiggles better

  53. JoyfulMD says:

    She looks like if Ann Hathaway was pretty

  54. Liz Carney says:


  55. Paper Pens Kids says:

    She is a lovely person ♡her life it looks like there is alot happening all the time.

  56. Steve Harvey X Howie Mandel says:

    She has all these talents and she chooses the wiggles?

  57. Life in Bonnieland says:

    There's no way that woman doesn't have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 😱

  58. Danielle Gouwens says:

    Emma, you're truly amazing. My son and I love watching you and were so happy to see you this summer in Chicago

  59. Lily Moss-yerg says:

    I remember watching the Wiggles when I was little (early 2000’s). I even got to see them live.

  60. AlmazB says:

    TCB s curls so 90's lol

  61. Blue 403 says:

    She looks so much like Anne Hathaway when she has all her makeup on.

  62. WookiesInOnesies says:

    Wow.. Never actually realised how long the days can be for people in kids entertainment. And she does it all with a smile on her face! I love her! She's so precious and lovely!

  63. Ashley Spratlin says:

    17:04 That sweet baby on the right. My heart. ❤️❤️😭😭 She's so cute.

  64. msbrowneyez9109 says:

    All curly girls know about luster’s pink oil moisturizer

  65. Lauren Anderson says:

    This is the best series on Allure – I watch every episode. These women are incredible!

  66. Clary Hustles says:

    She seems cool but she’ll never be the original wiggles

  67. Gracie Johnson says:


  68. RavensSarora says:

    I've no idea what the wiggles are but she seems so lovely

  69. Scotty Bear says:

    Aww she seems lovely.

  70. justine says:

    she has a net worth of 12 million…i

  71. KatelynJoy Inc. says:

    im fifteen and grew up watching the Wiggles the original wiggles lol, i saw them live and never realized how everything went down

  72. France St-Martin says:

    Omg the shot of her outside the show venue made me do a double take cuz ITS MY TOWN AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEY CAME

  73. L P says:

    Wow, she's awesome, and I can't believe the energy she has. So jealous.

  74. alyssaamercedess says:


  75. peyton parent says:

    she’s so poised and humble! i also appreciate her love of broccoli 🙂

  76. Danielle Kreeger says:

    She somehow manages to feel like my mom and sister at the same time lol. The most comforting energy ever

  77. CHECK THIS OUT! (CTO) says:

    6:42 :O

  78. H B says:

    My niece and nephew are obsessed with her.

  79. bria lee says:

    oml she's such a virgooooooo

  80. Shaahazadee Khaaliq says:

    Her teeth are perfect!!

  81. LovesDarkBlue says:

    My niece LOVES the Wiggles and you are her favorite! She has autism and is cognitively very delayed for her age, but the Wiggles gets her moving, learning, and interacting. My sister and brother-in-law took her to see Wiggles live earlier this year!

  82. Tianna Garcia says:

    Her life is so fast and just never stops, but she just keeps on smiling and it’s amazing!

  83. jaida knight says:

    why do i love her oh my gosh

  84. Rebecca Damman says:

    i LOVE her voice

  85. Diana Rosario says:

    lowkey wanna be a wiggle now…

  86. Jessicaisamommy94 says:

    I grew up on wiggles my kids watch wiggles . This was interesting

  87. M'Kayla says:

    I love her so much!!! I’m so glad this popped up in my recommended. I have a baby who loves dancing to The Wiggles just like I did when I was little. The Wiggles are one of the few kids shows/videos I can tolerate because they don’t assume kids are dumb. Like Emma said with not changing her voice to much just because she’s talking to children. I’m so glad they’re still thriving.

  88. Aditi Soman says:


  89. Dee Missy says:

    the way she says “ooo sorry” to the wig is actually me haha

  90. Katia Manfredi says:

    Self sufficient! !!

  91. Karen Durant says:

    Aww Emma you are my new favorite person. 💖💖💖

  92. Olayinka K Daramola says:

    I like that she has creative control for her own makeup and bows and hair.

  93. Jaymee McAliece says:

    Does she know how to be an adult?

  94. yang says:

    her colour rlly matches her 🙁 shes a bright and warm person,, we dont deserve her

  95. Sweetasscoco B says:

    EMMA IS WORTH 10 MILLION ! I’ll be happy asf too 🤣🤣🤣 love her tho I clicked because I have a child who watches this 25/8 . SAY THE DANCE ! DO THE DANCE ! 🤣🤣

  96. Queenwolf_09 says:

    This was badly edited. That is all

  97. Ella Pracilio says:

    Whoever dislikes this video is evil . She is so pure

  98. Mark John says:

    The Wiggles are evil

  99. Mummy Sas says:

    With the amount of money the wiggles make- thats alot of effort and responsibility Emma has to get into character. There ought to be a makeup artist helping her right??

  100. Marion 124 says:

    Any other scots here just thinking is the wiggles like a fancy singing kettle??

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