They Shut Down Ulta Beauty for Us?!?
They Shut Down Ulta Beauty for Us?!?

– Also, I have a favorite brow? My left one’s my favorite one. – [Chrissy] Your left brow? – That one’s always on point and the other one is always like, the bald-headed step-child, you know? (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Announcer] Today’s
episode is brought to you by Ulta Beauty: your holiday destination
to give, gather, and glow. Available in stores
and online at – What’s up you guys, and welcome
back to “Beauty Trippin'”! – Hi! – So Sinead, another maiden voyage. – I know! – First of all, it’s freezing outside. – Yeah, like, actually freezing. – So we have a little clue! (vocalizing trumpet sounds) Your presents is required. – Okay? – So, presents like Santa. (bright pop rock music) Sinead, it’s at the Ulta store! – Oh, okay! Oo, presents? Ulta store? So we’re gonna get to
go shopping, hopefully? – Which so sounds good to me! (laughing) – Oh, my gosh! – I love Ulta, so, sure,
I’ll take presents. – Yes, please! It’s cold, it feels like the
holidays are actually upon us. – It does. – And then we get to go spoil ourselves? – And that has to be what it is, ’cause what else?
– Yay! – Like, holiday, presents,
Ulta, buy things. (sparkling guitar music) – [Anna Marie] Welcome to Ulta Beauty! – This is the Holy Grail. How you doin’? I’m Drew.
– Hi, Drew, I’m Anna Marie. – Sinead, nice to meet you. – Hi, Sinead, nice to meet you. – It smells so nice in here! – And you match, I love
that you match the store. – Well, it’s officially
the holiday season, so you’re gonna find so much
to give, so much to gather, and so many ways to glow. – So, wait, what are we doing today? – We’ve got a really special
day planned for your girls. – Okay.
– I like it! – The first stop is gonna be the salon. – The salon?
– For us? – We’re gonna go to the
salon for you guys, yeah. – You’re gonna take us to the salon? – Wait till you see, yep! – Like, pampered? – Like pampered. – You’re gonna pamper us at the salon? – Gonna pamper, let’s go! Let’s get glowin’! – This is a work, let’s get glowin’? Let’s get glowin!
– It’s the best day ever! – [Drew] So cute! – All right, there’s gonna be
plenty of time for shopping. – Okay, good. Good, good, good.
– Right? But first, Tresoir is
waiting for your facials. – Thank you so much!
– Through these doors, through the golden doors.
– Through the golden doors! – Hello!
– Hi! – I’m Drew.
– Hi, Drew, I’m Tresoir. – Oh, my god, beautiful name! Tresoir, yes!
– Thank you! – Also, beautiful, perfect
hair, that I love so much! – Thank you.
– I’m just looking at it! – This beautiful, perfect human! – I’m Sinead, nice to meet you. – Hi, Sinead, it’s a pleasure, welcome! So, Sinead, you’re
going to be going first. Okay, so I’m gonna have
you take off your jacket and your top that you have on. You’re gonna put this on.
– Cute! – Wrap around, okay, and
then we’re gonna get started. – Yay! – Little tube top situation.
– I know! – Today, my dear, you’re going to have the Ultamate Skin Resurfacing treatment, powered by Dermalogica
Pro Power technology. – I’m so excited. – You have no allergies
or any of that, right? – Not that I know of! – I love it. – You’re not allergic to anything? – Not in my skin like that. I’m allergic to like,
ammonia, but we’re not gonna put ammonia on my face, so. – [Tresoir] No, we are not. – And sherbet ice cream,
but that’s about it! – How did you find out you
were allergic to sherbet? – Well, I ate like an entire pint of it in like, an hour, and then
I got all these pimples like all over my body and then – – Sinead, I don’t think you’re allergic, I think you just ate
whole pint of ice cream. – [Sinead] No, that’s what my mom said! Oh, whoa.
– [Drew] What is that? – So this is called a bt-Micro. This is a sonic spatula
and this is what I use to cleanse the skin, exfoliate, extract, and send ingredients in deeper. So this is the skin resurfacing cleanser, this is a 5% lactic acid cleanser. – Whatever brush this
is, I need it in my life. Like, it feels so good. – [Drew] It looks like it does! – I think I would just
like, sit there on the couch and just like, rub it on my face. – So I’m gonna use that bt-Micro again to remove it. (upbeat jazzy music) So now, Sinead, this is the part where I’m going to
perform exfoliation, okay? I’m gonna be using our Hero
product, the Daily Microfoliant which is a wonderful rice
enzyme powder exfoliant. You just add water to it. – So here’s my confession: I am obsessed with the
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I’ve never had somebody else do it for me, which just makes me so excited, ’cause like, sometimes I’ll
just sit there and like, ah, it feels so good! – And you just whip it!
– I’ve heard good things. – Look at that, nice and fluffy! – [Drew] So fluffy! – Like egg whites. (laughing) – I wonder what you would taste like if I licked your face right now. Like, I just feel like you
would taste really good. – I know you feel like it would, but it probably wouldn’t. You would probably, y’know,
taste, like, cleanser. Moisturizer.
– You just look so fresh! Like a lil peach! (laughing) – Okay.
– Right? – Do you know that this
is the first facial I’ve ever gotten in my life? – What? – Are you serious? You’re a facial virgin?
– This is the first time? – Oh, my gosh! (holiday hip-hop music) The powerful chemical exfoliation that you just received is
designed to give your skin a beautiful, beautiful glow. – Oh, my god, okay, wait. Is it my turn yet, ’cause I
wanna have a powerful glow! Okay, so, what is the
Multi-Masking Treatment? – It’s really, what are your concerns, what are your skin concerns? – My main concerns are
discoloration, like, pigmentation, ’cause I used to have really bad acne and it left me with a lot of scarring. And I know I used to have really oily skin but I think it’s more combination now. – We’re gonna do a little bit of multi-vitamin Power Recovery mask and I’m also gonna add in
a little clinical oatmeal. Because I think some soothing
is definitely called for. (holiday hip hop music) – I honestly had no idea that this was even a possibility at Ulta? And the fact that it’s just so
convenient and it’s just like quick and easy? – Yes! – Like, if I knew, I
probably wouldn’t have waited this long to have my first facial. – So now we’re gonna set you
up for your masking, okay? You’re going to have, count, four masks. – Ah, wow! – Eyes, lips, two on
the face and neck, okay? – Cool. (jazzy holiday R&B music) – So, Drew? – Yes? – You are off to Benefit Brow Bar. – I get more things done? – Brows and lashes. – Oh, my gosh, Drew, that’s amazing! – This is the best day ever! – And Sinead?
– Yes? – You are off to the salon
to get a fantastic blowout. – Oh my god. This is why my mom doesn’t
believe I actually work! – Hi, Drew, I’m Chrissy,
I’m a brow arch expert. So today we’re gonna get
your brows waxed and styled and a lash application. Have you ever been waxed before? – Never ever! Well, my eyebrows. – [Chrissy] Okay, great,
you’re gonna love it. – Okay, so I’m a little nervous. – Tell me about your brows. – I love my brows. This is the thing, I’ve
always been so hesitant to get them waxed, just because I’m afraid of looking like the 90s. Y’know how everybody was
like, really skinny lashes? – Yeah, we don’t want that. – I mean, look, I don’t want it, I don’t. – You have beautiful brows. – Thank you! – So we’re definitely, we’re
gonna keep them nice and full. – Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. – So we’re gonna start
with brow mapping you. And you can go ahead and
take a look in the mirror, if you like. – Oh, brow mapping. – So, going from the groove of your nose, going straight up, this is
where your brow’s gonna start. So we never wanna wax them,
like, further apart or closer. – Gotcha.
– And then going from the corner of your nose to
the center of your iris, this is gonna be where they arch. – The mechanics of it all! Also, I have a favorite brow, my left one’s my favorite one. – [Chrissy] Your left brow? – That one’s always on point and the other one is always like, the bald-headed step-child, y’know? I just think it’s so cool, ’cause I’m obsessed with
the whole holiday season, and it’s so festive in here and it’s the perfect time to just come in, your one-stop shop, get
all your cosmetics things, and then also get your hair
done, get your facial done, get your eyebrows done? (groovy synth music) – I’m gonna go ahead and
show you your eyebrows. – Right now?
– Yes. Oh, my god, okay, are you ready? These look, y’know I’m not
even like over-reacting. This is, wow. – Okay, well let’s get
these lashes on now. – Oh, I forgot about the lashes! – So these are our strip lashes, they’re our Lashes in a Flash. So you can buy these in the store and we apply them on the same day. – You guys, I’m tellin’
you, it’s a one-stop shop! (groovy synth music) – Take a look? – Oh, my god, she’s cute! She’s ready. Benefit, Ulta, come through! – [Announcer] Meanwhile… – All right, Sinead,
welcome to the Wash Room at the Salon at Ulta Beauty. The next step in your day
of beauty and pampering is a deep-conditioning treatment and the Tousled Texture Blowout. – Oh, I’m so excited. I can’t even tell you the
last time I had somebody wash and blow dry my hair. I am gonna warn you,
though, there’s a lot of it. This is gonna be a little
bit of a challenge. – I got your back, don’t worry, you’re gonna love your blowout and it’s gonna be super-smooth
and super textured. – Oh my god, okay! (throwback Holiday music) – All right, have a seat right here. – Okay, thank you, thank you! – So, now we’re gonna go right into the Tousled Texture blowout. I’m gonna smooth you out a little bit with an extension brush, it’s
gonna give you nice shine and manageability, and then I’m gonna use my
T3 and do some really fun tousled waves. – Okay, cool! I need to take notes! (Holiday R&B music) – Sinead, you look so cute! No, I can’t get over it. You’re a miracle worker. – Well she’s got great hair to work with. – All I can is that I’m never
doing anything myself again. – Oh, ever? No. Shouldn’t have to. – Hi ladies!
– Hi! How’s it going, you both look amazing! – Thank you, it’s going so good! – I live here now. I’m movin’ in.
– Perfect! – We’re movin’ in! – So the day’s not over yet! We’ve got holiday shopping to do! Your family, your friends,
but don’t forget yourselves! – Forget the family and friends! – Oh, my gosh, right? Also, thank you so much. This looks amazing, I gotta go shop. But I love you.
– You guys, please, go shop. – I love you too!
– Enjoy yourselves. I’m comin’ with you girls. – Gonna take you guys home with me. – Oh, yes, come on, let’s go! (bright holiday music) – Okay, so, basically, hashtag blessed, and this is the best day ever, y’know? – I’m dying, I’m dying! – I know, and it’s all like,
our favorite products too, which is the best. Like, I friggen love this
Nudestix, right over here. – Oo, yes. – In the tin, ’cause it comes
with that liner and the stick. And this gloss? It’s amazing. Also you know I’m obsessed
with Mario Badescu. – [Drew] Oh, that’s your stuff! – Yeah, because this is
the type of thing you use when you’ve just had a perfect facial and your face is hydrated
and plumped, and moisturized! – Killer.
– AKA us! – Sinead, look how freakin’ cute! Look at the Hello Kitty OPI stuff! – Oh my god, these are so cute! – Wait, first of all-
– And the packaging? – The packaging, right,
with the little bows? – I love nail collabs, honestly. – You know I’m such a
nail girl, and OPI is, I swear by their colors. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, I’m definitely
getting this for my cousin. Done, Christmas shopping. – Wow, you’re so selfless. I don’t think I could’ve done that. – It took some self-reflection. – Oo, perfume!
– The fragrance aisle! – Okay, so we know what this is. Remember, this is Cosmo’s perfume. – Yeah, when we went to New
York and went to their offices. – That’s right, so freakin’ cute. This packaging makes me so happy. – Smells so good. – I feel like I need to get
this for my sister for sure. – Oh, she’d love that! – I know, and it’s just so cute! It also, it says here
that if you buy $50 worth of fragrance, you get a free gift! So maybe buy a fragrance
for a family member and take the gift for yourself. – Oh, my god, Sinead, they have James Charles’ Mini Palette. Look how pretty the colors are? – I know, there’s so many,
that’s why I love this palette so much, ’cause it’s
literally every shade. – I’ll give this to Jackie.
– Oo, that’s good. – She’ll love that, right? (whimsical holiday music) – This is all of the Ulta scents. Okay, Spiced Cookie, this
is like, the one thing I- – Spiced cookie smell? – Yeah, right, ’cause like,
only during the holidays is it okay to walk around
like, just overly smelling like a sugar cookie. – No, no, no. – Oh, my god, these
Benefit boxes are so cute. – Sinead, Sinead.
– Yes? – Listen closely. You see my face, you see these brows? – Yeah, they’re amazing. – The Precisely Number Six is the reason why they look like this. – This one?
– Yes. – Then you definitely need that. And also, can you please
tell me, like, later, how she did it? Because they look incredible and like, you need to
stand a foot away from me at all times ’cause mine
do not look that great. – This Honey, this palette,
the Naked Honey palette? – I wanna eat it!
– It’s amazing, honestly. – You know who would love this? Winnie the Pooh. – Yes! You know who also would love this? Me. (laughing) – I have this.
– What? – Yeah! – Yeah, I definitely need this now. – It’s so good! – Oh, my gosh. – It’s Tracee Ellis Ross’s? – Yes, and look at her packaging! This is like the type of
thing that makes me so happy. – How cute it is! – It says “for coilies, for curlies”… – I didn’t even know she had her own line. – This is so cute. – Oh my god, obsessed. And it’s so like, thick and full? – Yeah, I come from like
a family of curly heads, obviously, so I think I’m gonna get one of these for like my mom? Like a leave-in conditioner? Thank you very much! Okay, Drew, I know that you
were busy getting your brows sculpted by gods while I
was getting my hair done, and not that I could
ever do what Justin did, but I’m gonna get this CHI set, it’s got all the attachments so I can create, like,
the perfect type of curl. – Oh, my god, that, I’ve
never seen that before, an attachment to the, a hot appliance? – Yeah, because like, you
don’t always want the same type of curl? You know what, this holiday season I don’t want the same type of curl. – Cute! Wait up, Sinead, you know
what I’m most excited about? First of all, Ulta carries Kylie. – Oh, I know! It’s the best. – Which, I remember back in the day when you could only get Kylie products through her website?
– Online, yeah. – So it’s so cool that-
– Those were like, the Dark Ages, y’know? – They really, oh my god. – They have everything! – They have her Holiday Lip Collection! – Oh my god, it’s so cute! – For a stocking stuffer,
– Yeah, that’s perfect! – How cute is that? – Or just like putting it on the tree? – Oh, my god, hanging it? You guys, this is exclusive to Ulta. You can only get it here, so if you want it, you gotta stop by Ulta. Oh her, they have the lip kits! I forget, they have everything! – [Sinead] They have everything here! – Wait, Sinead, which red did you try on that one episode we did? – [Sinead] It was Red Velvet. – Are you sure?
– Yeah, it was Red Velvet. – This color is stupid. Like, it is so vibrant and so pretty and the lip liner just makes
it go on so perfect and even. Obsessed. – All right ladies, how was
it, did you get everything you wanted? – Honestly, yes! Plus like gifts for all
of our family members too. – I think this is the most
efficient holiday shopping I’ve ever done.
– Yeah, for sure. Because we shopped for ourselves, too? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Let’s be real. – All right, girls, I hope you had fun! – Thank you so much!
– Thank you! – This was the best day.
– Literally, ever. I’m coming back.
– Yeah. – Every day of my life. – I’m gonna go cry over these things. – [All] Bye! (groovy synth music)

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    Sidnead’s hair look so good when ever it’s still wet. She has so many beautiful curls!

  98. Brittany Clark says:

    wait no i wanna know the story of the sherbert!

  99. syamsul a says:

    9:10 that guy is hot!!!!! 😍🔥🔥 Who is he???? Anyone?

  100. Darrell Harris says:

    Tracois is the TRUTH!!!

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