Top 15 Super Cool Hairstyle for Every Women | Amazing Hair Transformation by Professional
Top 15 Super Cool Hairstyle for Every Women | Amazing Hair Transformation by Professional

Top 15 Super Cool Hairstyle for Every Women | Amazing Hair Transformation by Professional Thank you for watching!
Hope you enjoy & like it!

100 thoughts on “Top 15 Super Cool Hairstyle for Every Women | Amazing Hair Transformation by Professional”

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  2. Kikka Lopez says:

    O primeiro cabelo era um ninho de ratos…🥴

  3. DuaiPuqi says:

    Dang Boi she's not a doll…

  4. Holly333 says:

    Ok I'm finished. Now I shall flip your hair around.

  5. Mel W says:

    Always blonde hair, stupid curls and the playing with the hair at the end and pushing it in their face. I would smack them.

  6. Kitty Kat says:

    They keep doing the same thing… Ashy ombre… OK and?

  7. Atika Farid says:

    زوين بزاف فين هاد الصالون عافاكككككمممم

  8. Norah Sng786 says:

    1.45 what was the colour name?

  9. Dalgoberto Venâncio says:

    Nossa que mudança

  10. Lilit Sargsyan says:

    Супер стиль❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌

  11. عمار عمار says:


  12. low battery says:

    OMG amazing 👍💇‍♀️

  13. Blake Macy says:

    3:20 looks horrible he must her up

  14. L Daher says:

    Medusa needs to cut her hair off.

  15. Ayah Sardani says:

    I-don’t -have – any – words -but ——-WOW

  16. キャベツミント says:


  17. Тюлень says:

    Вау! Как хорошо делают😍 молодцы😚

  18. HADEEL HADEEL says:

    الي عجبني 😍 الشغل بدون قص ✂️

  19. Юлия Петрунина says:

    Девушкам с восточной внешностью противопоказаны светлые волосы, это удешевляет внешний вид в разы

  20. Виктория Сергиенко says:

    Ну да в салоне красотка. А дома снова ужас при укладке

  21. Kay Glenn says:

    I love how he keeps playing with the 1st ones hair tryna add more volume I’m assuming, but sis has all the volume she needs already 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  22. Карина Гамзаева says:

    С волосами первой клиентки он просто игрался😹😹😹👌

  23. Rosita Frutos says:


  24. Deepika Sharma says:

    0:05 OMG 🦱😱😱

  25. Лилия Григорьева says:

    ugly cold blond, girls immediately get older, they look like an old woman with a young face, I have never seen a girl anywhere else that a cold blond would suit.

  26. Samira Singh says:

    Do you only specialize in doing this one hair style not to come off rude or anything cause your great at this hair style

  27. Rayan Medani says:

    Half of the girls hair in the video is literally fried from all the bleaching and heat , and the hairstylist still ends up dyeing and straightening her hair 😂!!

  28. Jamie Epps says:

    Why Was there are no black person

  29. Aayushi Kaushik says:

    The girl at 1:00 needs to tell us her skincare routine!!

  30. Me Mem says:

    Neredesiniz bilmiyorum ama çok güzel oldu her bir saç ayrı güzel ellerinize sağlık

  31. Família Prado says:

    O que é esse amarelo que ele usa?

  32. Caludette Colbert Soares Pimenta says:

    Liiiiiiiiiidos realmente faz milagres parabéns para elas

  33. Ольга Ислаева says:

    Вау 9:11

  34. corbie shaw says:

    Who is this dude I need my hair done

  35. Настя Медведевская says:

    Волосы 1 клиентки просто бомба😍❤️

  36. Stéfane Souza says:


  37. madmoiselle007 says:

    I would like to see how they dry the gorgeous curly hair

  38. Tündike Lakatos says:


  39. Narjisse213 Benahmed says:

    C incroyable tu fais tellement biennnnnn

  40. BarsPlay says:

    У девушек изначально хорошие, густые и здоровые волосы. А вот с такими как у меня волшебства не замутит даже лучший.

  41. Patricia elisbao says:

    0:12 algodão doce

  42. Bethany Urry says:

    The first girl's hair is soooooooo damaged! D:

  43. Charlene Johnson says:

    My mom follows you on Instagram

  44. Daniela Guerrero says:

    K bueno es es incleible

  45. harshabharathi chintalapudi says:

    Where is this transformation done?

  46. Jessie McClure says:

    My mom cuts my hair

  47. شهد فرحان says:

    ايش الماده الصفرا الي يحطونها في شعره وكنه شوبو بس حلوو يخلي الصفه حلوه

  48. Cucumberrylover says:

    Bruh I hate how it's only blonde hair like does this dude not know how to do other colours or is it because brown/black is "boring" 🙄🙄🙄 smh

  49. Tania Thomas says:

    She has black folks hair.

  50. بتنك ياحمص says:


  51. Anthoneth Ondoy says:


  52. Little Gil :D says:


  53. God's Amazing Grace says:

    looks like dog's fur

  54. Shyama's Makeover says:

    Wow so beautiful

  55. Anushtha Baberwal says:

    All the ladies were looking great in before shot

  56. Alexandria Gustafson says:

    Even rich bitches have shit hair. Good to know lol

  57. Queena Taqoua says:

    قصات وايت روعة

  58. Angelina Antonovicka says:

    Who else is just terrified of going to that salon and getting their hair burnt like that😰

  59. Lucila Torres says:

    👍😘Nice hayrstyle

  60. Elif Yilmaz says:

    I really don't understand why they always play with their hair at the end WHATS THE POINT

  61. RosieCheeks says:

    When you naturally have blonde hair it be like 🤨

  62. Michelle willoby says:

    First girl, hair looks dry as hell…

  63. Favella C12 says:

    A me sti video non mi tornano fa vedere il giallo sulla testa e poi sono castani. Mah

  64. Huffie says:

    Whats the last song name? please

  65. 600firefly1 says:

    First girls hair is beautiful but so unmanageable

  66. Jason Kenny says:

    Your pretty good at doing that

  67. Karinna Pimenta A Caçada de Goya says:

    Gostaria de saber onde você atende? Em qual salão e cidade? Grata!

  68. Ximena Mendiola Mendiola says:


  69. Hansika Sandeepni says:

    Superb 😚😚😍😍👍👍

  70. Lena Farion says:

    where is this salon???

  71. RÄ SHÄ ÂLÎ says:

    27 : 4
    She looks very beautiful .

  72. Snow Foxy says:

    He is a hair dresser, they love playing with hair and that's what they specialize in…yall need to stop with the hate comments.

  73. Mayerlin Echavarria says:

    En que pais hacen eso

  74. Чолпон Жакыпбекова says:

    Ээй не надо ставит Диз лайк 😂

  75. Radhouane Solo says:


  76. Stefani Santos says:


  77. Para Orech says:

    Omg i want this hair 0:08

  78. Maykelly start says:


  79. noemi Silva says:

    Que cabelo feio tá com buffet parece buffet de enfeite de buffet de😂😂😂😂

    Mas eu amei o tom do cabelo dela 45060😱😱😱😱

  80. Metem Sirinova says:

    Bu salon harada yerlesir?????😊

  81. amina amina says:

    هل من عربي

  82. مكتب سمير says:

    حلو ه جدا جدا جدا

  83. Gdryhh Ogerijhhg says:


  84. ODALIS BLANCO says:

    Alguien de Colombia

  85. قناة كل شى Hanan says:

    عايزة اعمل شعرى الون دة بكم

  86. Hai Tranduc says:

    Its very beautiful

  87. hair styles pretty says:

    Đẹp tuyệt vời 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  88. Maram Med says:

    I like this

  89. Bakhtawer says:

    Is this in Dubai?

  90. Travolta says:

    Την πρωτη επρεπε να την κουρεψει πολυ.

  91. Kiran Ayu says:

    Itu ga perlu catok lgi yaa?

  92. Joelia Bitencurt says:

    Esss 1° ñ fz diferença nenhuma 🙄😑

  93. Joelia Bitencurt says:

    Quen acha q o 1° ñ fez diferença deixa o link

  94. Nora Nur says:

    worst music ever!

  95. حسن علي says:


  96. olive kilbane says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that played at 3.11 in the video – the song that played after Beauz & Jvna Crazy Tanx

  97. cahide bolukbasi says:

    I love you hair my hair is a long and curly

  98. Lusine Arustamyan says:

    Как красива👄♥️

  99. Homat Taher says:

    ILove it😘😘😘

  100. cahide bolukbasi says:

    How old are you hair ınspiration

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