Trending hair salon at Itaewon that Sam Okyere goes to! [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.05.02]
Trending hair salon at Itaewon that Sam Okyere goes to! [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.05.02]

(Foreign Language Institute) We want to hear what the students of the Foreign Language Institute want. What would you like to do with us today, David? Ever since I was young my mom made me “sangga.” – What? / – Cooked. Oh, cooked for you. What’s sangga? It’s a dish made of corn. I am reminded of myself when I got here eight years ago when I see David. I didn’t have any friends, and I didn’t know where Ghanaian restaurants were. Today, I’d like to eat good African food with him. That’s why I invited some of my friends over. Thank you. Your friends? Why? “He’s from my gym.” Why did you invite them without getting our permission? That’s good. (For David) Natasha and Anna. What do you two want? I want borscht that my mom made me. – What? / – Borscht. (Red soup made of beet) I haven’t been to Russia for 3 years and I miss her cooking. It’s been 3 years since you’ve been to Russia. What about you, Anna? Blini. Blini. (Russian pancakes made of buckwheat powder) It’s like crepe. It’s thinner than crepe. Lastly, Ani from Armenia. It’s been almost a year since I’ve come here. But there aren’t any Armenian restaurants in Korea. I really want to eat Armenian food, but there is none. What should we do for you? It’s Easter in Armenia. I found an Armenian family living in Suwon. You found an Armenian family in Suwon? They invited me. They’re holding a small party for Easter. Right. Right. So there would be many Armenians there today. Yes. So I invited my friends, too. You have friends, too? – How many? / – Two. This is what Sam told me. Armenia is the country of beautiful women. (Embarrassed) Armenia is the country of beautiful women. (Perplexed) Tell us now. Be honest, Sam. Is it going to be Armenia or Cameroon? Be honest. There’s no time. (What will Okyere choose?) Is it going to be Armenia or Cameroon? I can’t betray David. Brotherhood. Brotherhood to the end. He is so sly. Let’s do our best. (“Russia” Misook & Sugeun team) (“Armenia” Siyeon & Iljung team) (“Cameroon” Dahey & Okyere & Yuan team) (They’re off to cook the students’ hometown dishes) Sangga is corn porridge, right? Yes. Sangga is not Korean, right? (No, it doesn’t mean an apartment complex) The point is you have to call your mom and we have to follow her exact recipe. That’s how we try to satisfy you. Is your mom from Cameroon? Yes. My dad is Korean. Oh, your dad is Korean. Sangga is Cameroonian and your mom cooks it. We should call your mom and get her recipe. Is your dad in Cameroon? Or in Korea? In Cameroon. He lives with your mother in Cameroon. – You came to Korea by yourself? / – Yes. You should learn the Cameroonian dance. There’s a Cameroonian dance? – Coupe-Decale. / – Coupe-Decale. Coupe-Decale? Oh. Coupe-Decale. Coupe-Decale. (Great pronunciation) – Did I pronounce it well? / – Yes. I pronounced it right. Coupe-Decale. Young people love this song these days. It’s the hottest group. (Music video of “Coupe-Decale”) (Fluent) (You’re good) You’re good. What does it mean? Men must get close to women. (Oh) (Whoa) (Oh my) It’s too sexual. It’s too erotic. (But she can’t take her eyes off it) (She’s feeling the African rhythm) You know Maitre Gims, right? Maitre Gims. Yes. (Another hottest African musician) (Sapes comme jamais- Maitre Gims) (Sapes comme jamais~) (Men must dress up well) (Music video of “Sapes comme jamais”) (She’s releasing her hidden African groove) Why am I enjoying this? I want to go to Ghana! It’s totally my style. It’s nice. (Dahey, come on!) We must keep our hair short to look good. (Black people’s pride in their hairline) The angle is very important. So you don’t like his hair right now? I don’t think he knows a good barber. Where do you get your haircut? – Haircut. / – Hairdresser. Hairdresser. Nearby my place. There’s a beauty parlor. I’ll take you to the place that I go to. Again? Today is David’s day. I want to do everything for me. Really? Thank you. Your friend doesn’t own the place, does he? We’re close friends. Seriously? Everybody knows me there. I admit. You’re quite impressive, Sam. Please stop here. (They’ve arrived in Itaewon) (A small global village in Seoul, Itaewon) Welcome to Itaewon. Please show us around. (Welcome to Itaewon by Okyere) Dahey, do you come here often? No. Do you come often? It’s my second time. Itaewon is awesome. Really? There are many great restaurants. And there are so many things to do. We’re in Korea. Why am I asking you what Itaewon is like? We must get David a haircut. The beauty parlor is here. There’s a barbershop and a beauty parlor. I don’t need to get a haircut. Look at this place. We’re suddenly not in Korea. (The entrance looks very exotic) (Okyere’s friends happen to come out) Are we really in Korea? Hi. Hello. (Nice to meet you) Are you Sam’s friends? Yes. (Do you speak Korean?) (A little) (Another friend?) Is he your friend, too? No? He’s a stranger. (Perplexed) Come in. Let’s go. Oh my. (Looks very exotic) Wow! (The center of this zone is Sam “Ochili”) This is what you’re going to do. (They must be going to a club after doing their hair) – It’s gotten too quiet. / – This place is nice. I usually get my hair done here. (After passing through an exotic alley) (There’s a hot beauty parlor for black people) It doesn’t feel like I’m in Korea. Hello. Hello. Excuse me. (Dahey is in a new world) (Okyere’s friends are everywhere) He knows everybody. You can have a seat here, Dahey. Be comfortable. There are so many customers here. It’s a hot place on weekends. (Many types of hairstyles) Choose what you’d like. I like no. 3. That doesn’t look good. No. 12. No. 12. David likes no. 12. He wants the no. 12 style He made a good choice. No. 12 is very similar to the shape of David’s head. – No. 12? / – Yes. – He must know it. / – He knows. They all look the same to me. I can’t tell what the differences are but he knows it well. (The customer is done) Is it David’s turn now? (David, you’re up next) He can speak French. (Today’s hair designer) I’ll take off your jacket. Relax. (This is Korea… Who am I?) (It’s an unbelievable situation) I don’t know what I’m going through right now. (She dances to a song she’s never heard before) Why am I enjoying this? (She gets a tour guide from foreigners) (This is strange) (I’m the only Korean in Korea) Are we in Korea? (What is this strange place?) (I’ve never experienced this before…) This is something you’ve never experienced. This is Korea, but I’m the foreigner. There’s Chinese here. How could be this? This is so strange. (Hairstyling begins) (Please make him look good) You seem to be nervous. Are you alright? Oh! (What’s going on here?) He’s brushing David’s hair. That looks quite strange. Doesn’t it hurt? Does it feel good? (Amazed) It’s amazing how he brushes his hair. (Customized tool for customers’ hair) It’s different. (Amazed) I never knew a haircut could be this interesting. David looks very satisfied. (This is just my style) David, you’re okay with it? Call me often. (The highlight of the today’s haircut) He’s doing it right now. Making the hairline. (Black people’s hairstyle is all about hairline) Hairline is very important. I don’t think he knows a good barber. (Okyere’s favorite place / Professional hairline place) (Focused) (That’s it) (She’s impressed by the professional’s touch) (They’re the best with hairlines) (Detailed hairline) (David smiles big with his hairline) You look so much better. You look so cute. Let’s see. You look great. (Everybody seems satisfied) (Clean) You look like a poodle. I own a poodle. I must pay. (Dahey will pay for David all day) – What do you think? / – I love it. You like it? Now that he looks good, where are we headed? I said my friends are here, right? Let’s go meet my friends. Sangga. We must buy the ingredients. Let’s go. (Thank you. We’ll be back next time) Is it okay to barge into your friend’s place? Wait. Is there a party going on? They’re having fun. (It’s party time) Is anybody home? Is anybody home? (Immersed in dancing) (Knock knock) You told your friends that we’re coming, right? Someone’s opening the door. (Nice to see you, buddy) Come in. Come in. Hello. (It’s nice to meet you…) Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you. (Slightly awkward) – Hello. / – David, come in. Hello. They were already holding a party. Beer. Beer. Beer. Beer. That’s awesome. Drunken broadcasting. It’s 4 p.m. and they’re already drinking. Is it okay to be drunk on television? (After they say hello to each other) (They become close quite fast) Were you two friends before? He’s younger than I am. How nice. He’s your older brother. (It’s like separated family members reunited) You two look so happy. Where did you get this? – You brought it from home? / – Yes. From where? (The jembe is from Africa) You brought it by plane from your country? (This video…) (I know this song) One, two, three, four. (Let’s have fun) (Again, Party time) (She’s letting her mind go?) (Coming soon)

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  1. momusu17 says:

    It's cool to see there's a black barbershop in Korea, It looks about the same as where i go to get my haircut here in the US.

  2. HingleMcCringleBerry says:

    9:14 ugliness.

  3. kim seokjins jokes are hilarious says:

    shes so cuteee man

  4. All Cat Kings says:

    Dang.. look like interacial AV

  5. AYE - says:


  6. GeeGee Star says:

    Quick question how is the camera man in the house before them ?

  7. yassin5255yy says:

    11:07 that how we as malaysian feels right now

  8. Shoaib K says:

    I’ve just noticed all Korean guys have the same exact hair style , Japanese, European, south Asian, Arab, central Asian all vary hairstyles but Koreans stick with one style

  9. miskelleneous k says:

    Lee Dahee is so cool and down to earth i love her

  10. Dota 2 Kroco says:

    9:05 you will see khalid doing haircut.

  11. Rramlynx says:

    Am a proud Cameroonian seex this

  12. missmysterymagic says:

    9:33 #23….wOw…that’s so bad XD

  13. _Vanessa_ says:

    I love this video

  14. gladitsnotme says:

    Koreans really gotta stop calling curly hair "poodle". It doesn't take a genius to know that it's rude to say that people look like DOGS. Reminds me of when Heechul called Ana a poodle on Full House.

  15. Jojo_siwafan34 says:

    i'm going korean school soon so i can talk in korean

  16. LazyLane says:

    7:39 XD

  17. Tolu Joan says:

    Guys they played the tunes….ALL AFRICANS ARISE!!!

  18. Maela Hernot says:

    Dahae French pronunciation is quite on point tbh!!

  19. alucard kaizokudan says:

    david look more like to south east asia the africa or korea

  20. Ani Gyulbudaghyan says:

    It’s 3 am and I am just binge watching all variety programs that Sam participated and suddenly heard my name and my country so unexpectedly that I just jumped from my seat 😂😂😂

  21. K P says:

    For those commenting about hair touching being rude. I know that touching people’s hair is perceived to be rude. But in the other cultures, no matter what type of hair you have it’s okay to touch people’s hair. Some random stranger can compliment your hair and touch it. So don’t get triggered easily. Cultures are so diverse that it is easy to unknowingly offend other people or get offended when the other person has no intention of offending

  22. Clinton Max says:

    Am from Cameroon 🇨🇲 and proudly speak English and French

  23. Fishcakes Peru a says:

    Just from these small clips , you can see how great African music is like people need to appreciate it more

  24. Aicha Toure says:

    Just in case anyone asked lol the song is by maitre gims (a congolese/france Artist) the song name is Sape comme jamais 🙂

  25. Morgane says:

    Aucun français n'était choqué du fait qu'il ait fait écouté du maître gims ? 🤣🤣 C'est sûr qu'ils savent même pas que c'est du français 🤣

  26. Tonchi Rast says:

    i dont know how….but before i die i want to visiti south korea… soon as possible

  27. Tee Mae says:

    From a fellow Cameroonian I LOVE DAVID.

    btw Cameroon is the country flag on his tag

  28. Jay Garcia says:

    I was smiling the whole time

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    Woaw I didn't know Sam can speak our Ghanaian language…woaw that's great

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  33. melanintears says:


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    Sam is very kind to let them touch his hair like that @ 10:06

  35. Ozaline Tirehote says:

    When they started talking about Maître Gims I lost my shit as a French girl 😂😂

  36. N3rs4 tim3 plus says:

    Am cameroonian and the same tribe as David and I felt so happy watching this it reminded me of home and made me hungry

  37. Sheraz Chang says:

    Maître gims 🤣😂😂😂 omg

  38. VoiceOf Reason says:

    Lol this video is funny though. I'm black American but it's cool you're trying to teach them of black culture/hair etc food haha. 👍

  39. Hilary Elizabeth says:

    Hearing sam speaking casual English feels weird like I know he's fluent and he's a foreigner in Korea but i still think his only language is Korean…. like I know it isn't but but it just feels weird… ya know 😂😂

  40. Cédric Yaovi says:

    8:39 Did she say "sapé comme jamais" ????? LOOOOOOOL

  41. Caprice KEYPOPE says:

    4:22 coller la petite

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    Im cameroonian, and it feels so weird because ive seen that exact video 5 times at parties.

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  52. Doris C says:

    Wow more African music please!

  53. Doris C says:

    That Korean girl is fun

  54. Jane Luciana says:

    I really love the way Sam show your culture and black culture for the Koreans. He never disappointed .

  55. issa person says:

    I hate sangga yo! my mom makes it at home. Cameroon 💕

  56. May Eli says:

    African music is lit lmao. I like the song mungo park by Korede Bello!Totally recommend it lol

  57. casey jason says:

    But the other Black guy was korean tho?or not?

  58. joyce mcken says:

    Happy to see a camerounian Guy on a korean's show ❤❤

  59. joyce mcken says:

    All these african music made my day 😭😭❤

  60. joyce mcken says:

    Need to go back to home 😭😭😭

  61. Zmazing18 says:

    Bro Sapés comme jamais is my song.. wtf I wasn't expecting this from a korean show

  62. Liha M. says:

    OMG!!! A cameroonian! I left cameroon for the US like 6 years ago and i actually really crave sangga as well T . T it tastes so good

  63. Liha M. says:

    this is so awesome. How come i never saw this bro. My cameroonian brother was on the show and i missed it. It's just so new and crazy how i can relate so much while watching a korean show. Love that!

  64. barrister says:

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  67. iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams says:

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  68. PokeMe says:

    coupe decale is from ivory coast, not Cameroon!

  69. Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak says:

    I think this is the first time that I can hear French in a Korean variety show from a Black person
    And I was gonna cry, really. Bc I'm from Guadeloupe, and this continent and my island are so connected that when I watch something like this, it moved me a lot 😭

  70. hueningningkai says:

    4:20 song?

  71. Melodu says:

    Lmao Dahey is so adorable xD

  72. Rowan Kim says:

    wish they would stop touching his hair without asking :/

  73. Gummy Gambino says:

    It’s very cute how she was reacting to this 😔💜

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    Coupé-décalé 😂😂😂 ça me rappelle des souvenirs

  75. reg cla says:

    My african self is so pleased with this ahaha I wasn't expecting hearing maitre gims nor some coupé-décalé when I clicked on this video lmao

  76. Kiko Bang says:

    When I go to Korea, I wanna go see this place.

  77. Gwn B says:

    The way Dahey curiosity grew made me enjoy watching this show 😭 Our African culture is getting some recognition

  78. Gwn B says:

    The way Da-hae curiosity grew made me enjoy watching this show 😭 Our African culture is getting some recognition and appreciation

  79. Emie Ndafu says:

    Oh cool I am from Cameroon too

  80. Karen Austin says:

    So much fun!

  81. Truthfullyy Me says:

    Bruh someone tell me where that hair place is cus if I’mma go to korea I need to get my hair done by fellow ghanaians

  82. itsjustgigi 9545 says:

    Sam jumped up it a mad quickness when she called my dude a freaking poodle. His face was like oh hell no. Just went and spoil the whole as moment with that comment….. I was feeling her until then too.

  83. Hey Stopthat says:

    All they need is a good braide and it's a rap!

  84. gilbert cabon says:


  85. gilbert cabon says:

    je répète chauffeurs d 'élite et pas d 'alcool même quand on est jeune la vie te tient qu 'a un fil
    LES ancêtres sont des rabats joies mais sache miss LEE chaeyoung quand AFRIQUE plus vieille civilisation du MONDE on tient très compte de l 'avis des ANCIENS que l"on considère comme des sages
    tout peut se discuter mais essaie de comprendre il en va de ta vie et par voie de conséquence de la mienne malheureusement je n 'y peut plus rien que DIEU nous préserve de toutes sortes d 'immodestie qui nous conduira irrémédiablement à notre déchéance et à notre destruction

  86. Cathy 24 says:

    As someone who grew up in one of the most diverse countries in Europe. I cannot imagine what the Korean female is going through.

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  88. net alliv says:

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  95. Jong Kim says:

    세상에 이다해가 시시하게 이런데 나와 드라마에 나와 야지 ? 한국 여배우 생명이 너무 짧아요.

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  97. Thomas The Last Dragan says:

    Is this haircut place still in itaewon ? If so where is it ?

  98. Kyo Mebi says:

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  99. Stnd Samurai says:

    Yo my mans David looking clean af

    And not gonna lie it was kinda weird they kept touching David and Sam’s hair, I understand that they’re just amazed and not used to seeing that kind of hair but damn

  100. Katten i slakten says:

    maitre gims is french tho

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