Trixie Mattel on how she’s crafting toy-like makeup for grown-ups
Trixie Mattel on how she’s crafting toy-like makeup for grown-ups

– Makeup is a power tool
that can help us feel on the outside like we do on the inside. And it’s nice to match your
outside to your inside. That’s why I wear so much pink! And red. And brown. I’m a grown man who’s been doing makeup and doing drag for like 12 years. One of my favorite products
is those glitter stackers you get from Claire’s. I love just like, kids’ products. Bonnie Bell, Lip Smacker I mean, all them. They just, they make
me think of being a kid and I don’t know ‘member
wearing Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker? And it smelled so good. I remember going to school and being like, putting ChapStick on my neck. We all have weird relationships
with makeup (laughs) I’ve always loved toys, so I’ve always loved
Tamagotchi, Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, I mean, anything girl toy related I just love. So when I was making my makeup, I just knew that I
wanted to do pro formulas but I wanted it to feel like
it was in kids’ packaging. ‘Cause what I’ve learned from drag is, we all love drag because
we love a 30-second break in the day where we don’t
have to feel like adults for five seconds. I’m so committed to making toy packaging. I mean, the gentleman who
draws this, he works in toys. He works in toys. Everybody who works on this,
even my product developer, has a background in developing
toys and merchandise. Because I didn’t want us to
just do sleek black lipsticks like that’s not who I am and
it’s not how I would do it. So it’s been really
advantageous to have a team that their muscles and
their bones are used to making kids’ products. But we’re basically airdropping
professional makeup formulas into a kid’s product. It’s not just blush. It’s the coolest, cutest little break from reality blush you can get. In the Summer of Love palette, I was like, let’s make the blushes huge. Let’s make them, I mean in my world, I wish all blushes were
the size of frisbies. ‘Cause it makes your hands look small. – Monique suggested we do a
hybrid of your look you just did and then a little more Trixified sorta – OK I love it
– No, I was thinking just full Trixie – OK, work. – I can’t wait to go to the DMV like this. – You know how some people are like, “It’s been amazing
working on this product” and all they did was put their face on it and they’re not even doing it. That’s not what I did! Because I have to be a part of all of it. My company has, I think, three employees. Three real employees and I’m one of ’em. So, taking the year off from
touring, I’ve been in the lab in drag, testing products. And so doing it myself,
things you never thought are a whole job. Are a whole job. Guess what, you wanna make
makeup, you have to worry about the box, the sleeve, the barcode, the ingredients, the name, sourcing it. It’s all a process. Just the blush palette. At least a year of work. For one blush palette. For something you put on your cheeks. Now that I know how much
work goes into one thing, I will never buy makeup the same again. Everything you buy, it’s
sorta like “Devil Wears Prada” when she’s got that blue
belt and she’s like, “It represents countless jobs.” This glitter represents countless jobs and money being made
and money being spent. I mean, the money that goes
in to develop one thing. The thousands of dollars
to create one thing. And then, then the money
it takes to make the thing. So, for an independent makeup company, you’re only one bad launch from
being completely destroyed. Every time you buy one eye shadow from an independent makeup company, you are giving them a pat on the back and you’re saying, “I
wanna see what you do next, “because I like what you’re doing now.” This has just really opened my eyes to the power that you
have with your own money. ‘Cause I’ve been up late on Black Friday, sitting on this couch in a robe crying watching orders come in, being like, “Oh my God. Thank God I’m gonna make my money back.” You know what I mean? It’s crazy. I mean, I’m not ashamed of
being transparent of the fact that I’ve invested all
my own money in this. So when a product does well, it’s me and three people I work
with like. (laughs) You know. Hello, it’s me Trixie Mattel and I’m here at my hotel in London. I’ve been in drag since yesterday. I actually had to sleep in drag last night so you’re looking at makeup that is makeup that expired about two days ago. I travel all over the
world and I always travel with a really hot pink, a peachy neutral and a white pink highlighter. I mean, that’s like my go-to. It’s never been important
to me to make products that are for drag queens or are extreme. I love, my favorite makeup look is clean brows, clean lashes, clean skin. So my goal with my makeup
company is to continue to create products that you can use like a hooker cross-dresser or you can wear to the library. Because, let’s be honest, you can have a little 15-second break from the banality of your day by putting on a little
drag queen makeup product. At least with drag queens
we show up and you’re like, “Wow, this person cares. “This is like three hours of work.” Or maybe she slept in it. Maybe she slept in it. Maybe it’s Trixie Cosmetics. (laughs) That’s me.

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  1. Eliza Huntress says:

    Her make up is amazing! Especially the lipstick and glitter. Still waiting for my blush to arrive!💖

  2. MrBeast9000 says:

    looking like a poorly drawn disney villain,

  3. Katherine Martinez says:

    "maybe she slept in it, maybe it's trixie cosmetics" may be the best makeup slogan ever and i'm saying this because i don't know anything about makeup slogans.

  4. supersmex says:

    Is it just me or is the sound on this bad.

  5. Ashleigh Joppie says:
    Since the description didn't drop the link, here you go bbs <3

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