Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel I’m here with Ashley is aesthetic and Today we filmed a get ready with me using all Fenty products because my Fendi beauty makeup finally came in the mail so it’s gonna be yeah a lot of stuff and we basically reacted to her album Yes, you got to hear all five transport tracks on this new album for the first time ever. Yep Yeah, I feel very honored that I am one of the first people to listen I know we’re building this the day before the music video releases. I feel very honored that We get to film this today because I know you’ve been very busy, but thank you for making the time No, thank you for giving me this opportunity to you know, let our listeners Know that we have released a new album. Yes ladies code code three So if you guys are curious about This makeup look and my reaction to the songs keep on watching 20 Beauty has 3 primers. We have the soft silk true matte and the pro filter. What are you feeling? I Definitely want to try the hydrating primer this little key one. Yes, the soft silk. Mm-hmm. I’ll try the mattifying one Okay. All right so dry Mmm comes bomb smells very delicious My skin feels moisturize so like when I do my makeup at home I never use primer because like I don’t know what’s good or not But then when I get my makeup done at the shop They always put primer for me Right and then like I can tell it’s so much more different because my makeup Like gets applied differently and I feel like it sticks to my skin more So maybe I’ll I’ll start using this that’s what primer is for Okay, moving on to foundation and then we’ll start listening to your songs that’s nervous Okay, they have the hydrating and then Matt I’m gonna go for Matt And mine is in shade 230 – 210 – 210 I Love the packaging of thank you beauty. I like the matte one a little better personally eyes and a better than the – I Need hydrating. Yes Model Where it’s gonna be like a first impression and Reacting to Ashley’s album. So you got to see her in person Yes, you think she’s amazing – jut role model She couldn’t make it because of her music video shoot and we couldn’t say why She wasn’t there because it was such a secret. I was supposed to be there I was really looking forward to it and then originally our music video was supposed to be the week before Windows Stormin Korea So it got postponed and then we have to film it on that day, which was the day of the Fenty event mother Also said I couldn’t be there. I was really sad, too But I was so happy that John got to meet Leon. Do you waited like three hours? Yeah, I was I waited longer cuz I went early because they told us not to be late I Was really mad. I was hungry I didn’t agree. Yeah, I didn’t and that’s what you lovin. Do you make your snacks? They had snacks but I like food. All right, you know, I don’t like those finger foods I’m gonna try the Sun tea beauty banana Pro filtered powder to set my makeup Because I like matte finish. I Didn’t like the glass look well, I’m using the Concealer now, I’m so much better. Yeah. Yeah. I’m using the concealer into shape 200. I realized there’s no blush This is not blush that’s like highlighter blush. Oh, maybe we can since a lot of the products are versatile. She was using the Highlighters as eyeshadow. Oh The yellow is really pretty but I’m ready to do something like anything dairy Okay, uh Shall we listen to the first song? I could move on to the next I’m gonna use lip balm Probe kisser. Oh She’s so creative with the nails. Oh wow, the lip balm is This applicator. That’s a lip balm. Oh Okay, oh My god, I am NOT ready for this Should we um? Listen to it an order of the album or like listen to the title last cuz the title song is the first song Should we just go in order to album or you want to hear the title song do however you want? To a pub I wish I could say hello. I don’t know the lyrics I’m just like in all Wow, I like it it’s very like happy. Yeah, I’m like ready for my new day Well, you couldn’t teach us with that really yeah, I really like it I think this might be my favorite song on the album you starting with your favorite song. What’s the second try? Okay All right. I’m ready for the next one. Okay. Next one is a fan song Like when I first ever salt dedicate at all, but I thought like your friends wrote. Oh, no, no, no. No, that’s cool Fans not like a valid. I love ballads. I love sad song You go so yeah that take your mirror What is this one call a neverending story Tina and MP I’m getting chills The first time she’s singing the song of public guys I Like this one more really? Oh This is really good. Okay question. Okay do artists usually have songs for fans. Um When you when it’s been a while since you debuted and like oh, you know You have a close relationship or bond with their friends Most people who release fan songs Oh songs dedicated to your fans But interest it’s been like almost seven years since renamed you’d and we never had a fan song So this time we decided to oh, oh cute. I like this a lot. I had chills like the whole time It’s because the chorus likes which I’m saying all the chords in the background and she did it So well, so it kind of sounds like all these voices at once Yeah, they gave me the chills for the first time. I heard it too. We I like this I like this a lot. Really. This is so far my favorite neverending story. Yes She does go mudra. Yeah, I mean, I really like ladies cause like slower songs like Jane Doe Because up until up till now that was my favorite song That’s Jane Doe is my favorite song from your elbow. It’s one of my favorites. Yeah, it’s so good And then this one’s really good. It’s like sad but like also hopeful and sweet I love my that whole song Does one okay. I’m done with my eyeshadow. So I’m just gonna put a eyeliner on my eyeliner. I’ve brought my Tony moly gel Backpack gel eyeliner, cuz this is my favorite. I can’t live without this Gel eyeliner ever. Okay. The next song is called Jasmine Jasmine. You’re like CPR easy The song was the hardest to sing really yeah hardest to sing and hardest in them memorize and just hardest I’m getting chills. The melody was really hard. How long did the whole recording process take? Oh We did it really quick so like we got the song and then we recorded it like two days later mmm Oh, that’s really fast. Yeah Dude No, mucho and it It’s so high Yeah, oh yeah All your guys’s songs are quite high though. I can never sing along. So ladies console I can oh I like this one Were you like everything? No, were you guys not? Were you guys debating between the song and your title check at all? We were debating between all of them. Oh, really? No No, because I feel like so far it’s getting better and better really, yeah so far That’s the first song is good. But I really like the second one. Uh-huh Told you all But second is still your favorite so far Yes, okay, but this would be my second favorite Really? Uh Okay, uh-huh. And then your favorite song is my third favorite. Okay, okay Wait, so let me play the title song now and what about that? Not you But the fact is in this awesome feedback is the fifth track on that. Okay, you ready? I already know. Yeah, that sounds like okay And grow Okay, I feel like I can’t do anything just have this take it it oh My god her voice as soon as she starts And when you start singing oh yeah, give yourself more credit Ashley oh Wow, I Look so funny right now what? Waaah, Tata This is title truck worthy really ain’t going to judge title track check in doe not only cuz it’s like fast no, but because your guys’s full goals were so good growl and It’s exciting. So this is very exciting. Yeah, it’s so exciting but also sexy at the same time I filmed a music video for the Seoul government this week and It was the same production company as the ladies code Music video as well and you know, you know what they said. Well Farrell, I was like, what do you think? Like how do you like their song and they were like, it’s the song is really good. They said that yeah Yeah, so when I heard that was it oh I’m gonna film the reaction oh my god, I’m getting really like I Mean the song itself is really hard to sing. And also the choreography is the hardest one yet So like it’s just a lot of pressure like performing it live on stage But because the song is still upbeat and so bright and like, you know It’s funky you have we’re having so much fun. Like yeah, I get good. Oh my gosh, so So your favorite song was the first one that we heard. Well besides the title song. It’s I would say a new day New day, yeah But I like all of them because they’re all really different well don’t like, you know long neverending story since it’s like dedicated to our fans like You know a sweet song to listen by and like whenever I listen to it I get reminded of my fans so it’s like great for that Jasmine. It’s like I don’t know when I’m like going on adventure Yeah, listen to that song but no that’s really how it sounds like it’s so different from what I thought it would sound like jazz Like like a flower. Yeah, calm petit Sounds like a pop song so New day is more like for easy listening mmm, it’s just like a chill song. Who would you are Wow Okay, shall we go on with the lips? No, okay. No. Mascara Oh mascara. Okay. That’s all I’m so glad I saved the Messier So this is the hourglass caution extreme lash mascara, I’m using Too Faced better than sex waterproof mascara Have you been watching britman Rock stories? He raided the two-faced mascara quite high really and he was like eight something. Oh wow, and this was a six something Oh, but I personally love the hourglass question lash. Mascara. I haven’t tried that one yet you as well I have a smaller version if you want to get home. Oh, yeah, take it Yeah, so I’ve been getting lashes not extensions laughter earnest. Oh, how is that? It’s great. You should definitely get it Do you real do you like notice your lashes falling out more? No. Oh really? Look at my lashes. There’s nothing no curling. Oh, Did you curl your lashes just now? I? Curled it this morning. Oh, yeah. No I didn’t curl them at all How long does it take oh I’m going to take this year but up how long does it take You have to permit like 30 minutes each. Oh, oh 30 minutes total what that’s it. Yeah Hinges rustle I was thinking about this. Yes. It’s oh nice metal $30 only I lost like a month and a half fish six weeks. I love them. It changed my life Like if you’re lazy, it’s the perfect Things you’re doing different. Yeah So we’re gonna do these Like this mascara for like nights Alec because from the mascara that I usually use this is this this is like a little Darker and it definitely clumps a little more. So people like that clumpy. Look it’s good that for me I just want to go from the natural. Oh, oh you put off. It’s good. It looks good Yeah, this is my look and then lips mine is in freckle. Yes I don’t know what to use Joan just gave me like three lippies Try the Yes, because the packaging is so beautiful. Like I thought it was nail polish guys Look I destitute like how crazy is this? Hello. Hello. What color is that one? It’s like a matte Kind of thing. I mean, it’s like a light pink. It’s called be sure. This is not nail polish. I’m button I would not make you put nail polish on your lips, especially if your comeback is tomorrow Boom with it. This is super easy to apply. I like this better than normal like lip brush. Yeah, right She was talking about the lip brush I’m gonna use this first stage when I have to smoky eye makeup because I think this lip color would go Perfectly with up with the smokey look look at it. Woah really mad I love Venting beauty makeup. There are a few things. I’m not like a huge fan of yet maybe if I play around with it a little more I think um, like the blush if they had matte ones I would be Happy with them. It’s just um, you know, kpop makeup or like hey beauty. We’re not used to having so much shimmer. Yeah Highlighter is fine. But then the blush I would don’t think I could use it like everyday. Yeah It’s definitely for something like night out special event or like a red carpet. Look at the highlighter on screen Oh What are you what did you use I use diamond bottom one Yo The diamond bar too is a bit too glittery So I’m I haven’t been like a fan of this one, but I do like the diamond bomb Apparently this is like the best seller in Korea Really? I was shocked when I heard that because Korean are not so in to shimmer laundered. They don’t really use highlighters up yeah, I guess the influence of like Western makeup is strong We wanted to film this because I wanted to react to her album But it was kind of a bad idea because I got emotional and I thank God I didn’t have mascara because this is not waterproof huh, but you guys definitely check it out because she worked so hard on this and I Just love the girls They’re so lovely and I will be promoting it for the next week. So I don’t care if you guys get tired She’s rich she’s she’s really nervous because tomorrow is the day the music video goes live. Yeah But she shouldn’t be because it sounds amazing to each other. Oh my gosh. No, we’re cute Shy about it, no, but thank God we had time to film today because you know I didn’t I didn’t get to see you this past weekend I’m like you’ve been gone and we’ve been meaning to do this for so long and we were originally gonna do like an Aesthetic day – yeah this time next I’d be the next video We’ll show you guys around all the aesthetic spots and she’s the one All right, hope you guys enjoy our new album code number three set me free, yes, please check out her album and I’ll make sure to link it in the description box as always Alright, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys in the next one Ending story you


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