Hello guys, it’s Amanda! Welcome to my channel. I am so excited to finally have this video for you all. I know you have been requesting me for a Spanish video for a long time. So I am so happy to finally have this video for you all. I want to incorporate more Spanish content in my channel because it is part of my life, a big part. I speak Spanish in my daily life, and for this reason I wanted to do this tutorial. I wanted to create a look focused on the skin, but I also wanted a stunning color on the lips. I love how the look came out, hope you like it. But if you want to see how I ended up with this makeup on, keep watching this video. I will start by filling my eyebrows. I use this medium brown “Powder Duo” from Anastasia. I love this item’s formula. I have been using it for years. I’m going to use this palette because it has a mirror since I don’t have a mirror with me. I am in Los Angeles at the moment. I am currently visiting my friend Nazain who is pregnant and I wanted to see her before she has the baby. I am in her house and she is recording a video, so I said well let me get productive and record something too. This room has very good lighting. I do my own eyebrows because I don’t trust anyone with them. When I turned 15 and had my quinceañera, I was going to go to Punta Cana with a photographer who was going to do my photoshoot. When I went to do my eyebrows, the lady literally took out this whole part of my eyebrow. I looked insane. Thank God for makeup, but after that I have never gone back to a salon to get my eyebrows done. I’m very scared. I got super scared and now I’m the only one who can do my own eyebrows. Also, I apologize if the light looks a little weird, I am recording with natural light in front of a window. But the light looked very good. Where I am staying in the house of my friend Nicolette, the light is not that great. I like to record videos with natural light but the only bad thing with it is that the sun changes positions or the light moves and it freaks me out. But I am currently filling out my eyebrows. I want to do eyebrow lamination to see how it looks, because sometimes I feel so lazy in the morning to fill my eyebrows. I am going to put on this cream called the “Magic Cream” by Charlotte Tilbury that I love. I recently was in New York for fashion week and a makeup artist from Charlotte Tilbury’s team did my make up for the shows that I attended. And she used this cream and I fell in love with the product it’s so good. And it hydrates my skin and at the same time it’s a foundation for all the makeup that we are going to put on. My nails are so long and I am not used to do my make up with them being this long. And I am also going to put on this foundation. It is the “CC Cream” from IT Cosmetics, it’s so good. I use the medium tone and I put a little hint of it. I don’t put much foundation lately. But, oops! It fell on my nose! But in Los Angeles there is so much sun that I have started to protect my skin from the sun. Recently I have been using more products with SPF to protect my skin from the sun. It is very important to put sunscreen on your skin when you go outside. Even if you are not going to be under the sun. The main focus of this video is for the skin to look like porcelain and super natural. For that reason I’m not using products that are too “cakey” that don’t look like you have a lot of makeup on. I haven’t slept that much these last couple of days. I have been working so much here that I have to use a little bit more concealer than what I usually use. But I will blend it. Also I did my nails long for the first time in 3-4 years and it feels super weird I don’t know how to function with them but they are so cute! My friend Nicolette goes to this guy called Phil in Beverly Hills and he does an amazing job. I am blending the concealer and any product that is left in the sponge I bring it up here as foundation for the eyeshadows. I look crazy but here I am. I want the focus to be on the skin to look with glow, full of life and energy like if I had good sleep. I am going to put a little more. I have areas on my skin where I have dark spots or discoloration. And for that reason I put a little more of corrector to cover that. I am going to do a little of cream contouring I will use this palette of LA Girls Cosmetics. I really like this cream bronzer. I have been loving this bronzer because cream contours give definition to the face and help to give me a little more color. So I am adding it to all these areas. I have gained weight and I am happy that I did. I was having a lot of problems with anxiety. And for that reason I had lost my appetite. I was so stressed. Since I have gained weight my face looks rounder. And I have seen many comments of people saying that I have gained weight on my face. I am speaking a bit low because my friend Nazain is recording and I am in her house and I don’t want to make too much noise while she is recording. I’m now blending all the product with this brush. The light keeps changing sorry. I am going to use this powder from Laura Mercier. I love this powder because it makes my face look so natural. I will spread it under my eyes and basically in the areas where my skin gets a little greasy throughout the day. All this area, by the mouth. And now we are going to bronze. I will be using this palette by Alamar Cosmetics it is a Cuban company owned by my friend Gaby. And they released bronzers. These are the lighter bronzer colors they have. I will use “Pale Where?!” and I will put it where I put the contour. I am adding the bronzer in all the areas where I put the contour. I will go like this to the brush and put it inside the bronzer and brush it by the nose to set all the powders. Wow! I did a great job with my nose today. I’m really impressed on how well I did my nose contour today. I will get this color right here called “Rise N’ Grind” and I will use it as a foundation for my eyes and eyeshadow that I will put here. Like I said I will do my eyes very natural and will do a stunning color for the lips. And for that reason I will use this brush from BH Cosmetics now and use the same bronzer to add it to the eyelids. For highlighter, I will use this one from MAC called “Whisper of Gilt” which is one of my favorites. And I will apply it on all the high parts of my face. In any area where the sun would hit me directly. I apply it in those areas. It is super cute and natural. Applying highlighter to this area makes it seems like you slept more, like you have more energy. And I love that look. I will use this blush palette by “Smashbox” which is my favorite. And it has like highlighter as well. It brings out more life to your face. I will now apply “Café con Leche” to my eyelids and add a little bit of eyeliner. I haven’t used eyeliner in a while but they sent me a new one. Now that I am done with the… I can’t even speak today. I’m not even kidding. Can’t speak today. But now that I am done with the eyeliner I will apply mascara. I used to have eyelash extension but they literally ruined my eyelashes. Because when they fall out, your real eyelashes fall out as well. And for that reason I started using this product (GrandeLash MD) and my eyelashes have grown like crazy that I don’t even use fake eyelashes anymore because I don’t need them. This eyelash curler is from Laura Mercier. This is the mascara that I will use. It’s my favorite and it’s called Lash Paradise. I am not the only who makes weird faces when I am applying mascara. Look at how long they are and I have barely applied it. My eyelashes are so long! I am going to use this lipstick. I have been loving orange tones, and Smashbox released some new lipsticks. Look how cute this color is, it’s like a reddish orange called Out Loud. And I will apply it on my on my lips. The formula is so good look, such a cute color. Such a nice formula, it applies like a cream but then dries like a matte. But it’s a super comfortable matte. And this is it guys! This is the look. I hope you like it. I definitely will be recording more Spanish videos. I know you have been requesting it for months now. And I want to incorporate more of that part of my life in this channel. I will create more Spanish content because I am Cuban, I love being Cuban and we need more Cuban representation on YouTube. And for that reason, I want to create more videos like this so everyone enjoys it. Thanks for watching this tutorial, if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you get to watch upcoming videos. Lots of new content coming soon I’m so excited! Also, I wanted to mention I am looking for someone to help me create Spanish captions for my English videos so you guys can still understand what I am talking about. If you are interested, please comment below. I also put the option where anyone can add Spanish captions to my videos, you don’t even have to get in contact with me. I would really appreciate it if anyone can do that for me. I just put the option when you go to my channel to put the Spanish captions since I know you have been requesting it so the option is there to anyone that can do it. Thanks for watching this video until the end. I love you all so much! If you want to follow me on social media, all my handles will be in the description below. And if you want to subscribe to my channel, you have that option below too. I would for you to be a part of the family we have on this channel. I love you all and see you on my next video. Bye!

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