Twenty Something : Ep4 Beauty and the Beast
Twenty Something : Ep4 Beauty and the Beast

Anna! Did you watch “Legion”!? Of course I did! Such a great show! I know! You know… most x-men films are kind of…you know… I mean it gets better from “X: First Class” but like “Wolvarine”‘s spin-off films are… I know what you mean. That “Samurai” one…. It was horrible because that’s not Japan at all. Is that how they see Japan? Yeah I guess… Cherry blossom! Samurai! and Ninja! They are obsessed with Samurai I guess. Ninja… I’ve never seen a real Ninja in my life. Me neither. That “Samurai” one was so bad… Yes it was… which was why I didn’t expect too much when I heard about X-men’s spin-off drama But I was wrong! Probably the greatest X-men related drama. I can’t wait for the next episode! I have a question for ya… If you could have a mutant power… Which power would you like to have? I can’t choose! It’s like you are asking me
about Hogwarts houses Yes but there are only 4 houses to choose in Hogwarts! I’m talking about “X-men” Do you know how many mutants
in X-men series!? I don’t know… Which mutant would you like to be…? Well…almost everyone has their own mobile phone or smartphone right now… iron…hmm..Magneto? So I can control pretty much everything. Do you want that helmet? No no I mean I’m talking about the power Michael Fassbender is hot though I’m not sure about Magneto
but I love Michael Fassbender… Love me Michael… He won’t love you… “hold me tight” What about Cyclops? He is cool but Glasses… He can’t take his glasses off! It’s probably annoying
when he kisses someone because that glasses keeps disturbing them You’d die if he takes these off. boom! Your face would blow up! I wish I could fly… but I don’t want to have that
massive wings like Archangel They are way too big. They can be a pain in ass… I know… hmm… What about Kitty Pryde? It would be nice to go through
objects like doors… Very useful… and I was completely forgetting about her… I almost didn’t remember her till you say about her. I was forgetting about her as well. Now I remembered! There are way too many characters
in DC and Marvel universes… It’s hard to remember… Yeah… Anyway that main guy from “Legion” Dan Stevens… The more I see him, the more I like him. He is kind of like Benedict Cumberbatch. Like… not like Tom Hiddleston kinda type,
you know what I mean? Dan is like “the more I see him,
the more attracted I get” kinda guy… He’s like “the longer you chew surume(dried squid),
the more flavorsome it becomes” kinda guy. And I didn’t know that he is playing “the beast”
in “Beauty and the Beast”. Dan Stevens plays “the beast” That new film? Yup! He plays “the beast?” I know right? Jeez my body is getting hot. There you go again… I wanna watch animated version. So do I! Let’s! Let’s have “Beauty and the Beast” party. All night long…? Beauty and the Beast No Anna… You are the “beast” especially in your mind. Everybody already knows that Anna is the beast. Who’s the hell is “everybody”!? Don’t be silly. Look. I totally look like Belle… erm… you know… You are… the “Beast” Don’t you dare say that again! That is what I was talking about! You are scary… and your mind is… full of filthy stuff… But you’d change because of me. Not you!
Because of Belle! If you change my life dramatically like
what Belle did to the beast My life would have been perfect by now and I’d be a much happier person! That’s true Are you ready Xiang? I’m ready.

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