Untangling the Roots of Dominican Hair
Untangling the Roots of Dominican Hair

(piano music) – In the Dominican Republic, having kinky or coarse hair is perceived as something
that’s unclean, unkempt. Something that is simply not beautiful. The salon really cares about the way that curly hair
is perceived in society. And we want to be a part
of that change, fully. In 2014, we were trying to go into this bar, and the bouncer said, to my face, you can’t come in, because of your hair. This hair has done nothing to no one. This hair is part of who I am. Why should I put this hair away? I run as Miss Rizos, which means Miss Curls in English. And I am the owner of Miss Rizos Salon in the Dominican Republic. So what’s goin’ on? We offer all different types of services specifically for naturally
curly Afro-textured hair. In 2010, I remember just straightening the
heck out of my hair. As my curly hair would grow in, I would touch my hair,
feel the curl patterns and say, like, what if all of my hair would feel this way? And that’s when I decided that it was time to look in the mirror and to love myself fully. Some of the things I would hear back then is, “Did you forget your comb at home?” “Did you put your fingers on a socket?” I mean, all sorts of really mean things. But I had all these women just stop me and ask me how to curl it, how’d I do it, where’d I cut it. There was this huge thirst, hunger, for a space where women
would be validated. And then that led to the
space that I’m in now. It’s been the most amazing
activism I’ve done all my life. To think that with a
brush, a pick, or a comb I can empower someone. (soft music) (electronic music)

100 thoughts on “Untangling the Roots of Dominican Hair”

  1. Caleb LF10 says:

    are SJW actually saying that a stupid fucking fashion trend is oppressing them

  2. Simply Here says:

    As a Dominican this is hella true. Even though sadly my hair isn't curly (it's was when I was young like (1-3) but idk what happened to them) people be in your ass. Saying ow you have bad hair or you have black people hair. Like why does it matter 🙄 is it attacking you geez. Can't we just be natural

  3. Khloe Whatchair says:

    I have always been fascinated with curly hair. To the point i had my hair curled. You go girl! Keep fighting the good fight! And ur beautiful

  4. potio says:

    I love this video's title so much.

  5. MJ says:

    2:00 Quite pretty

  6. Terror Onslaught says:

    no fix ur fucking hair

  7. Ana Caetano Catarino says:


  8. Mary says:

    Hey! I'd love to have Daveed Diggs hair!

  9. Diego Famoso says:

    Los Dominicanos son basurra

  10. BitsyTheNinja says:

    Non-straight natural hair is perceived as dirty or unkempt in the West. Like it's banned for no reason anymore in pretty much every school and professional dress code. Even though Black and Latina women never stopped wearing our natural styles people act like they're exotic.

  11. CurveTheRain says:

    God! Her hair is goooooorgeous!!!

  12. Brandon Theps says:

    O my gosh! It's hair! It's someone's personal style! Leave it be

  13. Liz Hada says:

    I think her hair is beautiful!! Women should wear their hair however they want and wear it proudly!

  14. floralendurance says:


  15. T Law says:

    dang look at all them black spanish Queens

  16. Ahrin says:

    Hey you! Yes you!..
    Go back to your homework ._.

  17. Reed Samples says:

    I love how she wants to accept herself, but the picture they showed as she said it is photoshopped to have no blemishes in her face and you can easily see the makeup she had on her.

  18. pat murphy says:

    i think your hair is beautiful & also the ladies at the beauty salon too! ty for the video!

  19. Zhen Gie says:

    I thought all kinds of hair looked fascinating :/ what is wrong with people these days, it's just hair. let the hair be however they want.

  20. Nu B says:

    Another problem invented do by third world women.

  21. abrahan acosta says:

    "did you put your fingers on a socket" is more of a light hearted joke…. this woman is way over thinking it. also there is nothing wrong with having curly hair and no one cares about it in the DR…. just because a few people didnt like it but little does she know that thats their own opinion and everyone has one. gotta love these snowflake sjws

  22. E Smith says:

    I wish I had her hair!

  23. lola Monroe says:

    that's right embrace your african blood

  24. SexyPotato says:

    As a dominican, I don't understand why everyone here is so obsessed about having straight hair. I'm jabá (someone with white skin and blonde hair and african characteristics like really curly hair and wide nose) I've tried to leave my hair natural for a year and all I ever get from strangers to my family is "you look so wierd" or "when are you going to the salon" or "your hair is so ugly like that, wouldn't you look more delicate if you went to the salon?"(and yes,I do take care of my hair).

    I got tired of always wanted to have my hair straight and if I ever stopped going to the salon, feel insecure about my hair.

    …And also the heat really damages hair, guys.

  25. R.M T.G says:

    wish that there is a salon like that here in the phils.

  26. Tusenbensen says:

    I'd love to have hair like hers…

  27. bong donkey says:

    Dominicanos are racist!even some of the blackest ones!But the barely black Dominicans act like they are not black at all.And they are racist as fuck!

  28. jo sam says:

    Her hair is gorgeous though. She is pretty as well. Maybe I'm the exception but i think well kept natural, curly, kinky, coily, afro hair is beautiful!

  29. Denise Friedel says:

    Curly hair is beautiful!

  30. Wilins Jeanbaptiste says:

    it's Haitian hair

  31. Stephanie Ruth says:

    I have a Jamaican Spanish teacher who has very short curly hair.

  32. Shama Richard says:

    am from Dominica

  33. palegreenstars says:

    There's just something about natural hair that just elevates a woman's beauty. They look stronger. Perhaps that's why society doesn't approve? God forbid a woman resemble Mother Earth. These ladies are symbols of strength, beauty, nurture and confidence. 🌈

  34. Awkward Telegram says:

    God these women are gorgeous 😍😍💞

  35. E to the squared says:

    I know what you mean

  36. Creeper Faggot says:

    Fuck Dominicans, thinking they got the same street and school cred just cause they look black.

  37. 』『 says:

    "It's took look at myself in to the mirror and love myself fully"
    Oh it's gonna be another one of those fucking videos

  38. Mali Rabbit says:

    It ain't just Dominican!

  39. Luka Arsic says:

    Does she look like Ice Cube only to me?

  40. Penut Butterjj says:

    I feel like latinos make the most ignorant jokes

  41. Miss Mack says:

    Loving your curls!  Long may they reign.  I hope they are not maintained by some other chemical action :-).  Would love there to be more quality articles on transitioning from relaxer to natural, AND maintaining natural curly hair day to day.  It seems to be an industry for some, and for me, life is too short to spend an inordinate amount of time in a hairdresser salon or fiddling with my hair.  Keep up the good work Carolina!

  42. AmandaBANANA says:

    Am I the only one who is a white Dominican who has this type of curly hair it's fucking huge and I love it !!

  43. airbender23 says:

    love this so much!!

  44. M Gip says:

    wow im disgusted Dominicans are that racist, I mean. im Puerto Rican and I know it aint much different but shame smh

  45. Charlie C says:

    I can't believe there are still actual people who discriminate and refuse service for having curly hair. Her curly hair is beautiful.

  46. Miss Uma says:

    I want to touch her hair so bad ! It looks so fluffy ^

  47. Rayya Brown-Wright says:

    It's so annoying and painful that people still are still so ignorant about hair and culture. I am so proud and encouraged by this woman's strength, courage and action.

  48. luna violet says:

    everyone one be hating curly hair while I secretly whish i had a ginger afro 😂

  49. King DAmnJoon says:

    tmw when youre from Dominica (not the republic) and u thought your country was getting some attention

  50. J. Elizabeth Tejada says:

    what's her IG link I would love to follow her

  51. Kimari bush says:

    Her hair is goals 😍😍😍

  52. Daniel López says:

    I personally love this type of hair. I would love to have this hair. its beautiful

  53. Chen's I cant believe says:

    I really want to do this to my hair but i dont know where to get it done let alone if my mum would allow me

  54. Stardust Angel says:

    But curly hair is beautiful
    Straight hair is often boring

  55. ashraf 27 says:

    I see dora

  56. Airionna Fordham says:

    Sooooo I'm moving!!!!!

  57. Jaz says:

    Seems like a lot of Dominicans have curly hair. I'm Dominican and my hair is naturally straight. Almost all my cousins have curly hair and also the Dominican girls in my class. I get so jealous because I always wanted curly hair. I would beg my mom to perm my hair but she said it would damage my hair. 😐

  58. Jose Cespedes says:

    she looks funny with her hair curly

  59. Ananya Shetty says:

    That's some beautiful hair!! 🏵🦋🎀

  60. William Rodriguez says:

    I'm Dominican and I have naturally straight hair and prefer the straight hair look. Dominicans on this "I'm black" movement must realize that the average Dominican is more European than African and our culture and definition of beauty is influenced by our Euro-centric culture and ancestry. It isn't so much racist as it is our culture. Hair straightening is as unnatural as braiding. Hair is not naturally braided is it? Most Dominican women don't need chemical relaxers to " straighten" their hair. Instead they blow dry straight. It's just a style and it's part of our culture. Not hiding African roots. Your face will show your African roots trust me. If anything braiding ( which is popular in the natural hair movement) is more damaging and causes scalp damage and hair loss. This black movement stuff is a North American mentality movement. It is telling Dominicans they are black first and everyone is against you. This one drop rule mentality is overlooking that most Dominicans are more than 50% European. Despite this the world continues to pump black power Mumbo jumbo into these racially confused Dominicans. Just remember love your hair but embrace your whiteness as well as your blackness. Don't fall for the black power propaganda.

  61. Janan sesay says:

    Beautiful women with beautiful hair textures….Truly inspiring story 👏🏾

  62. nia says:

    i bet the only reason why this has 2k dislikes is because it is talking about the effects of white people being absolute demons to africans and caribs. yts love to act like slavery never happened

  63. Sinqz says:

    All of you are fucking racist my dad is white and he's from Dominican republic so all of you Dominican like this comment and fuck all racist people.

    Ok ill like my own comment

  64. Scott States says:

    What an amazing movement. Las afro-latinas merecen la libertad de andar su cabello natural y no sentir pena porque lo natural es lo mas lindo.

  65. Massiel Tolentino says:

    Ive been to her salon before it was so nice

  66. Ahman Ahm says:

    " THIS HAIR HAVE DONE NOTHING TO NO ONE" a very wise woman

  67. Jailynn says:

    I am black and Dominican on my dad side and I have really curly hair 😌

  68. Bianca Gomez says:

    Sad, but is the true.

  69. Pascuala says:

    It's because of colonization, sadly. Hopefully my people start to decolonize soon.

    Also to those in the comments being annoying asf, Dominican isn't a race, it's a nationality. I'm afro-latina and I'm proud asf to say it!!!

  70. Williams J says:

    Loved this 👊🖤

  71. Killah Los says:

    same bitches that put weave on say shit like this 🤣 black insecurity is a real thing if someone hates smile and say idc 🤣

  72. Kimberly Fernández says:


  73. Chris says:

    where are all of these dislikes coming from?

  74. Dilaisy Rodriguez says:

    Finally! In my high school on the Dominican they didn’t let me have my hair curly!!

  75. Latrese Hardy says:

    Finally someone that embraces afro Latina hair! Would love to come get my curls enhanced n ur salon!

  76. isabelle Gonzalez •3• says:

    AYYY LA CAPITAL I’m Dominican too!

  77. Veronica Gonzalez says:

    I LOVE THIS. Natural CURLS ROCK!!!

  78. kelvin urena says:

    If you pay close attention, shes just seeking attention and validation, typical female nature!!!

  79. l.linkwood says:

    que lindas son todas 🙂 saludos de suiza y viva el afro dominicano 😍

  80. Rose144 says:

    I am so happy to find your video, your hair is so beautiful as well your clients. It great what you have done standing up and going forward with natural hair. I am African American that using a lot of Dominican products hair care silicon mix products line, Crece Pelo hair care line. I have been searching online to download SDS for my hair salon. I contacted the company no responds. Can you please tell where online can I find information to download in English Dominican hair care products. Thanks so much

  81. reidon1203 says:

    I have the same bike as her

  82. Klue says:

    im a dominican so i know the place where it was filmed its called La Zona or La Zona Colonial its very pretty and very very awesome beacuse it shows us how was D.R. back in the days

  83. BTFC BattleX says:

    I have a Dominican family and I’m the only kid with the genetic of curly hair and I rarely touch my hair (when it’s dry I mean at school I take care of it) and everybody in DR looks at me like wait how do you have curly hair then one day at school I went to lunch and met this kid and he was a Dominican also with curly hair and we were called DR’s solo curly’s and we are really good friends

  84. H S says:

    Theyre all so GORGEOUS!

  85. C RD says:

    You are beautiful baby! I’m now natural and I love it! More people love me natural, not that I care, but I’m way more confident. People just need to embrace themselves and then so will others.

  86. Marian De Leon says:

    Awesome to know she's opening up a Miss Rizos in NYC next month. KUDOs, Carolina!

  87. Lemuel Acosta says:

    Hey thats racist. I dont think hair like that is unclean. Actually I think it looks pretty.

  88. quang huy tran says:

    she look like Ruud Gullit

  89. Mr. Revenge says:

    A Latina or Latino with curly hair is better than a Latina with straight hair. It’s curly hair that Latinas have it’s unique and it’s better than straight and (nappy which is for Africans)

  90. Jerrica Phone says:

    But curly hair is beautiful.

  91. rtg says:

    I personally think her hair is really pretty

  92. Prexplorer says:


  93. Cu Ba says:

    I visit the DR every single year and not once I hear anyone saying anything about my hair when is curly. What a dirty ass agenda against your own people lol… y’all are crazy

  94. Cassia maximen says:


  95. Anthony West says:


  96. Lis World says:

    I’m Dominican and I love my curly hair idk why it’s bad to have it

  97. • S u n n y • says:

    From DR and my hair is just playing with me 😭

  98. Gabrielle Ivie says:

    Crazy how the natural hair movement started in the US but took affect all over the world but the US is a big influence on other countries

  99. Gabrielle Ivie says:

    Crazy how the natural hair movement started in the US but took affect all over the world but the US is a big influence on other countries

  100. Peaches Kong says:

    This is such a weird and crazy world!! Like move up to Northern America and you'll be hated for your beautiful hair by some and praised for your hair by others. In Europe people will be loving your hair too

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