Hola amigis welcome back to my canal in
today’s video I’ll be doing my everyday makeup look using my go to products
like honestly I know I always say this but your girl is to me herself like I’m
living and loving this lip combo this lip combo has been my go-to lately so if
you guys wanna know what are my go to products and what my everyday makeup
look looks like just keep on watching ok so first I’m gonna pry my skin como
siempre I’m gonna be using the soap and going one heckuva bla primer this primer
has been my favorite lean meat it’s been part of my makeup routine for a really
long time which having a little shit because I’m always switching out primers
but this one’s actually pretty good this one support filling and mattifying but
it’s not like super mattifying that’s gonna make your skin a little crusty
which is one of the reasons why I really like it having my skin differently so
first what I do is do my skin prep I cleanse my skin and I moisturize really
good moisturizing your skin before makeup its major key your skin is a
little while so after that I just prime on my nose and then right here in
between my cheeks because right here is where I have the most visible pores
my nose is where I have visible pores also and that’s my nose is where it gets
really frickin oily so I just used a little bit of primer there okay then I’m gonna moisturize my lips
with my favorite lip balm honestly you guys let me kiss her and turn out this
lip balm I highly recommend it’s a Burt’s Bees overnight intensive lip
treatment this lip balm works so freakin good like you are gonna have soft supple
lips overnight trust me so I’m you starting off with my face makeup today
just because my eye look is not gonna be too crazy or anything like that so I’m
gonna be using the Maybelline Dream ring and liquid hydrating foundation this
foundation has recently become my favorite foundation I feel like a bowl
time I love all the foundations that I’ve used in all of my years at word
makeup I feel like this has been like my number one lately so I recommend this
foundation like it’s actually pretty good
on my last everyday makeup look video that I found like maybe a year ago now I
used to use the Maybelline Dream booty I used to use the Maybelline and the a
tree run concealer as my foundation I call it my phone’s healer yes I used to
use a concealer as a foundation I still do use this concealer as a foundation
sometimes just on those like lazy makeup days but this consider actually works
really good for her like foundation and stuff but luckily I was just like I was
gay I want to switch it up like I feel like I just get bored of doing the same
routine so I was like I got to switch it up so I’ve been doing foundation instead
and I like one thing that I really like about this
commission also is that it doesn’t like cling on to any like dry patches usually
I don’t know why even don’t like my nose is really overly I can get some dry
patches and sometimes like the foundation whatever I’m wearing as a
base I can’t cling on to that and especially my forehead to look my
forehead can be like dry like dehydrate I don’t even know at this point like
they just have some dry patches up in there and like whatever it like
sometimes a base I worry I will clink on to that and I feel like this foundation
doesn’t do that which I honestly appreciate and I like because sometimes
am I here looking crusty okay so this is only one there of the foundation I feel
like it gave me pretty good coverage like I do still have like darker like my
darker happy fermentation is peeking through but we’re gonna spot conceal but
as you can see one layer gave me a pretty good coverage so I’m very mad I
used to use the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation if you heard about the
foundation or even use their permission you know that foundation is no joke that
foundation is heavy duty full courage to the max may need to use it tell me why
even though that foundation was a full coverage it still wouldn’t cover up my
hyperpigmentation like my happier imitation is so dark sometimes because I
do do some picking I’m not gonna lie but like even though like that foundation
was super freaking full coverage it wouldn’t cover up my hyper ammonition I
remember I used to layer on that foundation because it’s like bitch your
full coverage you better cover up all these little bitch be a biatch isn’t
nothing it’s like I still wouldn’t cover up my hyper imitation out and now end up
look at all kinds of cakey I was in a great look it wasn’t like my favorite
foundation to be honest I didn’t really like the foundation my mom loves the
foundation but me I’m not a fan of the door no me gusta maybe was testing my
order and spa conceal with the maybelline instant age rewind concealer
we were someone was hyper imitation acne this is the concealer for you like this
works so bomb to cover-up fermentation especially like my darker
happier imitation acne I was so freaking bomb trust me you guys need this
freaking concealer it works so good I’m gonna go to my other computer I’m
gonna be using the colour-pop pretty fresh hyaluronic creamy concealer I
actually really do like this concealer this is a full-coverage concealer and
usually I don’t really go for full card concealers under my under eyes but this
one’s actually pretty good the only thing is that this shade is a little too
light for me and if I put too much then my under eyes are looking crazy but it’s
pretty good I like it a little bit of this concealer goes a long way because
Mitchell won’t on really freaking bright and you want to work if we do try out
this foundation you want to work when I at a time because this consider does dry
up really quickly and then when you wants to try to blend out it’s really
hard it’s just one of those types of concealers now if you let her dry up too
much it’s gonna be really hard to blend it out so I’m gonna sit my makeup I’m
gonna be using a new setting powder today my favorite drugstore setting
powder is the Milani translucent powder I had the powder but like I said in my
last video that powder went missing I don’t know what the freaking went so I
just and then the other day when does it start to get it and he didn’t have any
stock I was pretty upset I was just like whatever I like I just been switching
out powders dude I mean my powders they’re my mom’s powders but like I
don’t like them because they’re really mad and they make me look crusty it’s
like that matte crusty which I’m not here for but today I’m gonna be using
the revolution translucent baking powder almost back on a stick honestly at this setting powder that I
just use have me a little shook it’s actually pretty good like I wasn’t
expecting to like it as much because this is my wand powders I think she
tried and she didn’t like it she’s more picky than I am but honestly
like it’s not that bad like it looks pretty good like I’m not mad it’s not
making me look cross here anything like it did it mattifies my skin a little bit
but no like but it’s not making it look crusty what I think it I’m not mad at
okay i’m you see you’ll win I’m gonna keep trying it out Lissy it wasn’t it
like replace my Milani one which I don’t which I doubt we’ll see you never let a
powdered I’m gonna go in with my setting spray I like to do this after I powder
just because this break isn’t as hit those powders in place is not gonna make
my skin look as powdery is gonna bring them a little bit more life back into
your faces I’m gonna look as a matte it when it comes to like my I look for my
everyday makeup look I keep it cute simple and quick because I don’t got
time to be doing nothing crazy oh my eyes especially on those everyday makeup
look and the palette that I’m gonna be using is the going coconuts palette by
color pop I feel like you guys already known this like my favorite palette like
this palette has just been my go-to my ride-or-die let me show you the tones of
this palette is just my vibe like I’m here for this I’m just here for the
tones of this palette like everything I’ve ever won anymore and I’m gonna be
using this shade right here at lovely brunch for make sure you always have a clean
blending brush with you to like blend out those edges diffuse everything makes
it nice mmm woman so for an everyday makeup look I always
use one eyeshadow I feel like sometimes just doing one eyeshadow like mix to
look a little bit more glam and let’s say you put a little bit more effort to
the look even though like it’s just one eyeshadow I feel like exhibit it could
see a little bit more facile to your makeup look you know now I’m gonna be
doing my eyebrows and I’m gonna be using the a BH brow Wiz I’ve been using the
eyebrow pencil and set up I about powder been using that eyebrow powder for a
minute but lately I switch to the pencil I don’t know I feel like sometimes I
just switch things up I’ve been doing the pencil lately so do you guys ever
have like a favorite eyebrow I feel like this is like my favorite ever I feel
like this eyebrows like it’s mine of its own I feel like it might be a little bit
thicker than this one I don’t know I feel like in camera it’s a little bit
thicker feel like I just need to go and reshape my arrows because at this point
I haven’t gone in then done everyday long time and I feel like they’ve lost
their shape their nose a salon so I need to go get it reshaped so it’d be easier
for me to do my eyebrows just cuz I feel like my eyebrows take me but you didn’t
do shit shredded this is like a matte white eyeshadow it has a little bit
akeem it won’t boogie to the months I’m gonna be using this in my inner corner
and my brow bone so the shadow that I put on my crease
I’m gonna put it under my lash line keep on a month to clean up my eye shadow my
outer corner because sometimes I get messy and the eyeshadow goes all over
here it makes my eye look droopy and I like to clean it up with a little bit of
powder you can’t do this with like concealer like if you do your concealer
after eye shadow but since I do my concealer before my eye shadow I just
like to do a powder for like it’s easier it’s quicker so now I’m gonna put on my
scare usually for my everyday makeup a look a like rock my natural lashes I
really don’t use falsies even if or they go good that makeup look I don’t do
falsies just cuz they took me forever to put on but my favorite mascara is the
Great Lash mascara by Maybelline this is a big brush because they have like three
different kinds and it’s just the one this is big
okay so now I’m gonna highlight my skin so the highlighter I’m gonna be using
I’m gonna be using two highlighters just cuz I make sure like that so the first
one is the Laura Mercier matte radiance baked powder this is the highlight no
more oh no this is what it looks like that’s really frickin messy but this
highlight it’s like nicotine I think in the description of this highnesses it’s
a matte highlight guess it gives you a nice little glow where is it right here
it gives you a nice glow like nothing too intense or anything like it’s a nice
glow like every someone who doesn’t love like a super shimmery highlight I highly
recommend this one because this one’s actually really good has been one of my
faves for a really long time and if you don’t want to spend your coin on this
one the there is a drugstore dupe to it and it’s the essence pure nude highlight
and this is the shade number 10 be my highlight you sure don’t look similar
just that this one the essence wants a little bit darker than this one but it’s
still really nice and I feel like it’s the same effect like gives you a nice
glow and radiance to the skin and I could use this for like an everyday
makeup look for like a lazy makeup look or I just want a little bit of glow
nothing too intense Oh and I’d like to put it above my eyebrow
right here just do it bake give me a little bit
glow on my forehead Brian you see you can put like I just put a
little bit I don’t know you can see it through camera but my mirror here is
give me a nice little glow yes yes I’ve been a little extra so I’m gonna be
using another highlight I’m gonna be using the wet and wild highlighter this
is the shade precious petals I feel like everybody’s used this but this
highlighter or heard of this highlighter it’s a really nice highlighter then I’m
just gonna use a little bit and just put it like in the center of the high point
yes right here just a little bit I like King as he gives you a nice little glow
nothing too intense and stuff like that I’m here for it okay so now for the
blush my feet below shove all-time the Milani romantic rose
a blush blush this has just been like my go-to blush for a really long time
I have other hat I have other blushes I say I’m gonna use the other blushes
but I always come back to this one there’s something about this blush that
I just love it I really like the color of the blush so I’m gonna show you guys
my go-to lip combo I’ve been doing this lip combo for a minute and honestly it’s
my favorite it has me believe myself and I’m all about it so first what i do is i
line my lips with the la girl retractable lip liner in the shade keep
it spicy and then i’m gonna be using the nyx soft matte lip cream in the shape
london and then i’m gonna be using the nyx lip liner in the shade brown but I’m
only gonna outline my lips like I’m not gonna fill in or anything I’m just gonna
outline my lips they’re gonna have like a little bit of a chola more marina then
I like to get like a little pencil brush and blend everything so this is the final makeup look and on
this theme as usual a bitch is putting herself I’m loving how this makeup look
turned out nice especially you like this lip combo this lid combo has been my
favorite lately like my go-to and I’m just over here for it so I thank you
guys for watching I’ll see you guys all in my next video


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